Allan McGregor is keeping it real

Allan McGregor

Allan McGregor, or @therealgreegsy1 as he’s know as on Twitter, was once among the thousands of drab social media accounts used by footballers to take their canned, rehearsed interactions to the web.  There are athletes who take to Twitter to show a closer glimpse of their true personality & then there are the batch of “the lads did good” tweets that most players put out there.

McGregor’s account tends to go quiet for months on end, but then has sudden spurts of candor that can be borderline riveting.

On Wednesday, the Hull City keeper took the airwaves, or the ‘Twitterverse’ as the young ‘uns call it, to once again defend his decision to leave Rangers the way he did & took some jabs at others along the way.

Be forewarned – some of the Twitter handles are NSFW

Dorin Goian on loan with Italian side Spezia Calcio

David Templeton

The Easdale Bros. & Ally McCoist, courtesy of SNS

Say what you want about McGregor & the choices he made back in 2012 — he does deserve kudos for the not hiding from the dialogue.  He engages a fan base that has largely written his off as a traitor.  Given the recent comments from Steven Naismith as more time passes we may be able to peel back more layers of the onion that was the summer of 2012.




2 thoughts on “Allan McGregor is keeping it real

  1. Whether the club had money to spend or not , they DID need the money at the time , so any transfer we could have got for the traitors would have helped the situation .Guys like him and Naismith should stop trying to justify what they did , if they are happy with the decision , good for them but they should now accept how the Rangers fans feel about them .They made their bed then they should lie in and SHUT THE F*** UP!!


  2. Steven Naismith tookhis huge wages while doing nothing for 2 years due to injury .he repaid rangers loyalty by walking away and trousering the millions rangers should have received for his transfer.he and the others who left like him will never be wanted back near the club.enjoy your Judas money .


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