Rangers 2 Arbroath 1 – Three Stars of the Game, written by Derek from the Aye Ready Podcast

Fraser Aird, courtesy of RFC

Three Stars of the Game

Background:  After each National Hockey League game — the local media votes for the ‘Three Stars of the Game’ — basically the Man of the Match — but as a treble!

Written by:  Derek from the Aye Ready Podcast



First Star:  Fraser Aird – By far the best Rangers player on the park.  Scored one, set up Daly’s goal, had a shot off the bar and the only player who seemed to show any spark.  It was his 18th start on the trot and he appears to be growing in confidence every game.  He was willing to get the ball, run with it and then pass to players if the opportunity to shoot was not there.  A few wayward passes and crosses in the second half however that will happen in every game and it was only a minor issue in a great game for the youngster.

Jon Daly, courtesy of PA


Second Star:  Jon Daly – Albeit very quiet in the second half (like most of the team), Daly was effective in the first half.  Not only did he pop the ball in the back of the net with his now trademark head, he was able to knock down the ball to his teammates to allow them to have a chance.  He did pick up a yellow late in the second half after a heated moment with the Arbroath player.  Shortly after he did go off injured also.  His goal was the 25th of the season which cant be taken away from him but maybe a rest due to injury may be a good thing for the Irishman.

Callum Gallagher

Third Star:  Callum Gallagher – He only played the last 25 minutes of the game however he played well and was the provider for Aird’s goal.  Given he played so little time of the game, it isn’t a great indictment for the rest of the team that Gallagher is my choice for third Star.  That’s not to take anything away from the youngster however as he was solid and looked lively and set up is second goal in only a few games.

Ally McCoist, courtesy of RFC

Honourable Mentions: (editor’s note:  British spelling just for you Derek)

Without trying to sound as if I couldn’t be bothered writing anything, I genuinely felt that there was no other stand out players in the team.  It was a decent first half without anything or anyone inspiring.  The second half was pretty lacklustre from all players in blue.

Courtesy of RFC

Dishonourable Mentions:

Apart from being partly involved in Airds goal, Richard Foster once again had a pretty dismal game to be honest.  There were too many wayward passes, long balls lumped up field and was skinned for pace one too many times…Robbie Crawford and Kyle Hutton were also MIA which given they were given a chance in place of Nicky Law and IanBlack, you would think that they would bust a gut to be proving themselves to our gaffer, or at least to put themselves in the shop window.



courtesy of @RangersAwayDays

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