One year in the books for the Rangers Report

Boris Pandza

A year ago today, I made the leap to begin The Rangers Report.  The beginning was inauspicious – a couple of links to stories on Boris Pandza signing with Rangers.  That was it, no commentary – no additional details…just a couple of links.  I think that I just wanted to get my feet wet & take the plunge into this world of covering the club I have loved all of my life.

As the weeks & months went on, the blog has grown as I developed a vision of what I want to offer supporters.  My model is based on  the hockey blog – Puck Daddy – a site that covers the various aspects of the NHL but isn’t obsessed with breaking news in an age of Twitter & message boards but rather bringing a fresh look at the top stories while piecing together  a team of writers who bring their own voices to the topics of the day.

All I wanted was to create a Puck Daddy for Rangers supporters.

While there are a good deal of thought provoking blogs that cover Rangers, I felt that the daily influx of footballing news & subsequent analysis of it was missing…so I gave it a go.  The vast majority of what we provided on the blog was meant to be an escape from the monotonous frustration that is the other side of Rangers news.

There were moments in which we covered stories that the mainstream media failed to follow up on.  The Arbroath goalkeeper ‘spitting incident’ was reported on  to the ultimate dismissal of charges while the mainstream media said nothing.  There were other minor stories we either broke or followed up when the press went silent.  It’s all part of a process of building the brand for the blog.

One of my goals with this blog was to ‘zig’ when the media ‘zagged.’ –  to always look under the surface or tangential to what the mainstream press was serving up.  So much of that was relying on other bloggers & reporters to provide insight from all over the footballing world.  There are too many to mention, but the voices of so many have sculpted the stories that you have read.  I hope that even reaching out to insiders from rivals, like Aberdeen, Kilmarnock & Dundee Untied, has added to the often monolithic coverage provided by other Rangers blogs.  I have attempted to blend the voices from various different points of view to tell the story. It hasn’t always been successful, & I won’t mention those who blew me off or snuck in snarky “new club” comments but for the most part those who cover other teams have been pleasant & insightful  with their analysis.  So thank you….

Thanks to Jonny McFarlane, John McIntosh, Derek & Dave from the Aye Ready Podcast, Ross Farquhar, & Nathan Campbell for providing their writing chops to the Rangers Report.  I am ecstatic that you have joined the team & I look forward to providing a sounding board for more of your writing

I am extremely excited to announce that Jonny & John will begin hosting The Rangers Report Podcast, where we hope to carry on some of the core values that have been set by the blog when it comes to providing an outlet of information for Rangers supporters.

Thanks to David Edgar – for never saying no & for never asking why?

Thanks again to the dozens of bloggers & reporters who have taken time to provide content for the blog.

Thanks to @HorneSupremacy  for his very early words of support via Twitter.

Thanks to Maurice Edu for tossing some ‘favorites’ our way on the Twitter feed.

Thanks to Celtic supporters for trolling the blog…the advertisers in particular appreciate your obsessive reading.

Thanks to Coplandbear & William Laing for always pushing the conversation forward with your comments.

Lastly, thanks to the thousands of Rangers supporters who have taken a moment to read what we have posted on this little blog.  There have been a quarter million visits this year to the site – which truly blows my mind.

Lastly, thanks to my Grandad, who instilled a love for his club into me at an early age.  He supported Rangers for 70+ years & survived the 1971 disaster at Ibrox (along with my mother).  He has since passed & was buried with a Rangers scarf & a photograph of his grandchildren – including my own son & daughter.  An inspiration beyond words…



7 thoughts on “One year in the books for the Rangers Report

  1. hello..just wanted to say i’m a recent subscriber and have thoroughly enjoyed receiving the info..talking of which scott allan is a good friend of my son’s and i know for a fact he would crawl over broken glass to sign for that not the sort of player we should be pursuing instead of a 31 year old ( cowie) ? anyway i’ll indulge in a cliche but it’s heartfelt..keep up the good work!

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  2. I have enjoyed reading through your blog over the past year and it has been refreshing to read stories about the club I love outside of the Glasgow printing mills. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your first year blogging 😉

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  3. A great blog i have to day. always refreshing with Rangers news and stories. its been good to see a new Rangers blog stay the distance and do well. there have been many other Rangers blogs which over the last year have came and gone or have went silent. but this is fast becoming my favorite blog and i always have a keen intrest in it. keep it up. WATP

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  4. I have enjoyed your Rangers page a great deal but may I make one tiny suggestion? In future,please let’s have no more of this “new entity” nonsense from non Gers fans guest writers,it’s simply not true,has no basis in fact,and is disproved by every governing body and relevant organisation from the ECA and ASA to the Wee Red Book. This is a great page for Rangers fans and there should be no place for such deluded obsessive nonsense. Other than that keep up the good work!
    117 and counting.

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  5. Thanks for the name check .Since discovering the blog I have really enjoyed reading the articles and taking part in the debate .I quite often beg to differ with the articles but it is refreshing to be debating players and tactic rather than the boardroom , season ticket stuff etc which has become the norm in the papers .On that front I agree with the thought Allen not Cowie and definitely not Zaliukas .He turned us down last season, flops at Leeds then gets invited back.We may be skint but we should have some pride , we are Rangers after all .
    Happy Birthday to the Report and keep up the good work.

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