Ally McCoist – It’s time you left for the sake of Rangers Football Club

Ally McCoist, courtesy of Getty Images

written by – John McIntosh

Before I start I would just like to say I don’t hate Ally McCoist – but I do feel that he is way out of his depth, his press comments are absolutely cringy and feel that he has been hiding his faults behind his off field influences.

No matter what, his love for Rangers is never in doubt.

He held Rangers together during one of our darkest spells and for that, I will always be eternally grateful, his legendary status will remain as a fantastic player and I doubt we will ever see a player beat his goal scoring record.

But when you assess Ally McCoist solely as a manager – he simply does not cut it and thousands of fans have simply had enough with the terrible performances on the park.

From playing with no fluidity, to playing players out of position, to the lack of youth progression, the baffling decisions on players contracts, the terrible cup results, to having no tactical nous –  it just adds up to a manager that has no clue of what he is doing and this season is in danger of coming undone and we see Ally for what he is – a poor manager.

courtesy of PA

If we take a look back to this time last year – Ranger began with a League Cup loss to Forfar – afterwards McCoist came out & blamed Charles Green & his comments in the papers.  That was the excuse for a dour performance – fast forward one year and Rangers lose to Hearts and who does he blame?  Charles Green.  Do you see a pattern emerging?

McCoist is now in his fourth season as Rangers manager & it is difficult to see any progress since the club went down to the third division?  I don’t see anything to suggest Rangers have actually improved – they have signed perhaps a better class of player but most are ageing, experienced pros at the end of their careers.

Somehow McCoist actually seems to make good players worse players & very few show much progress.  Is this possibly down to bad coaching?  Nicky Law is a great example.  He looks a shadow of his former self & his attitude towards our fans is another problem that needs addressed.  It is simply not befitting a Rangers player.  You wonder if McCoist had a word with him afterwards on the matter.

Additionally, there is no scouting infrastructure & not having a single scout at such massive club is a disgrace.  Whether that is down to Ally or the board – it’s a shambles that needs to be addressed. I’m sure that not having a chief scout and poor player acquisitions, especially for medium to long term, was a point made in the poor 120 day report.

Ally famously said that he wishes Rangers to be like Ajax & Porto –  well this is the opposite of what Ajax do.  Ajax are famous for having a world class youth system, supported by top notch facilities.  They funnel talented youngsters into their first team, they develop there and the ones who impress usually generate interest from some of the best clubs in Europe. Then they move on for top dollar  & replaced by the next youngster in the first team.

Charlie Telfer, courtesy of Ian MacNicol (Getty Images)

The handling of the Charlie Telfer situation is quite embarrassing whilst simultaneously renewing Kyle Hutton and Steve Simonsen’s contracts is absolutely laughable.  Rangers let a  talented youngster in Telfer go because he couldn’t get a game at centre midfied ahead of dross like Hutton, Ian Black and a centre back – turned right back – turned defensive midfield Seb Faure.

So do I think Ally will leave anytime soon?  No, I don’t.  Largely because he is on around £500,000 a year after slashing his salary down from £850,000. (Micheal Laudrup was on £500k at Swansea, take a moment for that one to sink in…)

Another reason I doubt he will be sacked is because he provides a sideshow to mask the boardroom troubles.  I’m sure they are happy for Ally to take a bit of the spotlight away from their dodgy goings on.

Who would I like in charge of Rangers Football Club?  One man stands out as the clear candidate & that is Derek McInnes.

Why do I think he would be good for Rangers?  He has his Aberdeen team playing some great football, playing with possession is the key for him & you can see the players love playing for him.  His team has beaten Celtic a few times on a much lesser budget, lifted the League Cup – the first cup Aberdeen had won for 19 years.

Most importantly, when McInnes has made mistakes he doesn’t hide behind excuses – he comes out & admits his mistakes & why he must learn from it.

There are others who should all be considered – Uwe Rosler, Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, Arthur Numan, Ronald De Boer and Stuart McCall would all be strong candidates.

No matter what – it is time for a change.  A change is necessary to  will allow this great club to progress, to ultimately snatch the title back from Celtic, & down the road to thrive in Europe.   All of this is possible with the right manager in charge.  Someone who has the long term vision to guide Rangers back to success & sadly I doubt Ally McCoist is the man for the job.

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29 thoughts on “Ally McCoist – It’s time you left for the sake of Rangers Football Club

    1. I have been rangers through and through since as far back as I can recall
      but ally mccoist must surely be the worst manger we have ever had
      it is time for mccoist to go no or all the status he has s a player and what he did for us during our dark spell will be forgotten very quickly
      resign now all y before it is to late


  1. I agree with everything you have said. Will ally do the right thing I have to say no. I hope he does for rangers fc as he is out of his depth.


