Rangers Five Year Plan – An Epilogue

If you have been following the blog lately, you know that the ongoing look at developing a Five Year Plan for Rangers has been in the forefront of our minds.  It was a reaction to references from Graham Wallace & Ally McCoist…references that were never really supported with actual details.  So I reached out to bloggers & various Rangers insiders to lay out  suggestions for Wallace & McCoist to consider — because we all know they are regular readers of Rangers Report.

Of course, the recent drama has made a lot of this irrelevant as the club continues to struggle with running a cost effective business.  A lot has been bantered about by both sides & I’m still hopeful that we can trust the intentions of Graham Wallace – & eventually his actions will align with his rhetoric.  

So given the recent drama, it is definitely time to wrap up this series looking at a five year plan for Rangers.  In case you have missed it – here’s a recap (with links).

It’s been an exciting & insightful series of analysis of Rangers readiness to commit to an actual plan going forward.  There were a handful of  common threads throughout– a need for a strong youth program, the desire for a technical director to oversee the club, & sadly many doubts of Ally McCoist’s capacity to lead the club.  Many thanks to all of you who read & commented on the ideas discussed & obviously I am grateful to the guest bloggers who brought their insight to the Rangers Report.

We are now concluding the series by asking Goal.com’s Jon Arnold to provide his insight on the general concept of a five year plan.  Arnold, who helped launch American Soccer Now – one of the best sports websites out there, has been a reliable contributor to Rangers Report in the past.  Among those contributions was identifying American players that Rangers should target as affordable, yet talented players who could probably add a lot more from the CONCACAF region to Rangers then Arnold Peralta has.

Lewis MacLeod

Rangers Five Year Plan:  An Epilogue

Written by Jon Arnold

Five-year (or four-year, or six-year, or whatever) plans get a bad rap. Sure, it becomes somewhat laughable, but at the base of things clubs in those situations do need patience. Football fans can be brutal and expectations must be managed somehow. Telling them there won’t be any new trophies for a bit is an understandably unattractive prospect.

Building a team on a budget is tough, as there are only so many players you can bring in, many of whom follow a certain type of archetypes. There’s the wily old veteran who has won trophies and brings experience, the young guy who came up in the team’s system and is experience success early, sometimes you even get the younger brother of the current Premier League player.

Ian Black

At the end of the day, you need a mix of guys who actually probably belong in the next division up, some guys who are probably a good fit in your current division and some lower quality players with confidence who can provide depth. Then, the key is sorting those guys out when promotion is actually achieved. That might be the challenge for Rangers next season, though there actually seems to be a nice mix from the outside looking in.

You can follow Jon Arnold on Twitter & read his coverage of American soccer & the rest of the CONCACAF region at goal.com.

Whatever happens with Rangers five-year plan – I hope RangersTV is there documenting everything a’la the Queens Park Rangers documentary.  

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