Ally: Enough is enough

Ally McCoist, courtesy of PA

written by – Jamie Currie

“This is my club, the same as it is for thousands and thousands of Rangers supporters, and we don’t do walking away.”

The infamous quote from Ally McCoist in 2012 was a rallying cry to the masses, a roundabout way of saying “No Surrender” to those who tried to kill off the club. Instead, it has become a safety blanket for the manager.  He has been in the job for three years and it’s safe to say that ‘the Ally McCoist as a football manager experiment’ has failed.

That quote is now like a noose around the neck of the Rangers fans, with each embarrassing result it gets tighter and tighter.

The shambolic performance and yet another humbling exit from the Challenge Cup to the hands of Alloa was the final straw for many of the strained and exhausted support.  Too many fans cannot separate Ally McCoist the goalscoring legend and Ally McCoist the incompetent manager but now many fans that have previously backed McCoist to the hilt have had their eyes opened.

Craig Whyte & Ally McCoist, courtesy of SNS


Granted, working for the current board must be a job in itself but no one forced Ally to work for them, yet he’s backed everyone from Craig Whyte to Graham Wallace. Therefore, the goodwill he has built up over the past two years seems to be long gone from the fans.

It’s not only the poor results and the poor judgement in the transfer market that has blighted McCoist’s managerial stint, it’s been said many times before, and it’s going to be said again. When the club went into Division Three, the club should’ve started afresh with a clear footballing identity and playing style, along with blooding the youth players, not only for ten minutes, here and there, but week in week out.

Two years down the line only Lewis Macleod is guaranteed a regular start for the first team under McCoist.  Yet, underperforming experienced players such as Kris Boyd, Ian Black, Lee McCulloch, & Ricky Foster seem to play every week without fail regardless of how poor they perform.

This sort of favouritism in regards to McCoist’s team selection is no doubt making the youngsters in the under-20 squad re-evaluate their futures at the club.  They may all take the kind of decision Charlie Telfer made in the summer and leave the club for pastures new, and a fair crack at regular football.  For a club where every penny is a prisoner this is not what is needed.  Furthermore, Telfer spoke this week after being named the SPFL young player of the month.

“I love the style we play and the fact the manager wants us to play football at all costs. That suits me because I don’t want to be watching the ball going over my head all the time.”

“Long-ball stuff isn’t for me and the style of play and the ethos of passing, getting forward and attacking quickly is what I’ve enjoyed.”

That quote just sums up McCoist’s approach to the game, and it won’t be far off of what the rest of the guys at under-20 level will be thinking.

courtesy of David Glencross

It is evidently clear that when Rangers play against part-time opposition they forget the basics of pass and move. Instead, McCoist and his players seem to constantly play into their hands by playing long-ball football, which of course is bread-and-butter stuff for lower league teams to defend. Two-and-a-bit years on and he still hasn’t realised this. Which is unacceptable on every level, in fact it’s almost amateurish.

With every passing bad result, there is the odd good performance, and good result like the 3-0 over Kilmarnock, you think they have turned the corner, you see a glimmer of light at the end of this dark tunnel of Ally’s reign.  Nevertheless, it is followed up with another inept half-hearted display and the fans have had enough.

There is an old saying ‘No man is bigger than the club.’  The statement is true on many levels.  Ally should read it aloud while standing in front of a mirror and realise he’s not cut out for the management game.

It’s time for either him or someone above him, regardless of the financial constraints to end this charade, if they don’t do it soon it’s going to be critical for the club in the long term because each win from now on is just papering over the cracks in McCoist’s managerial career.

Jamie Currie’s writing has featured on many different sites, including GiveMeSport & The Huffington Post.  This is hopefully the first of many for Rangers Report.  You can follow Jamie on Twitter @jamiecurrie89 & read more of his work over at his own site.



8 thoughts on “Ally: Enough is enough

  1. I agree with all said above and the worrying thing about Ally s selections is he repeats bad decisions as in playing Smith in midfield against Hibs and Hearts also changing an on form mc Gregor at centre back to an off form Moshney.
    Back to front football as wrong .


  2. I wouldn`t include Smith as he has done a decent job in his proper position ,,,,Left Back.His tackle was rash but another ref may not have sent him off.i would include Miller and Simonsen though , both brought back in when their deputies had played well .Robinson was excellent against Dumbarton and Clark was even bringing better form out of Boyd for a while.Why doesn`t McCoist try Clark with Miller and go with movement up front rather than long balls to static striker ?


  3. Ally is a legend and should always have our respect for that. Sadly though a Rangers man does not make a Rangers manager. Time to go Ally. The football we have been asked to watch for too long really is dire. The line up and tactics really baffle. The storm before the calm.


  4. ‘Those who tried to kill off the club’ Bwaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha
    Minty was your defunct clubs problem………. end of.


  5. McCoist has ruined the club in more ways than one, even if the dumplings he signed are not up to it in the first team, the under 20’s are worse (no disrespect to the players) they were beaten 6 – 1 by pacific shelf. Were does that leave us, no players in the first team, youth squad not as good as it should be. Any other team any where in the world the three Stooges would have been pumped long ago


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