Time for Ally to go

Ally McCoist, courtesy of SNS

written by Rangers Report’s  newest contributor – John McIntosh

A lot of fans have grown tired of the type of long ball up to Jon Daly, no creativity and generally boring tedious football that is currently being served up by manager Ally McCoist and the momentum recently has been turning in the sense more and more fans do not see him as a good manager as there are just no signs of improvement and progression in this Rangers side.

If we played good attractive football with a few games a season just scraping wins whilst not playing well I’m sure fans could accept that but it is the fact that we are consistently playing very poorly, there has been little if no progress since our demotion to the fourth tier of Scottish football and a lot of fans have simply had enough with his tenure you can hear the disgust with performances week after week by being in the stands – fans are just not happy.

Moving onto how I want to see us play get a 4-4-2 going with two skillful wingers who are instructed to attack the opposition full backs – this does not mean Stevie Smith whose idea of a winger is to get back on halfway line and launch a long ball to Daly.

Get the ball on the deck and play short quick passing – pass and move so many of our players are rooted to the spot there needs to be far more movement so that the player with the ball has many options currently we have no urgency and our tempo needs picked up.

Callum Gallagher, courtesy of PA

Playing players in their actual natural position would be an amazing idea maybe we should try it eh?  In the loss to Raith Rovers in the Ramsdens Cup final Lee Wallace went off injured at a time when we needed creativity, a spark to bring the game to life so the obvious idea would be bring on Callum Gallagher and move Stevie Smith back to his natural left back position but no we end up with a right back at left back, a centre back at right back and a left back at left wing.

Ally’s record of signing players is abysmal &  his record of bringing through talented youth players is very poor.   If you consider the level we are currently playing at, when he does bring them through very few develop very well.   That has to go down to the coaching. Some of our brightest young prospects,like Barrie McKay & Kyle McAusland, are out on loan while they could easily be in our first team.

Uwe Rosler, courtesy of Stu Foster/Getty Images Europe

Moving onto potential managerial targets I would be looking at Uwe Rosler of Wigan Athletic, Sean Dyche of Burnley and Aberdeen’s Derek McInnes.   They are all doing very good jobs with the resources that they are given.   They try and get the ball down and play football and they are reaping the rewards right now, they also wouldn’t demand megabucks to come.

Last words for me  — Ally you have been a great servant to the club but you are now damaging the progress of our club and if we are to build and match Celtic in the next few years then do the right thing and walk away – I certainly wouldn’t mind Ally in a different capacity but not as manager.



6 thoughts on “Time for Ally to go

  1. I agree entirely with everything you have written. Playing players out of position is ridiculous and his defensive tactics when the opposition have a corner is horrendous. Too many back in the box and nobody outside of it ready to counter attack. Also when is the goalkeeper going to start throwing the ball out instead of booting it upfield. Likewise we do not employ midfielders taking up positions on the D when we have a corner. The only decent playmaker we have is young McLeod. What was the purpose in buying Peralta . McCulloch cannot tackle and was never a defensive midfielder never mind a centre back and no doubt he will still be at the helm if and when we get back to the top division. Can forgive McCoist for last year but his signings have been very poor and as for Foster, the guy lets balls bounce before attempting to header them. Might be quick but we should have went with McAusland and also stuck Gasparotto in at centre back to develop them as fast as possible .


  2. Agree wholeheartadly Allys made the beautiful game ugly its a simple game if you can pass and move into position but half of the team cant pass, you could forgive mistakes from younger players but the journeymen lack guile skill or craft and almost seem like going through the motions. at one time rangers players would have bled blue for their club .some of allys signings should have been ditched and younger players brought in, a revamp of the coaching needed and time. sadly for ally to move upstairs


  3. I am afraid that the performance on Sunday by this tribute act has shown that the past 2years has been wasted by the management and board of this club,not to mention the supporters clubs as well.They have spent above their means to gain success instead of building a team to play the type of football to attract fans to this club.Take Sunday as an example,they had 3defenders covering 1attacker for the majority of the game while playing 1 man up front,thus jamming the midfield and thereby contributing to a terrible game.This is not the first time this tactic has been used this season.


  4. I agree with PJ44. A monumental blunder was made two years ago when a fresh start presented itself. Instead of spending bizarre amounts of money on players to win two part time leagues, young academy players should have been used. It seems that the spending culture which resulted in the liquidation of rangers will continue. Graham Wallace said that the cost base of the club is too high for a SPFL premiership club never mind a club in div 1. On Sunday’s showing rangers will not get out of the championship at the first time of asking, they are simply not good enough. Better quality players are required = more spending? OK, says Wallace, offload 8 players and you can bring in 3 bosmans……………………. How do you offload 8 dumplings earning far too much money with no clubs wanting to buy them? The alternative is keep them or pay up their contracts thus using more money. The business model is a disaster and it all stems from the blunder made two years ago.




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