  2. The whole playing set up needs addressed right through to youth development and scouting its a massive job that needs done at Ibrox. were so far behind teams at the moment, were a club living in the past and we need to move forward i believe McCoist’s time is up at Rangers and we need someone who has experience,passion and the ability to adapt and change our club around. a great example and im not comparing clubs or managers but look what Borussia Dortmund done after there financial problems. the whole club revolved around playing good attacking football, promoting youth and going across Europe and further afield looking for young players with talent who they could improve and sell them on. Jurgen Kloop and the vision of the club have transformed them back winning titles in Germany and going far in the Champions League. if only we could emulate what Borussia Dortmund have done. just a thought.


  3. Agree to everything mentioned, a legend centre, held club together during frenzied attack from all quarters but alas obvious to all that this management team are not going to provide what’s required to further our journey. At game yesterday, and interestingly apart from game time and reading comments (what do they do at Auchenhowie) was glaringly obvious at half time. Hearts subs under supervision doing short sprints, one touch moves etc, but our subs unsupervised pinging 50 yard passes as you would in a school playground. I knew from that exercise the shambles of management team and reason for displays. I felt players playing system under protest. Does anyone agree who was at game ? or have I after50 odd years got it wrong.


  4. He has been getting away with it for last two seasons because the team has been winning, albeit against plumbers and bin men, mostly with performances that would get football stopped!! Many times Rangers won games simply because the opposition ran out of steam late in games, that won’t happen in the Championship. I read an article last week from a supporter who had been to the Derby game, it focused on Kenny Miller not being the player he was and having lost some of his pace. If this is right and Boyd was to be injured for any length of time, the ball could be on the slates for McCoist. I suspect a lot of teams in the Championship think Rangers are beatable now. However, I also suspect that Ally is bombproof because a) they can’t afford to sack him and b) he knows about all the skeletons in cupboards.


  5. Rangers will need more than a new coach to stop Celtic they will also need tens of millions of investment to rebuild the playing side infrastructure to match them.

    Mc Coist fits the current financial situation because he did not walk away and until that dramatically changes (not any time soon by the look of things) I’m afraid Rangers will be a lesser club.

    In fact Hearts are a better run club after going bust and ironically they should have been the model Rangers copied whilst they started all over again at the bottom of the leagues.


    1. If you think that ANY team in the Scottish SPFL would need ( £10s of Millions?????? ) to compete with a side that was JUNK last year and has since degraded ? you are either freekin 12 or BLIND ? ……………….if its the latter i apologise ! .


  6. For me guys yesterday was like a lot of games the last 2 seasons, Decent first half then a few absolutely embarrassing second half displays. What the ??? is his half time team talk im like Alan but Durrant and McDowell have to go also. And for me what has been missing is the whole of ibrox jumping,so what if the team are crap i remember some great games when the noise was the best ever.we have to be like the union Bears and Blue order sing in unison Because we are singing for The institution what is The Glasgow Rangers and for me us the fans are that institution so maybe if we pump up the volume our passion and deafening wall of noise might rub of on the team.




  8. I have to agree with the blog, mccoist has lost too many games as manager….and the way weve lost has been terrible.
    we need a mid-fielder with real back-bone…and plays for ninety minutes…


  9. Sorry ally but time is up it’s like a circus with you kenny an Ian in the ring
    Rangers through an through ally but team no shape no style no flare an no good
    Legend as a player an you’ve brought us through one of darkest period in our history. Time to step aside with dignity an pride still intact we wish you all the best an you will always be welcome as will Ian an kenny. We know you don’t do walking away . But it’s time to hand over the reigns thanks for the service as player an manger an a great RANGER


    1. I think I could bring the newly formed club through their darkest period in history, by merely purchasing a pie or a bovril. From then on it surely is onwards and upwards!
      H × 2


  10. Can’t believe some of the comments regarding super Ally and his holding the club together after their demise(death).Surely he is part of the problem regarding the financial plight of the new club.When they joined the lower leagues that was the time to downsize and bring the youth into the team,but no he bought and paid older players over the odds and also helped himself along with the likes of Charles Greenand his ilk to their super salaries and penny shares.Now that he is up against. The professional sides he will be found wanting and the board won’t be able to afford to remove him.The only way forward is administration,a clean out of all the dross and start again,but are they brave enough to do this i doubt it.Only the union of all fans can achieve this.You only have to look at Hearts and how they organised to get their club back


  11. you have to give him this season atleast,taticaly he needs alot of improving,if he doesnt step it up this year then i agree,and you cant compare any club to ours because its that devided from top to bottom,


  12. Ally brought in a lot of players who have proved themselves at higher levels, and every single one of them regressed under his “coaching”. In theory, the squad that we have should be good enough to compete at the top of the SPL (it is the 2nd highest-paid squad in the country after all). But under McCoist they’re not motivated, not confident, not organised, not thinking, not performing. We’ve got this far so far purely because we’re full-time but unless McCoist is replaced we will not win this league: Hearts, who’ve also just been fucked over financially and lost an entire squad, look much better than us both right now and for the future, because they’ve got several decent young players who’ve benefited from a lot of first-team action, plus 4-5 experienced players, who play to a plan and for their manager. The truth is we should have done exactly what Hearts are doing.


