Salt in the wound: Charlie Telfer wins young player of the month award

Charlie Telfer, courtesy of SNS

Charlie Telfer was either not good enough or simply not ready to play first team football in Scotland’s League One.  Even though Rangers had won the league by Christmas – Ally McCoist never gave give Telfer an opportunity with the first team in 2013-14, outside of one, lonely sub appearance.  Don’t forget that Rangers won the league by 39 points.  But…hey, they went undefeated…remember?

Then, Rangers either forgot that Telfer’s contract had expired (as some reports have suggested) or made the decision that resigning Kyle Hutton was a bigger priority.  Regardless, Telfer had clearly made up his mind that he had to leave Rangers in order to get an opportunity to play.

On Thursday, Telfer move was affirmed as he was rewarded with the SPFL’s Young Football Player of the Month award.

Telfer is slowly becoming a regular for Dundee United  & has made a total of six appearances this year & has scored one goal.  Three of those performances came in November & many are crediting, at least partially, Telfer with United’s return to form (they have outscored opponents 10-3 in those three games).

Telfer recently discussed his move to Dundee United with Tom Duthie of The Evening Telegraph.

“I love the style we play & the fact the manager wants us to play football at all costs. That suits me because I don’t want to be watching the ball going over my head all the time.”

“Long-ball stuff isn’t for me and the style of play and the ethos of passing, getting forward and attacking quickly is what I’ve enjoyed.”

“The manager always says before a game don’t worry about mistakes.  He wants us to try to attack, create chances and score goals. That’s great.”

Charlie Telfer, courtesy of SNS

“You do hear that wherever you are. Coaches can say that but it can be different in games and if you make a mistake you get stick.  Here, though, it’s what happens. If you are being too conservative, the gaffer tells you. But there’s no screaming at you for trying something positive. There’s not much pressure in terms of losing the ball because as long as you are trying to be positive he’s happy and that’s a big help.”

Rangers may want to delete Telfer’s number from the cell phones of Ryan Sinnamon, Ryan Hardie, Junior Ogen, Barrie McKay, Luca Gasparotto, Calum Gallagher, Liam Kelly, Tom Walsh, Darren Ramsay…

This just got awkward.


4 thoughts on “Salt in the wound: Charlie Telfer wins young player of the month award

  1. Would n’t worry about that last lot of players , not a single one of them would get a game for a SPL or championship team.


  2. Who cares anymore about Telfer , he wanted to leave , he left …..good luck to him.It happens ,It does not mean he is going to have a successful career .Where are the likes of McCabe and Ness now. We have much bigger problems than a youngster leaving and winning a player of the month award in a league where there is no football played at all.


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