Exclusive post-match interviews: Darren McGregor & Kenny Miller

Darren McGregor, courtesy of RFC

Q&A with goalscorer Darren McGregor:

What did Ally McCoist say at half-time because the team came out with a whole different spark?

Yeah, obviously the standards at Rangers are really high & he said the first half was unacceptable.

Everyone knows when the gaffer speaks like that we have to lift it a few levels & I think that we did that.

To be honest the teams that we’ve played in America, their fitness levels have been great & technically they’ve been good as well. We may have been caught cold with that – so it’s taken us a while to adjust but I think that although our performance tonight wasn’t what we wanted we still got the victory.  Hopefully we can carry that to Monday & we can get a convincing victory against Victoria & that’ll bode well for the next game.

What happened on your goal?

It was all in the delivery.  Lewis MacLeod put in such a great ball.  When balls are put in like that – as a defender you just want to direct it to the goal because all of the pace is already on the ball – so that’s what I’d done. Thankfully it went in & helped the team to victory which I’m delighted about.

courtesy of RFC

Have you had that moment when you realized that you’re part of Rangers – now it’s a whole different world – or does that happen in a few weeks when the season begins?

I think I’ve had that.  The initial inauguration, if you’d like to call it that, came with the signing & the cameras & stuff – thats when I was really like, “Wow! Rangers!”

The magnitude of the club sunk in there.  From here on in, I’m just trying to apply myself the way I know I can & play well every game.  Hopefully, come the start of the season that’ll give the gaffer some thought to maybe consider me for a starting jersey.

Kenny Miller, courtesy of RFC

Q&A with Kenny Miller:

How did it feel playing up front with Kris Boyd again?

Brilliant!  It was good to start the game with the big man & again things were coming together.

A couple of situations could have gone better for us but it was good to be back on the field with him.  We had a good partnership the last time we were here & so we’re working on developing that again.

To be honest we have a lot of good players in the forward area of the pitch so first it’s all about earning that place in the team & then hopefully developing that relationship we had before & really kicking on this season.

What happened on the winning goal?

I saw a gap behind the center back to go for & Lewis MacLeod put a wonderful pass in.  My first initial thought was to shoot but I heard a couple of lads shouting & a couple of blue jerseys caught my eye so I just tried to get it across the goal hoping somebody would get on the end of it.  Luckily, Ian Black was there to get a wee toe on it.


So now you make your return to Canada- are you planning on seeing any former Vancouver teammates?

Actually I don’t know.  I don’t know how they got on tonight – actually they’re in Salt Lake – so I’ll check the result there (note:  it was a 1-1 draw).

They’ll be flying back tomorrow, maybe arriving the same time we are.  So you never know – maybe one or two of them will pop by & have a wee look to see our game on Monday night.

Kris Boyd & Kenny Miller, courtesy of Rangers Report

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