Stephen Thompson – The truth is Rangers are still the same club

Stephen Thompson, courtesy of SNS

Written by – John McIntosh

“Rangers only have two years of history.”  You’d be fooled by thinking that these were the words of an obsessed Celtic fan who calls us Sevco everyday – but no, this was Stephen Thomspon the chairman of Dundee United.

Granted there are bad feelings between both clubs and their fans;  but management  should really rise above this nonsense.   In fact had he been an adult & negotiated with us he would probably would have gotten Charlie Telfer for cheaper than going to tribunal.

Back in 2012, when Rangers were demoted to the third division they  decided to pay all Oldco footballing debts.  The club owed a few clubs some fees – one of which were Dundee United who they owed a small amount.   When Rangers paid Dundee United the £31,000 debt – I didn’t hear Thompson say “no you owe us nothing –  you’re a new club with no history.”

It appears that we are a club with 142 years of history when it suits them and a club with 2 years of history when it suits them better.

courtesy of Alex McMahon

Just to dispel the nonsense that so many in Scotland that claim Rangers died and are a new team with no history –  we can choose evidence from a variety of options – ECA, ASA, BBC trust, SFA, SPFL, Lord Nimmo Smith as well as a variety of clubs who have gone  through the same process as Rangers while nobody tries to claim they don’t have their history.

Some clubs who went through the same process and had to create a Newco while continuing as the same club are Leeds, Coventry, Fiorentina, Napoli and Middlesbrough.  If you ask fans of Leeds, Coventry or Middlesbrough if they are called a new club by their rivals they would  look at you in bemusement and reply of course not.

Lord Nimmo Smith’s views are, “In common speech a club is treated as a recognisable entity which is capable of being owned and operated, and which continues in existence despite its transfer to another owner or operator.”  Quite straightforward that a Lord in law has decided that a company is not intrinsically linked to the club.

SPFL CEO Neil Doncaster is quoted “It’s an existing club even though it’s a new company.”

The UEFA rankings include us at 92nd and many Celtic bloggers have pointed out you can’t click on Rangers to go to their own page that is correct but the same happens with Palermo.  The obvious correlation is that both teams out of the top flights of their respective countries.

A UEFA article said in April 2013“It represents the Hoops’ 44th league crown, leaving them ten behind rivals Rangers FC, who were absent from the top flight for the first time this season.

Many shout out, ‘but they started as a new club called Sevco’ – “The Scottish FA can confirm that The Rangers Football Club Ltd have today received confirmation that full membership of the Association has been transferred.” S o membership transferred from Oldco to Newco meaning that Rangers FC continued as the same existing member.

The ASA also confirmed our status as the same club by saying the following after Celtic fans complained about a poster promoting us as the most successful club in Scotland –  “We consulted with UEFA, which explained its rules allowed for the recognition of the sporting continuity of a club’s match record, even if that club’s corporate structure had changed…. We considered that consumers would understand that the claim in question related to the football club rather than to its owner and operator and we therefore concluded that it was not misleading.

Stephen Thompson, courtesy of SNS

Praise is due the Rangers board too for telling Dundee United to do one when they claimed we only had two years history I can’t wait until we beat that horrible lot  – there will be some celebrations anyway.

Our haters can’t accept that we are still here that we have 142 years of history, that we are the most successful club in Scotland but the facts are clear – We are coming, expect us.

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226 thoughts on “Stephen Thompson – The truth is Rangers are still the same club

    1. What is it with you Obsessed, your Club is now Celtic Football Club is it not ?
      You used to be called The Celtic Football and Athletic Company, right ?

      Rangers too went from one ‘Company’ to another ‘Company’ Another ‘Company’ in the control of the football club, why can’t the ‘obsessed’ grasp this simple, very simple in point of fact, idea ?

      Talk about being daft, ‘daft’ to try and suit a wrongful thing, more’s the like.


  1. Tell us about the time when Naismith, one of your top players, under contract, probably worth about £5m, walked away and joined Everton for free. How did this happen? Surely you must have been due money for one of Scotland’s best players? Was he given a free transfer despite his club being absolutely desperate for money? Seems unlikely.

    Or did his club die enabling him to leave for free ?

    What seems more likely ?

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    1. We did get money actually. We recieved compensation on every player and this was allowed to happen as naismith and others were contracted to the COMPANY. When the club rangers transferred everything over from the old company to the new company the players had to sign new contracts as they couldnt be transferred over they refused to sign new deals. And there for left rangers. A team and a company are completely different terms. Either your brain dead or your obsession for rangers is beyond belief. Both seem likely!


