Andy Little: Thanks for the loyalty

Andy Little, courtesy of Jason Cairnduff

In the summer of 2012, he took the high road – deciding to stay with the club he loved & help lead their fight back to the top of Scottish football.

Last season, he dominated in the Third Division striking for 25 goals.

This season, he was brushed aside – replaced by Jon Daly, Nicky Clark, & a constant underlying desire to bring back 34 year old Kenny Miller.

Professional sports can be so cruel.

Andy Little has played his last match for Rangers & has been told that the club will make no efforts to re-sign the 24 year old forward.

Injuries crippled any momentum that Little could churn up this season.  Twice being forced out of action with long term ailments.

Little made 21 league appearances this season but saw his goal tally dwindle to five.  Much of that was a result of being crow-barred into the lineup as a right midfielder on most occasions.

It had become clear that Ally McCoist did not see Little as the answer up front.  It wasn’t so much the signings of Daly & Clark – it was more McCoist’s public courting of Kenny Miller.  McCoist has made no efforts to be discreet in his desire to bring Miller back to Ibrox & has been freely proclaiming this since  last summer.  Once Miller’s contract was terminated by Vancouver, the writing was on the wall that Little’s days with Rangers had come to an end.  Two days later – it’s official.

Chris Hegarty, courtesy of SNS

STV is also reporting that defenders Chris Hegarty & Ross Perry have been told by Rangers that they are not part of the club’s future plans & are being urged to look for new employment next season.

Hegarty, who turns 22 this summer,  made only one league appearance this season – scoring a goal vs. Brechin City in his lone outing.  Like Little, injuries derailed Hegarty’s chances in 2013-14.  Speaking of injuries – Ross Perry never fully recovered from his & failed to feature for Rangers at all this season.

Both players have contracts that run through the end of next season, so it will be interesting how they approach the news that they are no longer wanted by the club.



6 thoughts on “Andy Little: Thanks for the loyalty

  1. I am not particularly sentimental about these things , as it is just the way of things that players move on , sometimes its your favourite and you are annoyed ,sometimes it is someone you don`t rate and you are glad , however in this case I just think it is a sad reflection on the current Rangers set up.
    This guy turned up when there were deserters all around him , scored lots of goals last season to get us out of the Third Division , but this season was hampered by a broken jaw obtained when putting his head in to try to score.His energy and running power in his return match against Airdrie made it the best 45 mins of the back end of the season until his muscle pull.He always brought movement and commitment that made others respond and play better and I have no doubts that he would have performed well for his club in both the Championship and Premiership once we get there.
    He showed loyalty but Rangers and in particular Ally McCoist could not do the same for him .After his injuries this year a 1 year contract isn`t too much to ask for him to show his value.
    Good Luck Andy ,you may not have been the greatest player to pull on the strip , but the fans appreciate what you did and you will always be respected for that .


    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. My feelings are mutual. Sports is a business but even businesses reward loyalty. If Little was 5-6 years older I’d understand but he’s 24 coming off a big season last year & a season plagued by injuries – deserved better


  2. Would Little not be a better option upfront than Daly ? Little has so much more to offer and is a far more potent goal threat.


  3. Not sure about replacing Daly , but he certainly looked like the best foil we had for Daly .His runs behind defences and movement created space for Daly and gave him a target for his flick ons which did not seem to be the case with anyone else.I suspect that it was all about him being out of contract which meant he was easier to get rid of than Shiels who has flattered to deceive since he came back from injury .I just hope McCoist spends any wages freed up , wisely , though I suspect we`ll be watching Miller and Boyd next season .Can`t decide whether that is a good or bad thing.Anyone got any thoughts?


    1. Like you I’m torn on Miller & Boyd….in the short term they would be excellent additions. Boyd’s time in MLS was eye opening for him & he came back driven to be a better all around player & it has obviously paid off. Miller wanted to stay in Vancouver but did not fit in the new manager’s system. He likely has another season or two of top play in him…..but at the same time it shows no forethought on how to build a team for the future. It’s opening the door for young talent to leave rather then grow their game with Rangers. Real question is – can Rangers win the league next season without additions of Boyd & Miller?


  4. I`ve no doubt Boyd ,Miller and Daly will score enough goals in the championship to get us up , but no game time for Clark and Gallagher or thoughts to signing younger strikers will leave us exposed when we hit the Premiership and having to change things again.I hope Ally is scouting the masters tournament in Hong Kong to see how Goram , Andrews Konterman and co. are shaping up .There may be a bargain there!!!


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