Alloa Athletic 3 Rangers 2 – Three Duds of the Match

Lee McCulloch & Bilel Mohsni, courtesy of David Glencross

Three Stars Duds of the Game

Inspiration:  After each National Hockey League game — the local media votes for the ‘Three Stars of the Game’ — basically the Man of the Match — but as a treble!  So in that spirt – normally we discuss Rangers Three Stars of the Game.  But when they play like this – we must focus the attention to the Three Duds of the Game.

First Star Dud:  Lee McCulloch & Bilel Mohsni – Rangers were shambolic at times in defence & it was rooted in the poor play from the two center backs.  Mohsni was actually more composed on the ball than normal but was way too passive on Alloa’s first goal & then failed to pick up Greig Spence as he trotted into the penalty box & calmly sent Rangers spiraling out of the Petrofac Cup.  McCulloch has never looked settled lining up alongside Mohsni & again looked out of his depths at a defender.  Sadly, Jig did more ball watching then actual defending on each of the goals.

Ryan McCord, courtesy of David Glencross

Second Star Dud:  Richard Foster – seemed to really struggle playing as a left back in place of the injured Lee Wallace &  when he did push forward – nearly every cross was met by an Alloa defender & often nowhere near a Rangers forward.  His amateurish clearance back into the middle of the pitch sent the defence into a real scramble that allowed Ryan McCord to stun Rangers with an equalizer.

courtesy of Rob Casey (SNS)

Third Star Dud:  Darren McGregor – it is difficult to lay much blame on the doorstep of Darren McGregor but two of the goals did come off crosses that he was unable to shut down.  He’s Rangers best center back, but forced to play right back.  He’s never looked comfortable in the role & a stout defence with him in the middle falls to pieces once McGregor is shifted out of position.  If Foster needs to play left back, it is curious to see Ally McCoist overlook Sebastien Faure or even Arnold Peralta as a right back replacement.  Instead the dominos begin to fall as the team’s best defender is forced out of position.

Ryan McCord, courtesy of PA

Dishonorable Mentions

Ryan McCord has starred in each of the three matches against Rangers this season as he once again outplayed Nicky Law in dictating the action from midfield.  Law saw very little possession on Wednesday & lost track of McCord on the Wasp’s second goal of the match.

Kenny Miller, courtesy of Rob Casey (SNS)

Searching for positives…

The look of disgust on Kenny Miller’s face at the final whistle seemingly captured the emotions felt by Rangers supporters everywhere.  How did a team with the second largest collective salary in all of Scotland allow an Alloa side that has scored 15 goals in 14 league matches score three unanswered goals in 17 minutes?

Couple that with the fact that Alloa had eight regulars sidelined with injury & it heightens the embarrassment that each player must carry with him for the rest of this season.

Miller does deserve credit for doing all that he could to set Rangers up for victory.  Even with no consistent delivery coming from the flanks or from the midfield, Miller was able to seize on opportunities when they occurred.  He cooly slotted home the opener after the Wasp’s reserve keeper mishandled a Kris Boyd free kick &  then Miller deftly held up the ball & waited to fead the ball to Dean Shiels as he gained an inside position on the Alloa defender.

Rangers went up 2-0 & it was smooth sailing from there…that’s why you build a team of experienced veterans – to grind out victories like that one.

Oh wait…d’oh

Ally McCoist, courtesy of Bill Murray (SNS)



11 thoughts on “Alloa Athletic 3 Rangers 2 – Three Duds of the Match

  1. Don`t know how you narrowed it down to three duds !!.Even before the roof fell in I thought we were playing with only 3 players , Black , Law and Mohsni although he then went to sleep and was culpable at the goals .McCulloch , Miller and Boyd seemed to be intent on proving John Brown right .Aird never got a cross in all night , Shiels apart from his goal contributed nothing ,Daly fouled everyone from the moment he came on . It was totally shambolic from the manager and as I have said before ,a display of total arrogance against a ” wee ” team .That would have been bad enough normally, but considering we have failed to beat Alloa twice already , it was totally unbelievable.Watch McCullochs face throughout the game as he gets out of position or kicks the ball out of play and then has a his wee smirk to himself. We must change the manager to try to get more out of these players and then get rid of a lot of them in the summer.
    Clark must start on Saturday !!!!!!!!


  2. Rangers will never improve until they get rid of McCoist. Football is all about blend and that should be done at Murray Park. You can have the best 11 players in the world and they would not make a good team. Formation and tactics is required, not playing half the team out of position. Too much friendship from Walter’s days going on inside and outside Ibrox. Get a new manager with no ties to the club and he will turn this around very quickly, forget Butcher, McCall, Brown, Hateley, Johnstone etc all mates who stick up for the worst manager in our history. McCOIST is a legend no more just a money grabber waiting for a pay off, club no longer at heart for him I’m afraid.