      1. Bazza – can you tell me how much money Rangers received for Alan McGregor from Beskitas?? This is a player who is scotlands no 1 and a very good goalkeeper worth approximately 4-5 million. Yes – please tell me what Rangers got for McGregor. You will not find a 5m fee. Beskitas were entitled to take him for free as his contract was with the old club who were liquidated much the same as the others who left for free. Charlie Green took it to court and lost.

        Are you really saying your players were contracted to the COMPANY. If that is the case then Rangers were breaking the rules. All players are contracted to the football club or they cannot be registered to play. Look at rangers accounts prior to liquidation and the first page of them clearly states Club & Company are the same entity


        1. How the fuckdid they break the rules, Christ you counts would hang us for anything, the shite you lot come out with!


          1. John – you did not break the rules as your players were contracted to the club. this was why mcgregor and co could walk away for free as they were contracted to the club and as the club were liquidated their contracts were nil and void hence teams like beskitas got players like mcgregor for free. guys like bazza are trying to change history by saying the players were contracted to the company. The point i was making is if bazza was correct and they were contracted to the company then they would have been breaking all rules of football as all players must be contracted to the club and all these contracts must be registered with the relevant association before the player can take to the field.


  2. The club were liquidated and had to apply to gain entry to the lower leagues. The club could not play in Europe despite coming 2nd in the top league, they are a new club.


  3. Tell you what Toddy, go and get a non apartheid education then come back and read the article again. Also, why don’t you go home?


    1. Tell you what, John the uneducated bigot. If you try and take the high ground, ensure that your reply doesn’t contain any stupid grammatical errors.


    2. Being a moron, you probably don’t see the irony in suggesting Toddy gets a ‘non – apartheid education’..whilst at the same time asking why he doesn’t ‘go home’!!


        1. You got to have a dick to be a just got a wee tight fud..john scott..sure it’s not joan…aye joan wae the wee tight fud hahaha…hailhail


      1. FFS, You personally,are the gift that keeps on giving! With your permission, I’m going to launch an appeal for any unwanted elastoplasts for your knuckles!!! Givus yer money fer John Scott Aid…feck you…givus yer money!!!!


  4. Another Rangers blog populated by the obsessed from the eastend. They profess we are the same club, yet their owner a Mr Desmond has cleared this up by saying we have 140 years of history and counting.

    Listen wee rabid obsessed hoopsters………it doesnt matter what YOU think or say, you are all irrelevant. Its what the people who actually matter say…ASA, UEFA, SPL/SPFL, SFA Lord Nimmo Smith.

    Now i know this burns you to the very soul, but Rangers ARE STILL THE SAME CLUB. You can deny it all you want, you can sweep it under the carpet and say we died…you can do whatever you please…….it wont change the FACT that The Rangers are still alive and we are coming for you.

    Enjoy your last tainted title, it will be the last title you see for a very long time 🙂

    Ps…….Pacific Shelf……….since 1994 lmfao!!!


    1. I think Lord Nimmo-Smith’s comments are significant, especially the first part which says ”in common speech”, he does in no way suggest this is a legal ruling.


    2. The law has the final word on this. Not Lord Nimmo Smith, not UEFA and certainly not the ASA!

      Rangers Football Club Ltd. – the one who’s name appears above Ibrox is gone, dead, extinct etc.; that’s the only fact that is relevant.

      Anyway, enough righting of myths. I’ll let you get back to going NA NA NANA NA…


      1. What was the law?

        Show us the facts.

        Show us that any decision made by anybody has higher authority than UK statute company law.


          1. As Blu Stu said the people who matter are the ones who have spoken, UEFA, ASA, SFA, SPL SFL and not what you lot think, I know you lot think your so goddamn better than everyone else but here’s a shocker for you, your not, end of story!


          2. we are waiting for the facts from you dummy, you claiming the law says rangers are dead is not actually a fact until you provide some evidence from a credible source to back you up, something you cant do as you are talking utter pish


  5. ‘Demoted’???????


    Simple question for the obviously hard of thinking;

    When did ‘rangers fc in liquidation’ come out of administration?

    A wee clue, the answers in the question. AFPMSL!!!!


  6. Did ye no like may wee question johnny boy? Lol!

    Ok, if you can’t tell me when ‘rangers in liquidation’ came out of administration, perhaps you can tell how much the shares owned by shareholders pre-2012 are worth today?

    At least try fGs!


    1. they didnt, the club was sold to the newco and continued on as normal, a fact that is backed up by uefa, the sfa, spl, sfl, spfl, the eca, lord nimmo, lord glennie, the asa, the stock market, bdo, duff and phelps, hmrc – all credible expert sources – now lets see you provide one credible expert source stating that rangers are a new club – good luck with that as none exist




    1. So tell me PAUL, tell me when ranger(IL) came out of administration, and how much pre-2012 rangers fc shares are worth today?

