Rumours of late night meetings, sackings & turmoil abound after Rangers loss

Ally McCoist, courtesy of Ian MacNicol (Getty Images)

Rangers supporters do not take well to losing.  After the humbling loss to Hearts on Sunday, the internet exploded in conspiracy.

The night unraveled into potentially legitimate speculation about turmoil behind the scenes at Ibrox after the loss.  At one point, word spread through Twitter that Ally McCoist had been sacked, or did he walk away?   Everyone seemed to have a theory.

Those rumours was promptly diffused…but the Rangers management team has been dragged through a hurricane of doubt over their abilities to lead the team this season.

Rangers social media personality, Ibrox Loyalgot the ball rolling Sunday night…

Ibrox Loyal cites no sources & has a mixed track record with pronouncing speculation – but the reality is that he has over 25,000 followers on Facebook – so the story certainly got traction.

As word spread – the classic third hand news devolved into proclamations that McCoist had been sacked.

Wow!  That was fast…yes, Rangers looked aimless & without forethought in their match against Hearts – but firing the boss after one league match would be astounding – even for this board.  Of course, McCoist’s scapegoating the loss on the board’s best friend – Charles Green – did not go over well with anyone.

Interestingly enough, Ibrox Loyal took it upon himself to cool the jets of a speculation that was spiraling out of control thanks to the vast wilderness of social media.

Soon after, The Daily Record’s Keith Jackson message (or Tweet) on Twitter went a long way to verify the earlier reporting of Ibrox Loyal.

Jackson promised more details in his column to be published for Monday’s papers.

So there you go….a Rangers loss has turned into speculation spreading at a chaotic pace, followed by a well-timed plug to make sure to pick up a copy of the latest edition of a newspaper that hasn’t always been known for its balance in reporting on Rangers.  Welcome to another season of Rangers football!

Ibrox Loyal’s last words on Sunday night encapsulate the somber mood that accompanies reporting on the club he clearly loves.

One of those nights bears! Too much going on, but none of us have a clue what that actually is, other than the manager’s not been sacked nor resigned!

Too much for this bear! Off to ma bed, hopefully wake up to good news in the morning, if it’s all silent in the morning, business as usual I presume!

Dream Blue! n’night!


17 thoughts on “Rumours of late night meetings, sackings & turmoil abound after Rangers loss

  1. Sorry but two an half years of watching pure crap is hard to take win loss or draw an we still go back. but the three men in dug out have to take the blame
    Sorry bears but we have to make changes I can’t remember last time coming home from a game an saying how good we were an looking forward to next game.


  2. The sooner the removal of McCoist and McDowall becomes reality the better. There is no winning mentality at the club with this pair in charge. We need a Souness style manager with a Smith style Assistant and some young coaches with tactical ability. For what the Club pays McCoist and his assistants we could get a lot better!


  3. I will always thank McCoist for his legendary exploits as a player and for sticking by us and supporting us through our demotion and leading the club back through the leagues but im sorry enough is enough and its time the club made a change and that starts with McCoist, his beleaguered backroom staff and quite a number of these awful mediocre players we have who are picking up small fortunes every week. yesterday was a damn disgrace


  4. why wont thet sck him or for mccoist to resign….seen a manger in england get horsed 4-0 on the opening day…he did the honourable thing and lrft…why wont mccoist/


  5. There will be no need to erect a statue of McCoist outside Ibrox, there already is one inside.
    The team has no guile or imagination, out thought by a first time coach on Sunday. Ian Black & McCullough should be reserves not first team starters. The only player who has the midfield skills is Lewis McLeod & he is being played wide on the right. I could go on & on, I have been saying for the last 3 seasons that McCoist is not fit for purpose along with Larry & Curly Joe. Make the change now or we are going nowhere. Alex Millar would make a good stand in until we can source somebody who knows the game..


  6. I posted here on Sunday before the game that Rangers would be severely tested against Hearts and that Sow was a real handfull. As for McCoist, he would have been sacked long ago but they can’t afford it………….


  7. coplandbear you cant blame ally for everything I would get clip board Kenny out the door or take a job with the young kids when he worked for the filth he was only a kids coach when he came to rangers he became smith number 3 walter smith knew the game inside out and I would bet Kenny had any say in anything. so my point is this ally still needs a top number 2 but would he let this happen????? and who would we like to see beside ally??? PS durrant should stay as number 3


  8. we lose one match to the second best team in the league at the start of the season and your all panicking. how long have you arseholes been supporting this team. i’m 59 years old and i’ve seen worse than this. i’m going back to my chinky. put something constuctive on or go back to the porn channel.


