Rangers supporters plan mass protests

Rangers supporters are making plans to get their voice of frustration heard during Saturday’s match with Queen of the South.  Yet again, the team will have to play a match under the black cloud created by the mismanagement of the club by Board of Directors.  It has sadly become a normal occurrence over the last few years.

Now the challenge is to get supporters on the same page with regards to the protest.  The Sons of Struth are making plans to create their trademark ‘red card’ protest, asking fans to show the board the red card in a powerful visual display.

From their Facebook pagerepresentatives from the Sons of Struth wrote:

Tomorrow we will be distributing red cards for display at 18 and 72 minute to one area of the stadium.

We would ask others who are unhappy with the board to show their displeasure to chant “sack the board” at the same time as card display.

Due to the timing of the clubs statement today this didn’t give us enough time to organise a full protest be we still feel it’s an opportunity for those fans who are unhappy with the running of our club to show their displeasure.

Please share this around as much as possible due to short notice we need as much time as poss to get the word round.

One fan posted on the Follow Follow message board a suggestion that given more time may have gained more traction.  He threw out the idea that fans begin a mass walkout at the 72nd minute.  It would be a shame for the players to see Ibrox emptying out as they play but it would be a real powerful & symbolic gesture that would clearly communicate the message of no-confidence in the intentions & actions of the board.

courtesy of Rob Casey (SNS)

The moderators at the  Ibrox Loyal Facebook page made a plea to its 27,000+ followers to stay after the match in order to have Rangers fans voice their anger in unison to the Board of Directors.

All fans attending tomorrow’s game (Rangers vs Queen of the South) are asked to remain in the stadium after the final whistle in protest at the current way the club is being run.

If we can get 10 or 20,000 people remaining behind at the end of the game, it will show that it is not just a minority that is concerned with the position our club is in at the moment.

People need to be made aware, that Rangers needs to be a properly run club, and a successful club.

“Rally the troops” was the cry in 2012, “Rally the troops” is unfortunately the cry once again in 2014.

We must fight, and never surrender and ensure that Rangers Football Club is here for another 142 years.

Administration isn’t an option. Someone must come forward and take the club from those who can’t run it in the way that it should be run.

No factions, no arguing between fans/fans groups. Rangers fans must all unite, “All together now.”

Obviously, the timing is working against Rangers supporters & will make a mass organization a real challenge.  But as you can see there are various individuals & groups doing everything they can to get the word out that supporters demand competency from those chosen few who are responsible for maintaining the legacy of a storied club.


5 thoughts on “Rangers supporters plan mass protests

  1. As a Rangers fan for 50 years all this stuff over the last 3 years just makes me sick .We have a board now who are either draining money out of the club OR are the most incompetent set of businessmen in the history of the world.We have fan groups who cannot get their acts together to form a united front to fight back,their “great” idea was to not buy season tickets , deprive the club of income and then………………what? ,complain when the board seeks fresh investment.They complain about anyone who is linked with investing , Ashley, Green as they are not Rangers men,but the Rangers men with money (King, McColl etc,)won`t invest and the fans themselves won`t either as shown by numbers in the groups buying shares versus numbers of Hearts fans doing the same thing.
    It will be interesting how many fans stay to protest , because so many of these fans won`t even stay to watch the end of the game , never mind protest.
    Everyone needs to realise that if we don`t ALL get together (fan groups,Messrs King ,McColl , Blue Knights etc)and the club goes into the administration again , we won`t have a club and we`ll wake up one morning wondering what the hell we have allowed to happen.This is it guys , this is the time the united effort is needed by all Gers supporters to push these guys out of our club ,ONCE AND FOR ALL!


  2. Another protest at ibrox thats great starve our club of yet more money. Cast your mind back to after we were demoted the cry was no surrender we will make all those who voted against us pay . Yet we attend away games at falkirk raith rovers dundee utd easter road but yet boycott games at ibrox i for one cannot understand why we cant all agree to follow rangers and make our enemies pay for what they have done to us instead of that we continue to fight each other. In a week when 595 crashed out of europe yet again with our in house fighting we take them off the back page at the end of day any cash coming in is good no matter where it comes from so called rangers men have failed to deliver time and time again with promises so on that note just think boycott ibrox give to raith rovers we will not need to worry about others like lieswell SP Hell SFA destroying our club because we are doing a good job of destroying it ourselves


  3. Once again the appeals are “someone”must come forward.Can that someone not be the fans groups instead of waiting for another white knight,blue knight ,etc.,that only encourages more spivs who will demand their say or certain other restrictions pertinent to their intentions or vision for their emuneration/ glorification..time to get real and realise the only viable solution is fan based.Unite and grow stronger,because while divided the enemy divides ad conquers.Wake uo! Wake up!


  4. I have read again today that the Board were unwilling to provide Dave King with the financial info he requested prior to any potential investment. Just what bombshell don’t they want him to know…………..?? Hhhhmmmmmm……..that is an interesting one. Let’s be honest £4m is to pay the loans (that were taken out to pay someone else!!!) and square up other creditors, another £10m would be required shortly after that to keep the lights on. If the £4m doesn’t come from somewhere before 12 September, I would imagine assets will up for grabs.


  5. I like most fans are sick and tired of this long running saga. the club has been mismanaged and 70 million plus bonuses have been wasted over the last two years and its unacceptable the position the club finds itself in. we have signed mediocre players on shocking wages. we have no scouting system and from reports our stadium infrastructure is in need repair. this current board are ripping the club dry and all this talk about King really gets to me. the man has had many opportunity’s over the years to buy or invest in Rangers and it remains blatant obvious he is waiting for Rangers to enter administration before attempting at getting the club at a low price. Rangers need someone who has an astute business background and who can implement and change our club around. bar this persons Sports Direct branding im all for Mike Ashley to have a go at rebuilding us. after all we have in my opinion blown our big chance at bringing through our youth and looking for young talent around the UK and Europe and further afield and stock piling the 70 million which as we know has been wasted. its time the supporters had a club to be reall proud of again. WATP.


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