Arnold Peralta: “I’m Looking for a New Team this Summer”

Arnold Peralta

In an interview with Kelvin Coello of the Honduran newspaper Diez Rangers midfielder Arnold Peralta has expressed his desire to leave the club this summer.

“The idea is to look for another team after the World Cup, that is my idea, to listen to offers.”

Peralta added, “I’ve been here for a year & like every player I would like to continue touring countries and taking in more experience.”

It has been obvious that Peralta’s experience with Rangers is neither what he or the club envisioned.

Many expected Peralta to compete with Ian Black as the club’s main defensive midfielder.  However, as Peralta sat out due to the transfer embargo at the beginning of the season, Black surprised many with his impressive play  as he thrived off the partnership with Nicky Law (then labeled a trialist).

Because of that, McCoist had to crowbar Peralta into the lineup as a right winger- a position unfamiliar to the Honduran internationalist.

Peralta addressed his playing out of position with Coello.  “Here I am playing in a different position.  That is as a right winger… I have the technical conditions to play there and I have no problem.”

Peralta’s  play had been unimpressive for the most part.  Although he deserves credit for changing his approach to the game in Scotland as it quickly became apparent that the flopping around associated with Central American football would not be condoned.  However, he still struggles to make a positive impact while on the pitch.

Peralta has not played much since the emergence of Fraser Aird & when given the chance to play of late has usually  been pulled off the pitch as his reckless play has put him in danger of seeing red.

Peralta says that he continues to train hard as he prepares to contribute not only for Rangers, but also for Honduras in the World Cup.

“It has only been in these recent games I’ve not participated in, but I’m fine, training with the team, the manager is confident  and I think I’m quiet in that respect, only working one hundred percent for the owner and obviously go to the World Cup.”

Peralta will not only be playing for the pride of being part of Honduras’ team in the World Cup but also will be auditioning for a new suitor of his services at the club level.  He is under contract with Rangers through the 2016-17 season.

*Note – I have done my best to translate the original text using Google Translate.


7 thoughts on “Arnold Peralta: “I’m Looking for a New Team this Summer”

  1. UN crimen sospechoso , pagado quisas por algunos interesados en devilitar LA selection ojo con este ,que se investigue bien.porque esto es UN ataque indirect al pueblo Catracho !!!


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