    1. Roland nobody is making this judgment based on one game (though it is very telling that after a whole summer of preparation for this, opening game against likely biggest challengers, at home, we were still shite). I and many other fans have been unhappy with McCoist for a long time. What about Maribor and Malmo? What about losing our 15 point lead over Celtic, before admin? What about losing to part-time teams in D3 and QOTS in the cup? What about getting humiliated by East Fife, Albion Rovers and Raith Rovers last season? The fact is we’ve had one decent performance against any half-decent team in 2 years – that win over Motherwell. Every other full-time team we’ve played – and many part-time teams – we’ve been rubbish. We’ve scraped by up until now solely on being full-time, and in this time we’ve spent over £70m! Add to our terrible performances the complete lack of any medium or long-term plan (i.e. the complete disregard for our Cup-winning youths in favour of more old, overpaid “experienced” players (what are we going to do next summer?! we’ll have to rebuild the squad AGAIN) and you have a very, very poor manager.

      The fact is that when McCoist leaves Rangers he will not get another job in management. Why not? Because he’s done absolutely nothing to show that he’s a competent manager. And all for £400,000 a year (formerly £800k, more than most English Premiership managers)!


    2. Oh dear a clear majority of rangers fans clearly dont rate mcoist as a manager but there all arseholes are Roland?.Me thinks it’s you who is living on Uranus your post is complete drivel time to take off the you cany criticise super ally specs!!.Mcoist the player is a legend and always will be but he blew a 15 point lead over the filth as you like to call them his track record in cups is truly shocking go and look at the stats Roland and winning two back to back titles in leagues with butchers bakers and candlestick makers with the second highest wage bill in Scotland is not enough to excuse the dross he has put in front of us for 4yrs!!.Quite pathetic of you to bring Mcdowell in to it granted he looks clueless but he’s the No2 under instruction from Super Ally whilst club legand appears to be completely frozen when id bet he’s got more tactical & technical nous than either of them.As for you basically saying it was no disgrace being beat by the second best team in the division i can only assume you rate Hibs as the best as right now we are a joke under Mcoist.A team that is stationary cany pass has no flair players clearly not good enough for RFC most of whom were brought to the club by the manager.It would of course help if he played playera in there best positions but then that would mean the manager perhaps having to drop his pals or drop his signings.Big deal your nearly 60 & have watched the Rangers all your days im 44 and was watching us getting pumped up at the likes of Pittodrie and Tannadice when i was 12/13 i’ve seen the mince undet John Greig and Jock Wallace then the highs of Smith Souness Advocaat and to a lesser degree Mclish.We will get back to where we belong but there will be no sryle class arrogance etc under Ally Mcoist.Win or lose this league he has to be replaced he just does not cut it if he’s still as limited after 4yrs then he’s never going to become a top manager.It’s inevitable he will be aacked maybe he should do the dignified thing and walk away 1st!!.


  9. I’m sorry to say this about “super Ally” but he has to go as this dire football has been going on for far to long now with no sign of any improvement at all,we have been getting away with it for 2 years now but the 1st half decent test for us in the league and we looked severely our depth at times and in my opinion we just don’t look fit,I know it’s only the 1st game butwe should be winning all our home games now and for me Ally and his 2 Wahoo coaches have got to Chuck the towel in cos it’s no working tactically or fitness wise and they should take some of the overpaid old guys with him ,am still in shock at seeing Davie “chocolate feet” Templeton miss that header from 3 yards out am sorry but he couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a shovel…so c’mon it’s time to try something new sooner rather than later


  10. Ally we`ve hardly scraped by up to now , and whoever has spent 70mill , it certainly wasn`t spent on the team , so wasn`t wasted by the coaching staff.I personally would like to see a change because I don`t think Ally has the tactical nous that we need and also I think some fresh impetus is needed,but we have had bad starts before and still won the league so there is no point in getting hysterical about one defeat .That said I would like to see an experienced man in charge , Billy Davies would be my choice as he would stir things up and bring a bit of excitement around the place.


  11. If someone like Billy Davies was allowed to implement his style of play and have full control of team affairs and get the club to start up a brand new scouting system and for me some money to go ahead to sign some players then i would agree with that William. but i think Rangers at the moment and for the foreseeable future will be a no go for most managers whether it be experienced or up and coming managers. too much media attention on our boardroom and financial problems.


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