Rumour Roundup – Is Lewis MacLeod headed south?

Lewis MacLeod, courtesy of SNS

The transfer window is still a couple of hours from officially sealing its doors for a few months & the hottest Rangers name arising in the deadline speculation is Lewis MacLeod.

After word of interest from Brighton & Hove Albion hit the presses – more English clubs have become reported suitors for the 20-year old’s services.

Saturday morning began with rumours that Wigan Athletic had put in a bid of approximately £800,000.

That fire was abruptly put out when The Evening Times Matthew Lindsay put to bed claims of a bid from Wigan.

But as we all no – there is no reprieve in the horizon when the whirlwind of transfer gossip has taken root.

It seems unlikely that these rumours will come to fruition today – but it is a sneak peek at what supporters will have to grow accustomed to.  MacLeod is a bright combination of talent & potential & youth that will have clubs looking to swoop him up on a bargain price.

Lee Wallace is often mentioned as well but at 27-years old he is currently at the pinnacle of his athletic career.  He has reached his peak.

MacLeod has years to hone his talents to the best of its abilities.  Supporters hope to watch that progression in person & not on broadcasts from England.

3 thoughts on “Rumour Roundup – Is Lewis MacLeod headed south?

  1. Good players will always attract attention and, given our current situation, we may end up selling Lewis at some point.The trick is to get the right amount of money .£800,000 ,£1.3 mill. You are having a laugh , this boy has real talent and it would have to be a much bigger offer for it to make sense .Likewise Wallace .Utd got £2.5 mill for Robertson, a good player who has had one season impressing in a shit league ,but they stuck out for what he was worth and got it .The English have more money than sense so we should not give our players away.


  2. I’m just glad we have kept hold of Lewis MacLeod. this lad is the future of the Rangers midfield and we must at all costs keep hold of him. and as for his apparent £1.3 million valuation he’s worth double that in my opinion. Also pleased we have kept Wallace too.


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