“Kris Boyd deal is done”

Kris Boyd

It looks as if Rangers will kick-start your weekend with the long awaited signing of Kris Boyd on Friday.  Scott Burns, a reporter for The Daily Express, who has been at the forefront of this developing story claimed late Thursday night that a deal between Boyd & Rangers is done.

Burns went on to explain that the delay came down to Graham Wallace & Boyd’s agent hammering out the details of the contract- but that “everything is now agreed” & that the club will make an official announcement once the results from Boyd’s medical are confirmed.

The contract is expected to be for one year with an option for a second year accompanied by increased wages if Rangers earn promotion.

Boyd was also being courted by Aberdeen, Dundee United, Kilmarnock, & the French club Nîmes Olympique.  

As reported by Rangers Report – only Nîmes were able to offer a salary comparable to what Rangers is expected to sign Boyd to.

Boyd’s signing will firmly establish Rangers as the favorites to win the Championship this season & will automatically raise the speculation that players currently on the squad may be shopped out to lessen the budgetary hit that Boyd & Kenny Miller have now added to the books.

Burns also reported that signing Cardiff City’s Don Cowie is Ally McCoist’s next priority but that Wallace isn’t as keen as McCoist on such a move.




7 thoughts on ““Kris Boyd deal is done”

  1. I hope we get boyd. He will fire us upto the championship, anyone who can score 20 for a relegation threatened team last season is a wise buy for us.
    plus side is he is at his peak and will get us goals for next few seasons.
    come on Kris boy.
    welcomed back with opened arms
    unlike all the other Judas i.e Kyle Lafferty


  2. Back to the future with Ally ‘Marty McFly’ McCoist. More money being squandered on has beens!!!! So much for progressibg with younger players, Charlie Telfor would never have been given a chance by Super Sally who has proved in the last 2years that he is out of his depth!!!!!! Between the shite on the park and the powers that be bleeding the club dry it’s no surprise half the season tickets weren’t renewed!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hope the Chief Exex wins argument over Cowie .A nothing player,who has no future value in a position we are well covered.I know we have just signed a couple of old boys but at least they are top players .Cowie is definitely not that .If we need anyone in midfield it is a creator with flair and preferably younger.Go get Scott Allen not Don Cowie Ally and give the fans some new heros. Welcome back Boydy .


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