DaMarcus Beasley’s Mexican Saga Takes a Strange Twist

DaMarcus Beasley

A week ago, former Rangers midfielder DaMarcus Beasley was on the move to a new club in Mexico.  It was reported that Beasley would be joining Queretaro FC, as his current club Puebla appeared ready to swap the American international in a deal that involved three other players.

Then, Queretaro released a statement that, “DaMarcus Beasley will not play for our team because it was decided he would provide his services with another club.”

Beasley took to Twitter to explain the situation & luckily Dan Kerrell of Soccer by Ives, translated.   

I do not know what happened according to Puebla and Querétaro, but I’m staying in Puebla for next season. It was not in my control.”

“I’m happy to start training and playing tomorrow and be back again with my teammates! The first day (of training) for me, I’m excited.”

It appears that this strange twist may actually have been fan driven.  Supposedly, Puebla fans put pressure on the club to bring back Beasley.

Via Tom Marshall of MLS Soccer.com, Puebla’s president told Medio Tempo, “The crowd in Puebla was pushing for DaMarcus to stay.”

Who knows if there are other reasons for the deal falling through, it is doubtful it was simply a reaction to the fans & player’s desire to stay.

However it makes you wonder….what departure from Rangers would you have liked to see play out like Beasley’s Mexican saga?  Imagine if the supporters actually had the power to nix a transfer…



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