Ally McCoist – At risk of repeating myself…

Ally McCoist

written by – BMC Rangers Rants

Some of what will be written here will probably sound a wee bit familiar.  Sadly, that’s most likely because I’ve been saying it for over two years.

When Ally McCoist was given the Rangers job, I was apprehensive at best.  But considering the place we were, it kind of made sense. I knew ultimately it wouldn’t work.  For a plethora of reasons.  He had no managerial experience.  That always helps.

People who I know who have played under him at an international level said he wouldn’t cut it.  “He is a great guy but he is always the one having a laugh.  If you get on the wrong side of him he just (blanks) you.”

It was clear to me that Walter Smith was the Bad Cop to Ally’s Good Cop.

Take one away and the other doesn’t work.

Pre-admin I recall the illusion that Rangers were walking the league. Mainly due to the fact Celtic had games in hand and weren’t doing great.  I was never fully convinced.  However, November 1, 2011 was the moment that will always stick in my mind (yup, that was three years ago).

Steven Naismith, courtesy of Lynne Cameron (PA)

Stevie Naismith crumpled to the floor and just like that the wheels came off.  From that moment on it all kind of just fell apart, I’m not sure it was ever really together.

I can’t continually go on about what has happened since 2012.

It’s all very old now and has been done to death.  Rangers had a blank canvas and some promising young talent.  McCoist went out and signed Black, Faure, Cribari, Argyriou, Sandaza, Shiels, Kyle etc.

Recently McCoist has professed that Rangers wouldn’t have been able to get out of the fourth tier had we relied on the youngsters?

“It wouldn’t have done them any good,” said McCoist.

Well, I’ll have to disagree on that.  For me the few highlights of the Division Three campaign was the emergence of Aird, McKay, MacLeod, Crawford,  etc.  As I recall the senior players were by enlarge pretty awful.

Lewis Macleod

We have stumbled from one division to the next and been eliminated from each competition in various embarrassing ways.  But with each embarrassment – an even more embarrassing excuse would come from our manager, ‘Super’ Ally.

All that matters apparently is getting promoted at each time of asking.

I see that argument – but at what cost?

As soon as he could McCoist had the youngsters loaned out and the ‘experienced’ boys in place.  You know the ones we all predicted would be brought back?  The lazy predictable signings that were all three to four years older. But these were the signings Ally wanted and that’s what he got.

Richard Foster, courtesy of SNS

Rangers haven’t had a scout in place for years now and my goodness it shows.  McCoist has signed nigh on 40 players as Rangers manager.  I’d challenge anyone to name five that have impressed regularly.  However these are McCoist signings.  These are the players he wanted.

As each window comes and goes McCoist still doesn’t learn.  This past summer Andy Little and Charlie Telfer moved on as Kyle Hutton was given a 12 month deal?

I sometimes joke McCoist is trolling me, as pretty much every single decision he makes baffles me beyond belief.

So here we are – nine points behind leaders Hearts and licking our wounds having suffered our first ‘ever’ defeat to Alloa. We’ve played Alloa three times this season and are yet to beat them.  Another embarrassment. B ut under McCoist I am almost numb to it now, which is quite alarming.

Ally McCoist often speaks of ‘standards’ at Rangers in amongst his regular soundbites to his pals in the press.  I would reply “How dare you speak about standards?”

Ally McCoist during last season’s loss to Albion Rovers

I’ll let you in to a little truth now that may hurt a little if you love Rangers as much as I do.

There are NO Standards at Rangers Football Club these days.

That goes for on and off the field.  I will leave the blazer wearing scum with their heads in the trough (Rangers finances) as a separate discussion point as I may break down otherwise and I will focus only what is happening on the field and has done for some time.

Ally McCoist has managed to assemble a hugely overpaid, overage awful squad of football players whilst allowing any player who could actually play regress so far that they no longer look like footballers.  There is no balance to the squad.  But that’s okay because Ally McCoist often refuses to play footballers in their actual position, I mean who does that anyway right?

Our manager still sets up in a formation Walter Smith would have used for Barcelona in the Champions League regardless of which part time team we play in whatever league.

On top of this we have the ‘style’ of play.  How can I best describe it?  Sunday league at best. Back to front as quickly as possible. Get the ball up in the air and hopefully something will come of it.  Past that, give it to Lee Wallace and hope he can make something happen.

