Q & A with Rangers U20 player Darren Ramsay

Darren Ramsay, courtesy of Kirk O’Rourke (RFC)

interview conducted by – John McIntosh

I am very excited to be here with Rangers U20 midfielder Darren Ramsay – who has kindly accepted our offer to be interviewed to bring himself closer to the Rangers fans and for us to get to know him better – in turn we hope to get more fans attending Rangers U20 games to see our next generation of talent.

How old are you, Darren?

Just turned 19

What position do you feel is most natural to you?

Anywhere across the midfield.

What are your ambitions for the next few seasons and do you feel ready to step up to first team?

My contract is up at the end of the season so hopefully I can impress the coaching staff and earn myself a new deal.

I saw your goal against Celtic in the Glasgow Cup Final a few years ago now – what a cracking finish.  How did that moment feel?

I can’t even describe it as it was so long ago, can just remember going mental was only my second goal against them.

That goal against St. Mirren in extra time was unbelievable.  Can you just talk us through that finish and you are prone to the odd wonder goal aren’t you?

I’ve had a few wonder strikes in my time but that one has got to be up there.

How did it feel to win the SFA Youth Cup last season?

Amazing, I can always remember going to watch the U19s when I was in the younger age groups and it was always something I wanted to do.

How is the pressure playing for a massive club like Rangers, or is it not so big since you haven’t made it to the first team yet?

I’m kind of used to it – I’ve been here since I was eight years old.  I just like to play football so it doesn’t play on mind.

Charlie Telfer, courtesy of Ian MacNicol (Getty Images)

How did you feel when Charlie Telfer left?  I’m sure you had played with him for years, so you no doubt built a bond with him?

Pretty heartbreaking to be honest.  We grew up together at Rangers – since we were wee boys.  It’s weird him not being there at training and joining in with the boys when we’re out and stuff, but I’m sure he’s made the right choice for himself.  I’ve not got a bad word to say about the boy, he’s a great lad.

Who was your boyhood hero?

My granddad is my hero.  Guy is a legend who has always helped me through everything.

Is there a player in world football you base your game on?

I don’t want to be anyone else would rather be my own player.

Darren Ramsay, courtesy of Kirk O’Rourke (RFC)

Blondes or brunettes?

Ehhh –  good question.  Probably a bit of both.

Who has the worst banter in the U20 side?

Definitely Craig Halkett, ever since he got himself a missus he’s turned into a big dark cloud.

courtesy of RFC

Who is the joker in the team?

There’s a few to be fair, you need to see Andy Murdoch’s eagle impression!

I’ve seen you tweet that link to an Instagram picture where you said, “When a girl kisses you in front of her dad” –  do you have a personal experience of something similar with a girl in front of her parents?

Yes I do!  Worst experience of my life.  Felt so bad for her parents having to sit there and see that, hahaha!’

I would just like to say that at The Rangers Report we are all for our talented youngsters breaking through into the first team and I certainly feel that you are ready to step up having watched you on several occasions.  I think the support would love you as you are a skillful, vibrant player with an eye for goal.

Thank you very much for your time, Darren & for answering the questions.

Rangers U20s next game is away to Hamilton on the 2nd of September.  Get down and support our lads!  They are our future generation of great Rangers players.

You can follow John McIntosh on Twitter @JohnMcIntosh19 & hear him on The Rangers Report Podcast – either on Podbean or through iTunes.

You can follow Darren Ramsay on Twitter @Darren_Ramsay_



2 thoughts on “Q & A with Rangers U20 player Darren Ramsay

  1. Good luck to Darren , hope he pushes on this season and impresses enough to make the big breakthrough .The more dyed in the wool Rangers boys in the squad the better and he sounds as if he is Rangers through and through.


  2. With a few players out the door in midfield and a few days till the transfer windows shuts maybe this lad can get a chance. we really need to move squad players on.


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