Hibernian 3 Rangers 1 – Three Duds of the Game

Arnold Peralta, courtesy of SNS

Three Stars Duds of the Game

Inspiration:  After each National Hockey League game — the local media votes for the ‘Three Stars of the Game’ — basically the Man of the Match — but as a treble!  So in that spirt – normally we discuss Rangers Three Stars of the Game.  But when they play like this – we must focus the attention to the Three Duds of the Game.

First Star Dud:  Arnold Peralta – it is difficult to not pinpoint Peralta’s unfortunate 45 minutes of football for being a key contributor to the mess from Monday night .  Given the misnomer that accompanied the arrival of the “Honduran Gattuso” last year, it was sadly not a surprise to see a teenager outmuscle Peralta to the ball on the opening goal.  Of course, the fact that Peralta was left one on one as the last line of defence on a Hibs clearance was also a bit disconcerting.  Then on the second goal, Peralta simply wasn’t assertive enough closing down the play on the wing before the ball was sent in to be met by David Gray, who had gotten inside position on Steven Smith.  There is a hesitancy to scapegoat Peralta for the loss, but he should have done better in a match that will likely signal his exile to the bench for the foreseeable future.

Steven Smith, courtesy of SNS


Second Star Dud:  Steven Smith – will never be a popular replacement for the injured Lewis MacLeod.  He has filled in admiringly at left back on a handful occasions in the past & has more than held his own.  However, he is not suited to be relied upon in a midfield role as he tends to inhibit the tempo from progressing.  Ironically, his energy was one of the lone bright spots in the opening minutes of the match, as Rangers came out flat & were ultimately overmatched tactically.  The errors, however,  began to snowball in quick succession.  The opening tally was triggered by his poor free kick being promptly sent up the pitch to Cummings who cooly slotted home the goal. Six minutes later, Smith was isolated in defence with David Gray & was left helpless on the second goal.  Beyond that, Smith failed to sync up with Lee Wallace for most of the match which basically nullified much of the threat up the left flank.

Bilel Mohsni, courtesy of Jef Holmes (PA)


Third Star Dud:  Bilel Mohsni – week after week Mohsni has tragically evolved into a walking parody of himself.  His aimless distribution out of the back has become commonplace as he often has the bizarre capacity to turn a simple play into a wasteful adventure.  His demonstrative gestures to the jeering crowd at the half is only going to get progressively worse as Ally McCoist basically gave Mohsni a free pass with his comments earlier in the week.  What is even more perplexing is that observers treat the 27 year old Mohsni as if he is a 20-year old prospect still in the malleable stage of his career.  At 27, he’s at the peak of his career.  Of course, Mohsni can still develop as a player but it is extremely unlikely that Mohsni is suddenly going to flip a switch & embrace the potential his manager sees in him.  Mohsni is the same player he was at Southend & has performed up to the expectations he established there.  No more, no less.

Ian Black, courtesy of RFC

Dishonorable Mentions

It was a clumsy performance from Ian Black who failed to clog up the midfield, allowing players like Scott Allan to dictate the tempo – especially in the decisive first half.  Black’s booking came literally moments before the dagger that was Hibs’ third goal.  Consequently, Black took on the role of a bull fighter exercising his ole’ skills sashaying alongside the protruding Lewis Stevenson – who would eventually set up Jason Cumming’s second goal.  Black simply couldn’t get stuck in to stop the play given his booking seconds earlier…Darren McGregor was supposedly signed to compete for a center-half job, but has made the most of his experience as a replacement for Richard Foster at right back.  He has performed well, but looked like a center back playing in a full back position against Hibs.  He was shaky at times & often a step behind the play.  McGregor was also clearly out of position as he tried to clean up the mess that was the third goal…Oh, Dean Shiels – yet again you jogged around doings so very little.  Can we swap you for Calum Gallagher & let you blend in with the stoic Blue Brazil of Cowdenbeath?  Please?

Jason Cummings, courtesy of SNS
courtesy of RFC
Ally McCoist, courtesy of Graham Stuart (Action Images)



10 thoughts on “Hibernian 3 Rangers 1 – Three Duds of the Game

  1. What amazes me is that results like this one have not been more frequent. Rangers are mince and have been for the last 2 + years, they have been very fortunate not to have been a couple of goals behind in a number of games. How many times have they scraped a result with late goals mainly against bin men and plumbers. They are being found out now against full time teams who won’t wilt later in games. I have said since the beginning the fundamental mistake which Rangers may never recover from happened when they had a blank sheet of paper in front of them in 2012…………….the word ‘Strategy’ should have led (at a fraction of the cost!!) to a young, vibrant, pacy, confident team appearing now instead of a what is currently served up and when you consider the shocking amount of money spent………….well!?!!


