Don Cowie signs with Wigan Athletic, what’s next for Rangers?

Don Cowie, courtesy of WAFC

Ally McCoist’s primary transfer target has made a decision that most saw coming – Don Cowie has decided to sign on with Wigan Athletic.  It was always suspected that Cowie would sign on with a club in England – with a club that could offer the 31 year old better terms.  Along with Rangers, Wolves & Blackburn Rovers  were reported to be chasing Cowie.

Via Wales Online – Wigan Athletic manager, Uwe Rosler, discussed bringing Cowie aboard.  Rosler said, “I wanted to bring in an energetic player with experience who knows all about getting out of this league.  Don also played over 20 games last season in the Premier League; he’s 31 but he’s an extremely professional person and I’ve known about him for quite some time.”

“From his training regime to the way he lives and breathes football he has the attributes to allow him to play football until his late 30s.  I think he knows the position, he has the ability to play a high-pressing game and an attacking forward game and I think he will add experience, reliability, a technical ability where all our players have to be so I look forward to working with him.”

“He was a bosman player, he suits our Championship wage structure and he will give us alternatives in midfield.”

What now for Rangers?  Ally McCoist made signing Cowie a priority for all of the reasons that Rosler outlined.

Does McCoist reverse directions & look to bring in a younger & less polished player like Scott Allan?

Does he look to bring in a midfielder not yet linked to the club?

Or does he simply pass on adding that midfield depth from outside & look internally to allow younger players to take on a larger role?


7 thoughts on “Don Cowie signs with Wigan Athletic, what’s next for Rangers?

  1. Glad we didn’t sign Cowie. He’ll only be decent for 2 years maybe? We need to sign younger players and build for the long term. We can’t keep signing players in their 30’s. It will take us longer to win back what’s rightfully ours. The Scottish Premiership.

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  2. Wolves had no interest in signing him either. We’re got an international striker who is younger and better up for sale. I’m sure most of these rumours are straight from the agents mouth.


  3. Thank goodness that we have missed out on Cowie , a journeyman player who is no better then what we already have.I would be interested in Allen , less polished ….yes , but only because he is a lot younger .He showed a lot of talent previously , we should back ourselves to sign him and polish him .If we can develop McLeod , Aird and the others then we should be able to do the same for Allen .Be bold Ally , take a chance , you can`t play safe every time!!


  4. I’m glad this signing didn’t go through….cowie is a decent player but we need to start looking longer term….I’d use this season to give Murdoch, McKay, Macleod (in CM not shunted left) and others more game time with in the idea of building for next season.


  5. Looks like McCoist has decided just to waste what little money he has giving Simonsen a new contract. We are well placed with good young backup keepers yet McCoist appears to be giving this waste of space that cost us a place in teh Scottish Cup final a new contract. Personally I would n’t have Simonsen anywhere near the club and if I was bringing any anyone it would be a new right back.


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