Steven Whittaker addresses the decision to leave Rangers

Steven Whittaker & Kris Boyd, courtesy of SNS

Last season was not a good one for former Rangers defender Steven Whittaker.  After injuries hampered his chances in 2012-13, a healthy Whittaker struggled to get a consistent run in the starting eleven for Norwich City last season even as the club tried to hold off its eventual relegation to England’s Championship.  Whittaker only started 16 of the club’s 38 league matches, while appearing as a sub on four occasions.  The club had the third worst goals against record in the EPL.

Whittaker told The Pink’un, “The first year I was here I was hampered by injuries, the second I was fine. I trained all of the season but I just didn’t get the games so obviously when you want to play and you don’t that is a disappointment.”

“I am used to playing a lot more than I did last season when I was up in Scotland.  All I can do is put myself in a position where I am pushing to be in contention and when I get a chance it is up to me to make sure I can’t be edged out of the team.”

Along with relegation, comes Norwich’s opportunity to rekindle its derby with Ipswich Town.  The rivalry, known as the Old Farm, brought up memories of the Old Firm for Whittaker which gave reporters the opportunity to get the him to open up about leaving Rangers in 2012.

Whittaker’s response, “Obviously what happened with Rangers at that time has been well-documented.  I knew I could do better than playing in the Scottish third division and I didn’t want to spend three years of my career trying to come back up the leagues.”

“Norwich offered me the challenge to come south and I have actually enjoyed it.  I still have two years here so I am looking forwards to what we can achieve.

Steven Whittaker, courtesy of Getty Images

At the time of Whittaker’s departure he explained the decision to leave as he sat alongside Steven Naismith in their infamous press conference.  Whittaker said, “It’s a short career and I want to try to play at the top for as many years as possible.”

“It doesn’t look like I will have that opportunity if I stay with the new company.  I’ve had sleepless nights and endless conversations with my wife and family trying to come up with the best outcome for myself.”

“It’s been very stressful. But I think I’ve made the right decision.”

Steven Whittaker, who turned 30 this summer, will experience playing in the second tier for the first time in his twelve year professional career.  He will be joined by former Rangers teammate Kyle Lafferty as they try to spur on Norwich’s promotion back to the EPL.


13 thoughts on “Steven Whittaker addresses the decision to leave Rangers

  1. It wasn;t the fact you left that stuck in the throat – all you so-called “boyhood Rangers fans” left us in our time of need and we got no return on investments made on you – our only re-sellable assets at the time – to be honest with you – I hope your career is finished – that’s how badly I feel let down by you – and the same goes for Bambi on ice Lafferty as well…


  2. Whittaker got Rangers knocked out of Europe because of his mistakes. I shall not forgive them when they left they weren’t good enough for England and Gets looked after them


  3. No-one expected him stay for the three years that it was, hopefully, going to take us to climb back to the top, but he could have got us much needed cash if he had handled it differently.The tears at the press conference with the other wee rat was just sickening.He left the way he did to keep all the cash for himself and his sleekit agent , he had no interest in the future for the club.It is great to watch him struggle down south and I`m sure big Laff will only help them to struggle further.It is a national scandal however to watch Whits appalling performances at left back for Scotland , yet keeping a guy who is ten times the player he is , out of the side.So enjoy your extra cash and keep your winners medals handy to look at ,as there won`t be any more in your career .Stop talking about Rangers , you made your decision , you deserted with your other rat mates, shut up and live with it!!!!!


  4. While I agree with the other posters that he left us in an hour of need and I will not forget that, I have always judged him differently from some of the other TBs – Traitorous B*st*rds – in that I din’t think he ever claimed to be a Rangers fan. Lafferty who we backed through some bad times, Naismith who we backed through 2 serious injuries I won’t forget. It will be a cold day in hell before either of them should ever be allowed back into Ibrox.
    Whittaker is just some guy who used to play for us, then became a who? Like many others. Quickly forgotten


  5. Didn’t have the character to do the right thing and doesn’t have the bravery to stand by his motives and decision.

    He would do well to realise that the media do not actually care about his Rangers departure they are just trying to regurgitate old news as they cling on to a period of time that our club and support have moved way beyond.


  6. For me, him and the others who bolted for the door with cash stuffed in every orifice are nothing short of treacherous scumbags and i honestly hope nothing but bad karma comes their way for the rest of their careers and beyond. All each of them had to do was ask Rangers to sell them and get some return for the investment the club put into them all. Bastards each and every one of them……………….


  7. Agree with all the comments. They could have done what the much maligned Maurice Edu did and at least got us some money.


  8. Agree with most comments quick to line line there pockets with rangers an even quicker to thicken the lining when they jumped ship with out getting rangers a penny hope never to be seen at ibrox again player or non player but we are bigger than them that’s why WATP


  9. Football is a business and one poorly run by Rangers. Those who are in the business (as players) are wage workers. Who likes working or incompetent bosses???????????


  10. The players who left never be forgiven for what they done. so called Rangers fans leaving there boyhood clubs chasing the cash at second rate clubs in England. all are traitors and should never be welcomed back at Ibrox


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