  3. 3 duds
    Management team showed total arrogance. at 2 nil Rangers were cruising, no need for subs at that stage, what happens on comes Daly and immediately strikes terror into a defence, our defence, at a corner. He then proceeeds to run? about like a bull in a china shop, taking anyone in his way out. Forget the fact that he missed a snip, he is way off match fitness and a !!
    Aird, no composure
    Foster, no composure
    Law, did not trap

    Black instructed to stop going forward at 2 nil by the 3 amigos, new tactic at 2 nil bring the other team onto you by reverting to type! and attempting to defend with Laurel and Hardy at centre half and sweeper!
    Come on the under fire board show some b***s and make the only decision to take our once great team forward – Sack the management team, the consequences of inaction?
    Even lower crowds, if that is possible!
    No chance of SPL next season
    Further embaresment at the hands of any football team who comes out and attacks us.
    In conclusion, No MacLeod on park, No Rangers. Check the stats!

    Don’t want to think about 1 February!!


    1. We have three players , Wallace , Bell and McLeod ……………thats it ! N Law continues to baffle and i have given up , so i would bin him as well .Disgraceful doesnt even come close quite honestly .


  4. The Rangers coaching staff appear to be tactically naive. When Boyd was taken off you allowed the Alloa defence to push up closer to the halfway line thereby allowing their midfield to control the final 20 minutes of the game. Alloa missed 3 chances during the first half which should have served as a warning to Rangers players. The only way to beat a team like Alloa is to play with 2 wide met who can beat fullbacks and put in a decent cross. I am sorry to admit this but Rangers coaching staff and a lot of their stars must go now. Stuart McCall must get a call from senior management now!


  5. A team with the ‘second largest collective salary in Scotland’ doesn’t make it the second or even the third best team in Scotland. William is right, arrogance has been the problem for a long time. Going to 5star hotels, paying mind boggling salaries to duds trying to beat part timers……why? Because apparantly it is the Rangers way and it has always been that way?? The Rangers I knew would never have embarrassed themselves and the support like this, I think we should all stop pretending and waken up to the fact that something did change in 2012, and it may never be the same again. I commented on here after the Hearts defeat that there were signs of people cracking under the pressure, and I suspect it will only get worse with MacLeod out injured now as he is the only half decent player among them.


  6. Wrong move bringing on Daly for Boyd,20 mins left should have brought on a midfielder to clog the midfield,and not bring on Daly just to give him a game,we already had scored enough goals to win the game.


  7. You are a bit hard on your three duds,
    McCullough must be sick having to play alongside Moshni (the guy is a disaster) I used tp play at Centre Half & the worst nightmare is knowing where your fellow defender is up to. One eye on him & one eye on the ball, does not help good defending. Regarding his age, it should not be a problem, remember Barrasi played well into his late thirty’s, play three at the back, McCullough as a sweeper & with his ability to read a game, it will make up for his loss of pace.
    Forster is all right foot so why is he being played at left back, remember when he wants to put in a cross he has to turn back on to his right foot, making life easy for the player marking him & his cross in to the box will be swinging towards the goal & away from the forwards. Play him in his proper position & then judge him, also is there not a younger player who can play in that position & if not why not.
    McGregor An out an out centre half being played at right back, play him in his right position either beside McCullough or in front of him as they seem to have an understanding.
    One point have Rangers lost a game when Moshni is not playing.
    I have said on this post before my three duds are Mo, Larry & Curly Joe, none of them seem to be able to read the game & explain to the players their tasks, no wonder the players are not playing, I think they are so totally confused & frustrated by the three stooges it is killing there play


    1. why does a collection of players comprising the second highest wage bill in Scotland need coaching on how to beat an outfit like Alloa?


  8. Until the Manager coaches his team to start playing out from the back by passing there way forward this team has no chance of winning anything. It is like watching schoolboy football with the goalkeeper kicking every ball into the opposition half and hoping that someone other than the opposition wins the ball. Absolutely dreadful . The back line are awful. Let’s face it McCulloch was a bit part player before administration, now he is claimed to be captain marvel. He is shambolic and it’s not the fault of Moshni , he just cannot tackle or read the game as a centre back.The rest are rubbish and we haven’t got a winger that can run bye a defender and put in a decent cross. Black and Law are rubbish, always slow in tracking back and bereft of any creative ability.


  9. .The reason the substitutions are so baffling is …..they are obviously decided before the game,Daly for Boyd after an hour or so ( could be Boyd for Daly depending on who starts) .Shiels for McLeod , even though it happened 40mins before it was planned and he does not play same position, hold Templeton back to replace Aird on 80mins.It is pathetic , we should have put on Clark to run in behind the defence who were having to open up looking for goals. McCoist has called his own team unprofessional , so there must be wholesale changes on Saturday to show these guys they don`t get picked even when they are crap .This means the untouchables like McCulloch, Miller , Boyd,Foster,Simonsen should all be dropped and some of the other players given a go.If they are not good enough , why are they being paid wages.Just a pity McKay and Gallagher cannot be brought in .


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