  13. I’m afraid I can’t agree with Hedgie90. Yesterday was just so abject, and the latest in a long line of mediocre dross. I wouldn’t mind if he showed signs of implementing a plan, a system, but Ally either seems incapable of implementing or incapable of explaining himself to the players he has. And I apologise to anyone who is offended, but at the time of the great crisis we had a real chance to reset the road Rangers was on – get rid of the ‘flash harry’ mentality, the loadsamoney, uncaring, instant gratification culture which had taken hold of this great club. We are a fantastic working man’s club, whose success was built on working men supporting their club, and boys from working class (often Scottish) backgrounds playing for the jersey (not in the bigoted sense, just in the sense of loving our team). It’s heartening to see the posts about a youth policy. Ajax may not be like Man City or Chelsea, Barca or Real, buying their way to victory, but I for one am glad. They do it the right way. We are a sleeping giant, but in the sense that we can be a huge club as a social, grassroots phenomenon, being successful, but doing so with a really sustainable model of operation. And with a manager whose idea of managing to success is not simply spending more than the next guy so we can be flat track bullies. Means nothing. Success is when you coach a team properly and you coach all the teams through the club to come up and replenish the team once others have moved on. That’s the key to a healthy, dare I say happy, fitba’ club. WATP.


  14. i would say i agree with this about an hour ago but after actually thinking about it i have to say, i feel the whole situation can be fixed with 2 signings, both wingers, although i dont feel that ally and kenny realise this, the rangers squad at the moment is just full of random players that dont actually fit a puzzle, they need 1 system, they dont have the players for this, get deano and big billy out, aird needs a loan, mckay and temps for the wings, plus an extra player (winger) for each side would solve this, SIMPLESSSSSSS.


  15. Ally will never leave because he is simply hanging around for the money. £800,000 a year for three seasons in charge of a lowest/lower league club and £400,000 this year in the Championship.
    Plus he has accumulated an absolute fortune in penny shares (if the club he professes to love so much are skint then surely he could sell his penny shares unfairly bought under Chuckles Green and give the money to the club) but no, wake up and smell the coffee for Chrissakes. He knows he is the worst manager in history but his love for money is greater than his love for the club or he would not continue to rape it under the false pretext of “not doing walking away”.

    The only thing he isn’t walking away from is the cash!

    He Knows he is crap, but he also knows how much it will cost the board to sack him and he wants that cash. So you guys defend him all you want because he was a great player (and as a Tim I am happy to say he certainly was) but don’t try to kid anyone but yourselves that he is in it for anything other than CASH!


  16. Mindless, thoughtless comments about super Ally from supposed fans, he is a living legend doing his best for the club in very difficult times. Sure, the team plays poorly, that’s the players problem, simply put, they cannot do the job asked of them.


  17. I agree with the comments about the way the team plays and that is Allys responsibility , but this unloading of every problem at the club at his door is just ridiculous.We don`t have a scouting system because it was abolished during the liquidation and has never been set up again due to financial restraints , that is up to the board. We lost a lot of youngsters at this time too , so there were only a certain amount of youngsters of the right age available and he has played them.Do you all really believe that it would have been best to play kids and not get promoted ? Sorry I can`t accept that .As for Telfer , I have never seen him play , but my understanding is that he is still quite small , so he would have been kicked stupid playing centre mid , witness what happened to Templeton on Sunday.I bet that when he does get a game for Utd ,it will be playing wide initially .Ally deserves a lot of credit for the way he has held the club together for 4 years but also deserves criticism for the way the team has started the season, they look under prepared and lacking sharpness ,Lets keep the deserved criticism for onfield performances and not forget what he has done and the circumstances he has endured over the last few years.


  18. Instead of calling for Ally to leave, how about for a rare occasion get behind him and the team. We are now one year away from playing in the premiership and all we do is fight amongst ourselves. Ally held the Club together through our darkest spell and now we want to kick him in the nuts. Some of the comments about him (only staying for the money) is disgusting and an attack on a Rangers legend. Stop the fighting and Unite together as one.


  19. we do not have any players of merit in our team. miller and boyd have been bought in to hopefully get us back in to the spl. if we were there now we would be annialated. this has nothing to do with ally, he can only play with the cards he’s been dealt need to realise we have no money, a scratch team, and a disunited’s time to get off ally’s back and have a bit of patience. we’ll get back up there


  20. Ally has had 2 years playing inferior teams to get a system together and to blood young players. He has wasted those years and has brought in players like Black,Shiels,Daly, Peralta,Faure Foster,Simonsen, etc. and not brought through guys like McKay, MacLeod,Gallagher and Clark. We didn’t need to win these leagues by huge margins. It would have been much better to win by lesser margins but have young players gain experience playing for Rangers.


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