Is Kyle Lafferty on the verge of signing with Norwich City?

Kyle Lafferty, courtesy of Tulio Puglia (Getty Images)

Multiple sources out of Italy are reporting that former Rangers forward Kyle Lafferty is leaving Palermo after one season with the newly promoted Serie A club.  Lafferty made 34 appearances for Palermo & scored 11 goals.  His appearances were pretty evenly split as a starter & as a sub – he made 18 starts & appeared 16 times as a substitute.

Palermo Mania is among those sources revealing that Lafferty broke the news of his departure on Facebook.  This was on the back of rumors linking Lafferty to Norwich City.  

Furthermore, Sky Sports is claiming that Lafferty completed a medical examination at Carrow Road & are on the verge of finalizing a transfer fee with Palermo.  Lafferty has another year left on his contract.

Norwich City supporters aren’t exactly doing victory laps on the prospect of adding the Northern Ireland striker to the club that was relegated to England’s Championship after finishing three points behind West Bromwich Albion at the bottom of the table.

courtesy of Antony Kelly

In a blog post for Metro, Gary Gowers outlines the mixed reaction that may accompany the signing of Kyle Lafferty.

First, Gowers summarizes the optimistic reaction:

If it comes to fruition it will provide the City boss with a shiny, brand new new strike-force to unleash on the Championship, with the signing of Lewis Grabban from Bournemouth already secured.

While Lafferty’s goalscoring record is of an ordinary ilk (around one in four), the former Burnley and Rangers man would offer something that has been missing at Carrow Road since the departure of Grant Holt: a target.

A 6′ft 4in he is someone who will win his fair share of headers and who can successfully makes the ball ‘stick’ when back-to goal – two things that happened all too seldom last season.

Kyle Laffery, courtesy of Tulio Puglia (Getty Images)

Then Gary Gowers detailed the likely reaction from the more pessimistic Norwich supporters,

For some City fans however, the words ‘Lafferty’ and ‘Norwich’ appearing together in the same sentence have been tantamount to a ten-point deduction.  In typical fashion, some have been quick to pour scorn on the Northern Ireland international even before he has put pen to paper – some resorting to the power of prayer in an attempt to prevent it happening.

Apparently ‘you know you’re in the Championship when you’re linked with Kyle Lafferty’. Well, yes, that’s where we are and we’d better get used to it.

Gowers brought a voice of reason that is sensible advice that the supporters from any club should take to heart.

So, if we’ve learned anything, it’s that any new signing – particularly a striker – should be judged on what happens on the green stuff, rather than second or third hand reports, or comments on a message-board.

For what it’s worth I think Lafferty could do a good job for City in the Championship, and if – as has been pointed out – he’s no angel, then so be it. That’s part of the challenge of being a football manager isn’t it?

Lafferty made 104 appearances in his four seasons at Ibrox & scored 31 goals.  His exit was less then graceful following administration & a public falling out with the manager.  


5 thoughts on “Is Kyle Lafferty on the verge of signing with Norwich City?

  1. This is funny , the person who wrote obviously never seen him play.He wins the least amount of headers for a big guy that I have ever seen , doesn`t hold the ball up well and does not score have as many goals as he should have .If they think they have another Grant Holt , boy are they in for a surprise.As another one of the deserters I hope he enjoys life with Whittaker struggling in the Championship.

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  2. Completely agree. We stood by him through thick and thin. Poor performances, off field embarrassments. How did he repay our faith? Ran from the sound of gunfire. We don’t forget. At least Whittaker didn’t claim to be a Rangers fan.
    Wherever he ends up, I hope he gets relegated.


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