Rangers 1 Alloa Athletic 1 – Three Duds of the Game

Ian Black, courtesy of Jeff Holmes (PA)

Three Stars Duds of the Game

Inspiration:  After each National Hockey League game — the local media votes for the ‘Three Stars of the Game’ — basically the Man of the Match — but as a treble!  So in that spirt – normally we discuss Rangers Three Stars of the Game.  But when they play like this – we must focus the attention to the Three Duds of the Game.

First Star Dud:  Ian Black – picked up an early yellow card on a desperate tackle  that nullified much of the impact he could have for the rest of the match.  Black, like most of the team, seemed to be going through the motions – showing no urgency & absolutely no purpose.  This was epitomized on Alloa’s well-earned equalizer.  Watch Black slowly trot back into the play & then stand around as everyone around him is scrambling to close down on the ball.  Rangers defence was in disarray, but Black was a passenger on the play.


Second Star Dud:  Kris Boyd – he had a clear cut chance one-on-one with the keeper but fired the ball right into the sprawling Wasp goalie.  He was surprisingly ineffective throughout the entire match & has really failed to recreate the chemistry with Kenny Miller.  Now, does Ally McCoist stick with Boyd next week?  What has happened to the Boyd who had scored 25 goals last season?  Boyd has now scored only two goals in 13 league matches – both coming at the end of matches that had already been decided.  He scored the last goal in each match – the combined scores in those games – 9-1.  Not exactly clutch goal scoring.

David Templeton, courtesy of SNS

Third Star Dud:  David Templeton – well, that probably is the last we’ll see of Templeton in the starting lineup for a while.  The promise once shown by the former Hearts man, has constantly eroded this season when given the chance to start,  It’s strange to see a player that once played with such confidence now become so easily defended by second tier players.

Kenny Miller

Dishonorable mentions

Kenny Miller never really seemed to get involved & looked behind the flow of the match throughout.  Miller has failed to get in sync with Boyd this season & it seems an apt time to remind folks that Nicky Clark was among Rangers few truly valuable players this season but had to step aside for Miller.  It’s confusing to see McCoist play Miller, who turns 35 next week, each & every week – rather then implement a rotation of forwards to help prolong Miller’s fitness…Steven Smith stepped into a left back role that he filled in pretty well last season, but it was a poor outing on Saturday for the veteran.  Rangers couldn’t muster any offence up the left flank & when he was given an opportunity to show his free-kick prowess – he sent it sailing over the crossbar.

Ally McCoist, courtesy of RFC
courtesy of David Glencross



15 thoughts on “Rangers 1 Alloa Athletic 1 – Three Duds of the Game

  1. Where do I start, well the season we let 15 pts slip will do. From that point to todays display against Alloa nothing much has changed except for new costly signings such as Miller Boyd etc. The only personnel to remain is the management team. I am being kind, they are only making good players bad, full stop. My heart is broken by this management team. Ally, go on, we don’t mind if you walk away before the Hearts game because if you don’t we are not going to win that game. PS. Watching the halftime warm up tells me the contrast to opposition disciplined drills. A blind man could see this utter shambles. Fellow bears, I have tried my best to be rational, but my patience is stretched to the limit. I beg someone in power to do SOMETHING.


    1. I have said , all along , that Alastair McCoist is no football manager . I was livid when it came out that he was taking £800 , 000 , 00 a year . Terry Butcher was the man , and I even wrote to him , and “E-mailed” him (at I.C.T.) asking him not to touch the poisoned chalice that is “Hibs.” A.C.M.C. II . 1249/Sun/16/11/2014 .


  2. I agree with Don Mac & I have been saying it for years, actually the picture of McCoist could be 3 years old, that is the only position he stands in. Football players do not become bad players overnight, give them confidence, play them in their proper positions & remove the old pals act. It has been harder to get out of McCoists team than it has to get into it. Using Moshni as an example, McGregor was signed as a centre back but was playing as a right back (this is not his position) & he would probably still be playing there had Moshni not been an idiot & got himself banned. If he had not been such a idiot would he still be playing at the back ?. We also have s number of young players out with other teams, one was actually loaned out to a team in the division above us last year, so if he gained experience playing in that division last season why is he not playing in it this season. Would it not be better having the younger players at Ibrox & when the game has been won, then bring them on as a sub for further experience. Hearts are reaping the rewards for their foresight with young players. McCoist, Durrant & McDowell (Mo, Larry & Curly) your time was up, in my opinion, 2 years ago, time to go. Maybe the crowd could help by chanting his original name at Ibrox, remember Sally McCoist.


    1. I had a season ticket from 1975 till Mcoist took over as manager I told the rest of my diehard friends that as long as he was manager I would not set foot inside Ibrox. the clown has no scruples and his ego plus the cash will keep him there unless something is done, he has no tactical ability and has taken players and ruined.them, by this time next week our only hope will be the play offs and it’s not even xmas, forget the board it’s him that is keeping the fans away as the standard of football is utterly abysmal he is the worst manager in rangers history of that there is no doubt. I really fear for my team please walk away no run if you can your a disgrace mcoist


  3. The whole trouble with Rangers is simply McCoist, he does not think he is doing anything wrong and keeps blaming it on the players,3Dpitches,we didn’t get the rub off the green, the on going troubles off the park ect please please Ally walk away while we still have some pride left.


  4. Well, if the decision was left to McCoist he would probably have asked for another postponement??? and then begging Strachan to release Lewis McLeod worked a treat!! What an absolute, total embarrassment……………….McCoist’s job must be hanging by a thread now as Llambias won’t tolerate any more garbage and a defeat at Tynecastle next week will surely be the last straw. Would you be comfortable playing eg Hibs home and away in the play offs with that team??……………neither am I!!! As for overpaid duds, the team is full of them and they are all Ally’s pals!!


  5. You’ve been very kind to Law here. He was a passenger for the entire game, never mind one play. He’s been anonymous all season and yet is seemingly undroppable.


  6. Having played shocking football in the last two seasons to overcome plumbers, binmen and students in the 3rd and 2nd divisions, is it such a surprise that this team is struggling against slightly better, fitter opposition in the Championship?? Many people prior to the season starting had feared this scenario, particularly as Hearts had adopted a much more sensible, cost effective approach with a group of young players who look hungry and fresh.


  7. Cant agree with your choice of Black as one of the duds..Yet again yesterday Black was the only one in the midfield picking up the pieces and trying to drive us forward.While he was far from at his best,he was hardly the worst.And his effort and work rate cannot be denied.If your looking for duds.look no further than “the golden boy” Macleod who was useless and also the invisible man Nicky Law


  8. I agree with Red White and Blue , Black and McGregor were the only two players to get pass marks.Law gave away the goal,not Black,by not clearing the ball in the box.I don`t like the personal attacks on McCoist (I used to attend all home games , and no-one chanted Sally McCoist at him !), however there is no doubt there is a big attitude problem at the club , which if he can`t sort out he should go.All week the players have been talking about Hearts and how we will put pressure on them and see if they can handle it.They thought they only had to turn up and beat Alloa and played like it, not for the first time.Their arrogance against the smaller sides is unbelievable given how poor they are at times.As for the team , Boyd must be dropped either for Daly or Clark .Templeton must revert to impact sub ,his one trick of coming inside is so easy to read and he does it every time …you scream at him to go wide and cross the ball.McCoist needs to plug the hole in midfield ,even Alloa passed around our two men and Hearts will have got this sussed.4-4-2 won`t work against good teams nowadays.Wise up if you can Ally or step away.


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