Is it time for Rangers to become sellers?

Bilel Mohsni, courtesy of SNS

“It’s the easiest economic rule:  Don’t spend more than you earn.  This is something that certainly all clubs need to follow.”  Christian Nerlinger, 2012

Quoting the man who turned down the chance to become Rangers Director of Football is merely a coincidence – especially given the absolute common sense the statement entails.  However, the question begs to be asked – when will Ally McCoist & the club embrace this basic economic rule?

Reports broke on Monday that Rangers had turned down a firm bid for 26-year old center-half Bilel Mohsni.  Football 365 claims that a number of clubs have inquired about Mohsni & that the United Arab Emirates club Baniyas had submitted a bid for Mohsni’s transfer.  The report explained, “it is understood Rangers rejected that, as they are hoping to persuade Mohsni to sign a new deal.”  Mohsni’s contract expires at the end of this season.

Baniyas is expected to continue their pursuit of Mohsni & it may be time for Rangers to begin selling some assets.

This is not a knock on Mohsni – who did struggle with maintaining focus & initiative last season – but his presence in the heart of the Rangers defence in League One should not be underestimated.  He was dominant in the air & helped make up for Lee McCulloch’s dwindling pace.  But raise your hand if you believe that Bilel Mohsni will be in the starting eleven come August?   Anyone?  Bueller? Bueller?

The arrivals of Marius Zaliukas & Darren McGregor have made Mohsni expendable.  Yes, Mohsni would provide the luxury of depth – but so do Lee McCulloch, Sebastien Faure, Luca Gasparotto & even  Kyle McAusland can be called upon to play center back.  Also, you can add Jon Daly to that mix given that there really is no place for him up front when he returns from injury.

Bilel Mohsni, courtesy of PA

Mohsni is an appealing player to a club like Baniyas because of his age, potential, & his cultural background.  As a dedicated Muslim, a move to the United Arab Emirates would likely be culturally appealing for Mohsni.  Add to that the fact that he recently made his international debut for Tunisia – his career is on the upwards trajectory.   He made 37 appearances in all competitions during his first season with Rangers – he scored 12 goals & accrued 11 yellow cards, along with one red card.

Under normal circumstances, Mohsni is a talent that you would keep at the club & hone his skills while he continues to evolve as a professional footballer.  But the actions of  the manager have clearly called for a new direction in the heart of Rangers defence.  That & the other new signings have thrown the balance of Rangers salaries all out of whack again.  The balance sheet of players coming & going is as follows:

In:  Kenny Miller, Kris Boyd, Marius Zaliukas, Darren McGregor

Resigned:  Kyle Hutton, Steve Simonsen

Out:  Andy Little, Emilson Cribari, Ross Perry, Charlie Telfer, Chris Hegarty

Last season, the salaries for Rangers first team squad totaled £7 million.  This number has clearly increased as there is no way that the salaries of the five players to leave the club matches up with the players resigned or new players brought into the club.

Lee Wallace & Dean Shiels

But who goes?

Last January, it was hard to deny that Dean Shiels was being shopped around with both MortonHibs being reportedly interested in Shiels.  Clearly, no transfer occurred as many believe that Shiels salary situation makes it a fool’s deal for him to leave & for another club to take on his contract.

Teams also came sniffing around for Nicky Law last January but the bids were turned away by Rangers.

One player, whose name still lingers in the transfer gossip column is Lee Wallace – who has been linked to Fulham this summer.  Rumor has it that Rangers are holding out for a £1.5 million bid – however, it is considered a long shot that Wallace would agree to leave Ibrox.

So if valuable assets like Shiels, Law, & Wallace aren’t going anywhere – who does?  Rangers cannot sensibly maintain the approach of adding salary to a budget that many would argue is far beyond the needs of competing for victory in the Championship, let alone the SPFL.

  • Will Mohsni be the first piece to be moved?  Will there be others

9 thoughts on “Is it time for Rangers to become sellers?

  1. As you point out, there is no first team place for Mohsni and we have plenty of backup. We should accept that we need to sell and take any good offer for him.If he was felt to be central to the team, we should not have signed both Zaliuskas and McGregor. If Ally wants to keep him, who does he want to let go instead? Faure and Gasparotto?

    Take the money, say thanks for last season, and move on.


  2. Moshni was starting to behave like Billy Big-Time rather than Billy Moshni. He would be a liability in the top flight. He has a very suspect temperament.


  3. Without knowing the offer it’s impossible to know if we are being sensible or not. If clubs are taking the piss I am delighted we are standing firm.


  4. Why get rid of Mohsni , I am willing to bet that he will be in the first team at the start of the season , if you are building a squad you need more than one player per position .It is the people that you don`t think will play that you try to move on Mohsni has more potential to move up than Faure for example .Also we now have 5 strikers , so Shiels or Clark look expendable OR we could just stop spending now ,go with the squad we have and save any money left in the pot.There looks a good balance now , so if he is not going to replace Foster at right back , Ally should settle for what he has got.


  5. I f a bid of 1 million or more comes in then sell him. there are many others aswell i would be looking for Rangers to offload first. were a team in need of creativity and pace. why were Simonsen and Hutton resigned with good wages i would think. why is McCoist persisting with players not good enough for Rangers. Foster,Faure,McCulloch,Peralta just to name a few there. and with todays embarrasing friendly loss and McCoist playing a 5-4-1 against a 4th tier American team im baffled beyond belief at whats going on at Rangers at the moment


  6. Really? Save the money thats in the pot? Don’t understand why we are signing players that we really can’t afford, then not off loading players that we don’t really need. Lets be clear – Rangers could not afford the squad last season, and now we can’t afford the squad this season. Would much have thin squad, topped up with youngsters than no squad at all. Is Ally really that worried that he doesn’t have the managerial skill, so he needs to buy success – is he really going to out spend Celtic next season?


  7. It is clear that McCoist has been told to spend to try to ensure Rangers get back to the Premiership at all costs. Everyone has known for a while there is no shred of a strategy in place, a scandal, when you consider the blank canvass of 2 years ago………….Miller, Boyd, Zaliuskas!! Perhaps there is a view that when Rangers get back up everything will be OK again, really??……… much money will need to be spent to compete in the Premiership, where will it come from and importantly at what cost? I suspect McCoists’ managerial failings will be badly exposed fairly soon and if Rangers fail to win the Championship it could spell the end for him


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