Is Charlie Telfer on verge of signing with Dundee United?

Charlie Telfer, courtesy of Kirk O’Rourke (RFC)

Speculation abounds online that Dundee United are on the verge of signing Rangers midfielder Charlie Telfer.  The youngster who turns 19 this summer, has scored eight goals for the U20s this season & has been one of the stars of Rangers successful reserve team.  That success has created a buzz throughout the spring of the prospects that Telfer could be in line to compete for a first team spot.  He made his debut in a brief substitute appearance last month in Rangers 4-0 victory over Stenhousemuir.

However, Telfer’s contract expires at the end of this season & the rumours are pointing toward the likelihood of Telfer signing with Dundee United.  If it is true, it would further cement the theory that more & more young players in Scotland are being directed away from the Old Firm.  While Rangers have had some success with Lewis MacLeodFraser Aird becoming prominent pieces of the core of Rangers – many supporters have been dumbfounded by Ally McCoist limiting further access to the first eleven for other youngsters.

After two seasons of playing in the lower leagues, Rangers have been able to successfully develop two young players as regulars in the first team.  It is difficult to give Ally McCoist a free pass on that.

You can read more about the struggles Rangers have had with its youth development in this interview with Elfideldo, who has covered Rangers youths since 2008.

Charlie Telfer, courtesy of Kirk O’Rourke (RFC)

While Telfer lacks in physical size, he has developed a reputation in Rangers ranks as a creative & skillful offensive talent.  His partnership with Andy Murdoch in midfield has been among the main reasons for the successful season of Gordon Durie’s team.

Recently, another Rangers player who may test the market – Kyle Hutton discussed Telfer’s talents.

Via The Evening Times, Hutton said, “I have played a few games with him this year in the reserve team and he has got a good footballing brain.  He is really clever player for his age who understands the game very well.”

A few of the young lads have come through and established themselves in the first team at Rangers in the last couple of seasons.  Fraser Aird and Lewis MacLeod have both done brilliantly and Charlie Telfer can definitely go on and enjoy the same success as them.”

He has got a good touch, good awareness and has a good personality as well.  I am sure he can make the step up.”

All he needs is to make a few more appearances and get his confidence up and that will be him.”

If Charlie Telfer does end up signing with Dundee United – few could question the theory that Scotland’s most talented youth players are avoiding clubs like Rangers & Celtic – knowing that they have little chance to see regular first team football.

For Dundee United, this will further cement the reputation they have rightfully earned as a club that allows its youth talent to rise through the ranks & become prominent features of their first eleven.




9 thoughts on “Is Charlie Telfer on verge of signing with Dundee United?

  1. Just typical of Rangers and the idiot who mismanages them FAT SALLY. He’s a clueless moron who can only be there because the club are so skint they can’t afford to sack him!!!!! If he loves the club so much he should do the decent thing and walk away with no payout, he doesn’t desevre one with the embarrassing dross he’s served up on the park.


  2. McCoist should really have gave these youngsters a decent run out in the team. i mean whats more important an unbeaten league record which we haven’t and won’t get any credit for or give these young lads a chance at developing and challenging for a place in the Rangers team


  3. celtic fc are the filth of british football what a corrupt rotten football club they are founded 1888 died 1994


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