      And once you’ve worked those out maybe you can tell us all why.

      Sorry, PAUL, but like Johnny boy you’ve totally lost the plot, I’ve alot of friends and family who are gers and like the more intelligent have pulled their heads out the sand and realise just what kind of trouble your clubs in.

      It’s gullible mugs like you who are retarding any progress the clumpany are thrying to make.

      Grow up, wake up and smell the coffee for Henkeys sake!!!


    2. A well run club with no debts and some of the best young talent in the country. Yeah a total joke next to a club who’s board are killing them from within and will struggle to win the 1st div without going to the wall again. Keep commenting your giving us a laugh.


    3. Correct and what are all these celtic cunts doing on a Rangers blog anyway, time they fucked off to their poxy propaganda page


              1. Aye john scott you are a wee dick..go on just admit it .ýour a wee your hung like a midge on speed


              1. John u love to take it in the tail pipe..r u a wee sausage jockey.a wee hun ass bandit….thats it iv,e decided wee john is a horses hoof..hahahaha..hail hail…R.I.P huns


  8. So! I’ll try again, is their one person on this blog, which is very direct in what it’s stating, who can tell me, firstly, when rangers fc now in liquidation came out of administration. A simple answer surely?

    Secondly, how much are pre-2012 rangers shares worth today?

    It’s not rocket salad, lol!

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    1. can you explain why this is relevant when every important organisation in the worlds of football and business who has commented on it states the club was sold from oldco to newco and continues on with its history intact? over to you mhuppet


      1. So he folk who held shares in rangers in liquidation tuped their shares over to sevco did they? Mwahahahaha!

        And, I’m sorry, but could you explain again when exactly rangers fc in liquidation came out of administration, I must have missed that one.

        Rangers fc shareholders shares are not worth the paper they’re printed on and those loyal shareholders LOST EVERYTHING!

        I’m sure they, the rangers fc in liquidation share holders, would think that pretty ‘ relevant.

        I see Mr ‘glib and shameless liar’ King refusing to put a single penny of his own dosh into sevco.

        Wasn’t he a shareholder in rangers fc in liquitation?


        And I’m the ‘mhuppet’?



  9. Dear sevconians, BDO are STILL liquidating the embers of the Old club….the one that HAD an SFA licence but passed it back to the SFA until your NEW club had that bought the old club assets. BDO will soon receive £0.9m from Everton for Jelavic. Tell me, if you are the same why did your new club NOT receive a penny of the Jelavic money. And why were Sky on the Thursday before your FIRST new club match v Brechin warning customers the game might not happen …your NEW club didn’t have membership…..TOO BAD EH?


  10. Saw Charlie Telfer play against Hearts in the U20’s Cup Final, looked a decent player and made a move to a club where he will get a good schooling and a chance at playing for their first team. Nice to see a Scots lad see the bigger picture. This is about football isn’t it?


  11. love the fact every comment that says Rangers are a new club starts with “THE” Rangers , if rangers are the same with 142 years history , why then do you keep on saying THE Rangers everytime you mention the club you love . #ARFC


  12. its a new club, unless you can pay back the creditors. look back at 2012, every hun agreed they would die if they could not get a cva, there are quotes all over the place. then the big lie came into play. the sfa and our club directors need to keep norman bates fc appear alive as the blue pound is far more important than integrity. that’s the reality. like mark twain said ,’its easier to fool the people than it is to tell them they have been fooled. rangers died chasing aberdeens 2 euro trophys.


    1. nope, paying back the creditors has no bearing on whether we are the same club or not, its just something you made up that has no basis in fact – hope that helps
      feel free to provide these quotes from every rangers fan saying rangers would die if we didnt get a cva?
      the big lie? you mean when all the legitimate sources told the newspapers to stop talking pish, as for this only happening after rangers got a cva, utter nonsense – uefa have a long history of recognising that clubs survive if they get a new company – fiorentina is regnised as the same team as them when they didnt even have that, there are also many examples of teams in scotland and england who went through the same process as rangers did long before them and no-one even raised the issue of them being a different club – hibs in the 1880’s, hearts in 1905, leeds , luton, crystal apalace and about another 15 english clubs all went through the same process as rangers, liquidating the oldco and the club being bought by a newco and are recognised as the same club
      the only people who have been fooled are idiots like yourselves who are fooling themselves despite every single source telling them they are are wrong they still cling to the new pish


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