Rangers Transfer Target: More on Power

Max Power, courtesy of Action Images

Becoming a teenage parent has grounded Max Power & has allowed him to really focus on developing as a professional.  This reality check for the youngster has added a maturity not often associated with players in their early twenties – Power turned 21 this past summer.

After making his debut in 2012, Power has been a rock in Tranmere Rover’s midfield ever since.  He made 32 appearances as a 19 year old & 36 more last season.  Over the past two full seasons, he has scored six goals & managed 56 shots on goal (18 of which were on target).

So far this season, Power has scored four goals & tallied two assists in 20 matches.  He has fired off 26 shots, with eleven being on target.  Tranmere was relegated last season & Power seems to be flourishing in a lower level.  Tranmere currently plays in England’s League Two.

Earlier this week Simon Jones of The Daily Mail reported that Rangers had been keeping tabs on Power & were considering a January bid for the midfielder’s services.

Paul Harper, who covers Tranmere for Rover Radio, spoke to Rangers Report  about the rumours & the prospects of Power leaving the club.

“I’m not sure how valid the reports are. The Daily Mail did break the Dale Jennings to Bayern Munich story a few years ago but beyond the report I’m not aware of any interest in Power.”

Max Power, courtesy of EMPICS

“He’s a good young player but I think he would be better served staying at Tranmere.  But then I would say that, wouldn’t I?!”

“Rangers is a big club, & like Jennings, it would be a big step & he has good ability & a drive to succeed.”

Power has been very honest in his own assessment of his play this season – acknowledging the need to be a better two-way player.

He told Nick Hilton of The Liverpool Echo, “I am the worst  for putting pressure on myself. I want to do well for the team & I want to start taking more responsibility on the pitch.”

“My game is attack minded so it’s hard for me to get into defensive mode.  It’s something I feel I can do and we have got to be more disciplined.  In a 4-4-2 formation both midfielders have to be able to work together.  When one gets forward the other has to sit. I think that comes with a bit of experience.”

Harper agreed that Power’s greatest attributes is his offensive game.  “Max is full of energy & a good attacking midfielder.”

“His game is best when he is going forward.  He wants to get forward to create & score goals.”

“His final ball needs a bit of refinement but when he gets it right he can play great passes into the forwards, he just needs to work on doing that consistently.”

When asked what he though the price tag would be for Power, Harper joked, “Millions!  The higher the price the better.”

“Honestly, it’s very difficult to say really.”

“It’s about how much a buying club would be prepared to pay & what Tranmere would accept.  When you see some average players moving for huge sums, it’s difficult to say what the cost for a good young player from League Two would be.”

“He has great potential to develop further which again would have to be considered in terms of the transfer value of the player.”

Obviously it is difficult to truly measure the validity of the initial report.  The January transfer window is around the corner & Rangers are supposedly going to be buyers – which makes for wonderful fodder for speculative headlines.

Speaking of headlines, Max Power would be the gift that kept giving to the Scottish press, that’s for sure.




One thought on “Rangers Transfer Target: More on Power

  1. Are the Daily Mail journos on drugs !!!! We `ve nae money , more likely to be offloading players than bringing anybody in.Unless something major happens off field we certainly won`t be buying .No offence but if we did have money I don`t think we would be buying 4th Division players.


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