Exclusive update on status of Morton’s Barrie McKay

Barrie McKay, courtesy of The Evening Times

Jonathan Mitchell of The Greenock Telegraph Andrew Ward who covers Morton for Scotzine have both confirmed that Kenny Shiels held Barrie McKay out of Morton’s last match because of an injury.

(Update – Morton officially acknowledged that an ankle injury kept McKay out of the lineup)

When McKay’s name was left off the team sheet on Saturday vs. Raith Rovers, it led to speculation that he may be on his way back to Rangers.  Even though McKay is on loan with Morton until the end of the season, his absence for the last place Morton led to some logical (albeit incorrect) guesses of what had happened.  Injuries to David Templeton & Andy Little had thinned out the offensive depth for Rangers leading to the perceived need of McKay’s return to Ibrox.

It has been a tough stretch for Morton & McKay as the club has only won one match in 2014.  McKay scored the game winning goal that day vs. Livingston but reports are that McKay has largely failed to impress during his time on loan.

Andrew Ward told Rangers Report that McKay continues to show potential but his performances are inconsistent.

“There is a negative attitude among the entire team right now.  There is no passion, no fight or desire from anyone, including Barrie McKay.”

When asked if the slight McKay is struggling with the physical play in the Scottish Championship he replied, “Physical stature shouldn’t be an issue if you have the brain and skill. I personally think its the heart.”

“Can you blame him though?   Morton’s been doomed for many months and the players around him aren’t trying either.”

“Its a sad state of affairs, but its where Morton is at.  He shows signs of class, but not often enough.”


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