My Trip to Derby – Why We are the People

courtesy of @JohnMcIntosh19

written by – John McIntosh

There were 9,100 Rangers fans inside Derby’s iPro stadium yesterday and what a noise our fantastic support created!

The Rangers support continues to be flooded with positive messages through social media with some Derby fans saying we are the best away fans they have ever seen/heard – very high praise Bears.

Many Rangers and Derby fans mixed before and after the game in great spirits (mentioning spirits I might have had a vodka or 10…).

My personal experience was not getting any sleep Friday night and leaving Dundee at 3.15am.  The Rangers songs started being blasted & the fans on the bus were singing their hearts out.  We eventually got into Derby at half 10 after seemingly being only two hours away from Derby.

Then it was off to the pub.  It might have taken us about 45 minutes to locate the pub where most of the Rangers fans were gathered near the railway station, got our drink &  whilst waiting we belted our song list (I’ll not mention which ones) and then joined the hundreds of fellow fans on the streets.

I met some of my mates and ended up getting a “selfie” with a policeman with me wearing his police helmet – great times.  The astonishing difference between the attitudes of the police in Scotland & England when it comes to football & more specifically Rangers fans is massive.

The police in Derby were relaxed and friendly.  With this in mind why would we, as a support, go out of our way to cause them trouble?

courtesy of @RFCAwayDays

As we walked to the stadium with thousands of fans, more singing entailed all for the love of the club we love so much.  The atmosphere even outside the ground queuing to get through turnstile 47 was incredible.

Inside the stadium the noise created by our travelling support was simply outstanding.   All of our allocation was sold out and we were in full noise which didn’t stop for the 90 minutes.

A display of our desire to stay in the union occurred with a massive banner saying, “Four Countries – One  Flag – Our United Kingdom ” whilst union flags were waved.

courtesy of @RFCAwayDays

Unfortunately, we lost the game 2-0 through two second half goals from Chris Martin, the first of which was great play from the Derby lads and then Bilel Mohsni gifts the ball away with no pressure on him – bang 2-0.

He then compounds it by getting sent off for a diving header on Chris Martin or something along those lines – you really must question if he has a future at our club – with interest from Dubai there must be question marks whether we should cut our losses and sell.

Coming back to the loyal fans, after the match we then packed out various bars in Derby in good spirits.  Although we lost  – it was always going to be a tough match & most fans were just happy with a day out drinking, singing and creating an amazing atmosphere.

In the bars there was a mix of Derby and Rangers supporters & everyone got on brilliant.  There was like a beer garden at back of this pub and a few Derby fans sang, “2-0 loss on your big day out!”

I then started our troops to sing – “What a shitey home support!” All of this was good natured and we even started singing Derby songs mocking Nottingham Forest which was a nice touch.

Later on in the night, after much more drink, supporters left Derby to head back home.  I do feel after speaking to many Derby fans yesterday and seeing their posts on social media that there is a common bond now between the teams – they loved the atmosphere we created and the passion we have for our team.

Whilst our team on the pitch is rather poor & many question marks remain over the manager’s ability – one thing we are great at – is supporting our famous football club.

We are the People and we have the best fans in the world!

courtesy of @JohnMcIntosh19

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2 thoughts on “My Trip to Derby – Why We are the People

  1. I was there and given our bigoted songbook I can honestly say I had hoped for better this season, This is seriously tiresome. It maybe ok for you to listen to our songs of hate but for me I find it embarrassing, my joy of following my team is seriously diluted by the moronic songs I had to listen to on Saturday, ” I’ll not mention which ones” in relation to songs that were sung. If that was meant as a joke it really was a poor effort.


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