Interview: “Will Barry Ferguson make his Clyde debut as a player at Ibrox?”

Barry Ferguson

Bobby Gracey, who is one of the members of  Clyde FC’s Board of Directors, took a few moments to discuss the club’s newest manager – former Rangers captain Barry Ferguson.  Gracey is the club’s Director of Investor Relations & has worked tirelessly to bring in new funding sources for Clyde as they work towards promotion out of League Two.  

How would you describe Barry Ferguson’s leadership approach with the club so far?

Let’s just say leaders and winners are not created or manufactured, they are born that way.  Barry adopts a very clear and direct leadership style where everyone around him needs to understand their role and what’s expected of them.

Barry is professional in everything he does and leads from the front.  It is also very clear he has created a unique bond with his squad which is being transmitted to the pitch.

Has anything surprised you about working with Ferguson?

Barry has achieved so many amazing things in the game, at the highest level, with both Rangers and Scotland, yet he remains very down to earth and has never lost sight of his roots to his family.   I’m sure if you speak to any former Rangers players they will tell you that Barry never stops moaning, well I can confirm that this tradition now continues at Clyde FC –  however he is well looked after by his assistant manager, Bob Malcolm.

Bob Malcolm & Barry Ferguson, courtesy of WIlliam Watt

In your opinion, what are the benefits for a young manager to take over a club in League Two that will help shape his managerial career in the long term?

The obvious benefit for Barry is that at a club like Clyde FC he will be involved in almost everything going on so he will quickly learn about every aspect of running a football club on and off the park. It is also the perfect environment for developing his coaching skills and working within the community.

Clyde also offers Barry with great potential with regards to where he can lead the team to – an opportunity which does not always exist at other clubs.

What are the short-term & long term goals for Clyde going forward?

Barry has publicly stated he wants promotion in his first year in management at the club.  Beyond this season our overarching ambition is to return to the Championship as a competitive side capable of mounting a challenge to join the top tier.

We also believe that our youth system should be producing talent capable of playing first team football every season & this is an area I’m sure Barry will have a direct influence in the months ahead.

It is also important that off the park we build a sustainable financial business model that is in line with our ambitions to progress as a football club.

Bobby Gracey

You may be catching Rangers during a vulnerable & potentially turbulent time – what will Clyde have to do to pull off the upset Monday night?

Clearly our main priority is our SPFL2 league campaign as we are under no illusion about the gulf between both clubs, on and off the park.  However we will go to Ibrox Stadium on Monday evening as a team that will fight for each other of 90 minutes (or more, if required on the night!) & hopefully put the pride back in the Clyde.

We also have players in Scott Durie (son of Gordon) and Scott McManus (nephew of Walter Smith) who will be determined to show everyone at Ibrox what they can do.

There is also the big question regarding whether Barry will make his debut for Clyde at Ibrox and take a final bow in front of the Rangers fans?

There is obviously great Glasgow history between both clubs and I hope it will be an outstanding occasion and that fans from both clubs will turn up in their numbers to create a real cup tie atmosphere.



2 thoughts on “Interview: “Will Barry Ferguson make his Clyde debut as a player at Ibrox?”

  1. Watching that clip above, does anybody really think someone currently at Ibrox could see and make that pass, to another current Rangers player with the vision to run onto it and finish it?

    I think the players are capable, but are having it trained out of them. It is a sad day, every day, just now


  2. Although he was a bit like marmite at Ibrox , you either loved him or hated him, I always thought he was a great midfield player especially before he left .He was the one Scot who didn`t look out of place in Advocaat`s classy side and he was only 19 or so at that time.Always felt he was a True Blue despite his controversial couple of years at the end , however I lost all respect for him when he sold his soul to the Daily Tim .Obviously it is his right to have an opinion and criticise what is going on at the moment , but don`t do it in the paper which takes great delight in sticking the knife in and making up stories when it suits especially if it deflects attention from the other side of the city.
    To answer Skis question …….No , but none of them (except McLeod maybe) will ever be worth £6 million or go on to play for Scotland.They are what they are, journeymen footballers , who are playing at a couple of levels below where we used to be .


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