Liam Buchanan, courtesy of SNS

As each week passes it is impossible to deny just how bad the football we play is.  But that’s okay. Promotion is ‘all that matters’ apparently.

If we have ‘another’ embarrassing loss it wont matter.  Ally will have the microphone at the karaoke or maybe £7,000 a week Ian Black may be able to whack a few quid on Rangers not winning again.

Standards?  As Mohnsi dives in to another challenge and passes to no one.  As Jig does a star jump in his £10,000 a week and another part timer skins him it won’t matter.

We just need to get promoted remember.

Ally McCoist is never ‘embarrassed’ by a loss as he keeps saying. Well, Alastair you should be. I’m embarrassed for you.

You have managed to create an acceptance at Rangers of turgid garbage week in week out.  The players never get dropped.  The formation never changes.  It appears its okay to be overpaid garbage Ibrox way these days.  But when you have a management team who would have to be paid £1.4 million to move on I guess it kind of makes sense.

There is this continual patting on the back amongst the old boys at Rangers that continues to ruin the club.  Derek Johnstone, Mark Hateley, Andy Goram and many others tell me its not Ally’s fault?  Well, you’ll excuse me chaps but I can make my own mind up.

In 2012, we had a blank canvas.  A chance to create a football philosophy and create a fresh culture at Rangers.

Instead we went down the ‘more of the same’ approach.  McCoist’s answer to everything continues to be -“We need more players” and he can’t understand just how wrong he is.

His boys just aren’t good enough.  Miller, McCulloch, Foster and so on.  They were his choices.  They are making a fool of him whilst pocketing thousands each week that we do not have.  But these are his signings.  Therefore that can has to be carried by him.

The truth is where Ally kept us going during dark times – he is now become fundamentally part of the problem.

We need fresh ideas on and off the field.  I’d ask McCoist to practice what he preaches and think of ‘Standards’ at Rangers.

It’s time for wholesale change at Rangers.

It’s time Ally did do ‘Walking Away’.

You can read BMC Rangers Rants’ previous work at his blog of the same name & follow him on Twitter @BMCRangersRants.  




7 thoughts on “Ally McCoist – At risk of repeating myself…

  1. Once again a spot on assessment.
    Where do we go from here, do we continue to stumble along until May get to the playoffs possibly in third place and expect Ally to rally his “boys”, you know in the way he has rallied them in all the other must win games of any significance that we have blown in the last 3 seasons or do we as True and Loyal fans put pressure on our board by getting the message out there ” Ally, Kenny and Ian your race is run, it is time to slide off the dripping roast that is RFC and allow someone else to take our great club forward”
    Seriously, I would pay the £1.4 million redundancy to allow us to move forward as a team playing passing football each week then we will have a chance to grace the SPL next season with the Revenue benefits which will outweigh the redundancy money 5 to 6 times over.
    Alternatively Alistair et al could do the honourable thing and “walk away”


  2. What really pissed me off about Ally was the time we played stranraer away and the team stayed at an expensive hotel in Ayrshire prior to going to the game the following day. In the hopeless financial situation we were in and still are in, the team should have been eating humble pie, getting out of their beds early on the Saturday Morning, and travelling down to the game 1st thing. Ally when challenged about this said “it is not the way we do things at Rangers”. One of the Press guys put a quote in after the Alloa game talking about the overpaid and pampered Rangers squad” or words to that effect. He is spot on. We have one of the best training facilities anywhere, we have full time playing staff, but we cannot beat a team of plumbers, joiners etc who have just completed their shift and are part time players. I have been watching the gers since I could get lifted over the turnstile, I have been watching them for near on 50 Years and it saddens me to see the mess we are in.


  3. Article is spot on ,although I think a better manager would get more out of the current players and would romp this league.Ally has done his best , but it just isn`t good enough .Time for him to walk before he damages his reputation any further .John Greig was not a good manager , but he is still a legend , Ally, the player, is too.


  4. Football generally is in the business of selling its soul, but even by that low standard Rangers fans are being disgracefully treated. I have no love for Rangers, but I don’t like to see what’s going on. As for Mr McCoist, he was a fine player, but he is managing above his capacity.


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