Exclusive: Statistical Analysis of Rangers victory over Ayr United

by:  Craig Cannell  

(Rangers Report note: Advanced statistics can be quite illuminating while reviewing individual & team performances.  They can confirm original observations & often will make you reconsider the quality of individual performances.  It is a pleasure to introduce you to Craig Cannell’s statistical analysis). 

Ayr United v Rangers – Summerset Park –October 6, 2013 – Second Half

Richard Foster


Richard Foster attempted and completed the most ground passes (33 and 31) with a pass completion rate of 94%. He also made Three Final Third Entries; as many as Nicky Law and Arnold Peralta.

Lee McCulloch was also in good form with 26 passes attempted and completed (100%)

This however does seem to suggest Rangers are passing the ball around the back more often than going forward.

Bilel Mohsni


Bilel Mohsni won 78% of aerial battles winning 14 out of 18 (Jon Daly was involved in the second highest amount; 12).

He also made the most clearances (6) with 83% of them (5) finding either a team mate or the half way line.

Like Foster and McCulloch he also had a lot of the ball; attempting 19 passes and completing 18 (95%).

Andy Little


66% of Andy Little’s runs were effective (he beat players and passed the ball on or entered the final third) and 100% of his shots were on target. He produced two Final Third Entries, created a ‘great chance’ and provided an assist.

He also won the ball high up the pitch on 2 occasions and had 100% standing tackle success rate.

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