Report: Jon Daly set to have knee surgery

Jon Daly

Matthew Lindsay is reporting that Rangers forward Jon Daly is set to have knee surgery & will miss at least the next six weeks.  The talk of Daly’s knee injury first came to light last week as Ally McCoist acknowledged that Daly had been dealing with the issue since last season.

McCoist initially told the club’s official website, “Jon has been feeling his knee over a couple of days in training and he felt it towards the end of last season as well.  Our view last season was the problem was fatigue more than anything and that the rest would let him come back fresh and raring to go again.”

It is interesting to note that McCoist felt that the problem was caused by fatigue but still lined Daly up each & every week, even after the season was won.

For Daly, the timing of the surgery is unfortunate.  Daly scored 21 goals in 38 competitive matches last season but will face a serious fight for playing time this season.  Kenny Miller & Kris Boyd are leveraging themselves as the forward pair to lead the club in the Championship.  Even if Daly was to shift back to defence he will not be guaranteed a start.

Given Daly’s age (31) & a potentially persistent knee problem – his role in the team may trending towards regression.  Daly’s contract expires at  the end of this season.


4 thoughts on “Report: Jon Daly set to have knee surgery

  1. This is getting silly , although McCoist makes the public statement “we thought it was fatigue” , it would be the medical staff who would look at it and advise the manager of their diagnosis and whether Daly was fit to play.I seem to remember Daly having some knee problems at Utd and Kenny Miller getting his knee cleaned up in October , these things are career threatening just a fact of life for a footballer .If Daly is going to be out for only 6 weeks it would suggest that it is something fairly minor.So Boyd and Miller will start the season but big Jon will return to give us alternatives up front.You don`t win any league with 11 players ,you need a squad of different strengths and abilities, and now we`ve got that.


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