  2. Its been a while since i have posted due to work commitments but last nights debacle was a disgrace and once again against a well drilled set up team we were left humiliated, outplayed,outfought, and played off the pitch. team selection and tactics were awful and a vast number of players being played out of position as we have seen now for a number of year and theres really no excuses for McCoist now its get us to the Scottish Premiership or bust for him and Rangers as theres no money to sack him or bring in a suitable replacement. thats two defeats at Ibrox against two of our bigger rivals for promotion and if things continue at this rate we will be lucky to maintain a play off position. I will start with the positives and really was there any to talk about ? not really so on to the match. with Hibs setting up a good solid 3-5-2 why did we start with no pace or width on the wings or upfront to get in behind there defense and thats what led us straight to a defeat. Simonsen was useless in goals with his positioning and distribution and the question remains why was he resigned at great expense. in defense it was shambolic as usual with everyone being caught out or out of position. for me its time Marius Zaliukas and Darren McGregor were put into defense. there pace and power and movement should compliment each other nicely and add balance to a poor backline. both are decent in the air and can bring the ball out from the back. afterall why were they signed to either play out of position or sit on a bench ? in midfield Black and Law are back to there ineffective ways of not dictating play and playing a slow tempo. its a real shame MacLeod is injured as he is easily our best creative player in the Rangers team. Peralta and Smith had shockers but played well out of there confort zones. i really do wonder who scouted Peralta as he has had only one good game for Rangers since he was signed and as much as i liked the younger Smith as a Rangers player his best position is at a left back where he purely a cover player for Wallace. upfront Shiels for me was very ineffective as he usually is and his inconsistency and his lack of a proper position at the club has always been a problem and sadly im not a fan of his and Boyd who i do feel sorry is getting no service and badly needs Clark or Miller up beside him. the usually suspects on the bench were brought on but it went to show you at Rangers we have Plan A and if that doesn’t work then theres nothing else.

    Which brings me on to my other point why was players such as Gallagher and McKay loaned out when they could offer so much to Rangers ? last night we were in need of players who were gonna drive at Hibs and be more direct but for some baffling reason all our young talent have been shoved out the Ibrox door in favour of overpayed and overhyped players who are taking home big wages every week.

    We cant afford to lose anymore points and the sooner we get MacLeod and Clark back the better. and big questions in the Ibrox boardroom must be asked of McCoist and the direction he is taking this Rangers team


    1. Could’nt agree more, we even loaned out a player to a league above us last year. If you are good enough to play in the Championship last year, why are you not playing in it this year for Rangers.


  3. Have to agree with most of the posts , though I would lay most of the blame at McCoists door .He is now blaming Mohsni , not for his defensive performance but for motivating Hibs !!!!,Maybe he should do the team talks and motivate us , as McCoist is obviously not doing it.To start a home game with 2 defensive wide midfield players is a disgrace , but to then lose 3 goals due to poor defending is unbelievable. Peralta is hopeless and Smith is good cover at left back , in midfield he gets in Wallaces way. While Peralta takes the blame for the first goal ,it should be asked…why was he the only player left at the back at the freekick ,that is a lack of organisation.At the second goal,Smith should have done better but why doesn`t our 6`4″ goalie come and catch a ball inside the 6 yard box.He is another poor signing by McCoist ,he lacks command , is poor with his feet and should never have been resigned after seeing what he was like last season.His uncertainty is one of the reasons we are leaking so many goals.I thought Black was our best player and Law did try to lead the fightback but playing a rigid 4-2-4 means they get outnumbered in midfield every week , although when McLeod plays he drifts in to help out .Shiels is no help dropping deep so contributes nothing.I also thing we should have McKay and Gallacher still around the squad but if Aird and Temps get left out what chance would they have , losing Miller and Clark at the same time should have given them the chance but instead they are not around and we have to use Shiels or two big guys.On the subject of which ,punting high balls to Boyd against 3 big centre backs from the start is not a tactic Ally, it didn`t work earlier this season so why would it work now. The lack of reaction to Hibs system was unbelievable ,he should have known they would play 5-3-2 but even if he didn`t he should have changed to counter it , but he didn`t, not even in the second half when he made substitutions. Unforgivable!!.To sum up ………McCoist must go before it is too late ,I still think that a decent manager would have no problem winning the league with these players


  4. I think personally William any half decent manager would instantly revamp every area of the Rangers set up and that includes fitness and the youth teams. thats how bad we are and have been with McCoist since he became manager.


  5. Coplandbear ,my point was that most of the individual players are not as bad as they have looked since joining us.Guys like Black ,Law , Daly ,Boyd , Templeton & Shiels did a great job for their clubs before joining us , so why do they look so poor at Championship level .Yeah, it would be great to dump a lot of them and start again but we haven`t got the money to do that , so a change of manager , coaching ,motivating and organising properly would get the best out of what we have got. I know I typed earlier 4-2-4 , but I meant we are playing a rigid 4-4-2 and no-one is doing that nowadays .We need fresh ideas and innovation and I`m afraid Ally hasn`t got it .


  6. I heard last night that Rangers had postponed the forthcoming game v Cowdenbeath due to players being away on international duty?! (Not the first time this has happened of course, I recall a similar postponement before a crucial game against plumbers and bin men in the 3rd division) What an absolute joke!! It is perfectly clear not only does McCoist not have a clue he is also a frightened man, who will continue to make bad calls…………if Rangers fail to win on Saturday v Livingston, by the time they play their next league game, assuming Hearts secure maximum points, they will be at least 11 points behind Hearts!! The pressure may well be too much for some……………


  7. Or Rangers might win on Saturday , Hearts might not win , and we will be 3 pts back with a game in hand at Cowdenbeath.Much as I disagree with McCoist on lots of things ,in this case what is the point in taking a chance and playing the game without some players, they should still win ,I agree but if they did lose he would get slaughtered.A no win situation imo.


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