Rangers 1 Cowdenbeath 0 – Three Stars of the Game

Darren McGregor, courtesy of RFC

Three Stars of the Game

Inspiration:  After each National Hockey League game — the local media votes for the ‘Three Stars of the Game’ — basically the Man of the Match — but as a treble!  So in that spirt – here are Rangers Three Stars of the Game.

First Star:  Darren McGregor – stood out early in the match for his clinical defending at right back.  Then he was called upon in the second half to clean up a couple of messes made by the center-half duo – in particular his clearing header saved a goal after Mohsni had switched off on a corner kick.

Kenny Miller, courtesy of RFC

Second Star:  Kenny Miller – it wasn’t Miller’s finest outing as he picked up a needless yellow card & he flubbed a couple of scoring opportunities.  But, his work rate had an impact especially as he had been deployed out on the flanks rather then his customary role as a forward.  It was his clever header that set-up Dean Shiels for the only goal of the match.

Dean Shiels, courtesy of PA

Third Star:  Dean Shiels – not a surprise to see him in the lineup, however it was a bit stunning to see if up front alongside Kris Boyd, as Kenny Miller took over for the injured Lewis Macleod.  Shiels was effective when given the opportunity.  He struck the post on a wonderful chance early on & sent Kris Boyd free on a quality pass only to see an offside Boyd butcher the ball.  His goal was calmly taken as Miller’s knockdown was a real smart play.  Now, the challenge for Shiels will be to stretch a handful of good games in a row.

Honorable Mentions

None of note…it wasn’t a joy to watch.  Rangers dominated possession – 57% to 43% but only managed four shots on target.

Kris Boyd, courtesy of SNS

Dishonorable Mentions

Kris Boyd looks alarmingly uncomfortable in front of goal.  From his first touch to his last touch & everything in between was just a mess.  Plus, there were a couple of swings & misses on quality chances.  His play has clearly regressed & his confidence must be at an all time low… Yet again Nicky Law went long stretches without the ball (even as Rangers dominated possession).  Too often it looks as he simply going through the motions, especially when closing down the opposing midfielder.  He can create chances when on the ball – but he should be way more involved – especially against an inferior opponent…Bilel Mohsni has played worse but still has no purpose in his game.  His clearances continue to be aimless & like a light-switch manned by a deranged toddler – he turns his focus on & off at whim & with no apparent logic.  If he was 20, 21 years old – it would be understandable – but Mohsni is 27…this is as good as he’s going to get.



10 thoughts on “Rangers 1 Cowdenbeath 0 – Three Stars of the Game

  1. Ally should try Mohsni in an attacking midfield role . I remember DJ playing there for a season in the 70’s and doing really well , i think it could work for Mohsni . Also Jigs only position has to be the holding role in midfield , where he could provide cover for a ropey defense , he’s never a centre half . McGreggor and Zaluskas should be centre half pairing . Jig and Mohsni would be defending in midfield offering far better cover than the two chancers currently playing there . Law and Black will cost Ally his job , dont know why he’s been so loyal to them .


  2. If that performance today was their reaction to wed night we are doomed. I can’t see what pleased Ally today because the mood I got especially from the older supporters was despair, pulling my toe nails off with pliers would less painful that watching that today.


  3. I agree. Jig and mohsni in midfield is good option. I would give law a go on the right side and McLeod (or Templeton) on the left. With the attacking players we have available we are limited to playing a 4_4_2 which is one of the reasons mccoist can’t change a game. If you play long ball football you need players capable of winning the second ball and both jig and mohsni could do that easily in this league.


  4. To make no changes to Wednesdays team , beggars belief .Possibly the worst performance in living memory (and I do remember Berwick) and McCoist says same again.Clark and Templeton should have started and Smith at Left back to allow McGregor to return to centre back AS A MINIMUM!!.Boyd should be on a diet and fitness training til he loses at least a stone.These players now have had it confirmed that it doesn`t matter how bad they play …….they will still get picked. McCoist Must Go.


  5. We can’t go on like this! If we can’t change the manager then he needs to be forced into changing his thinking. Why does he keep repeating things that don’t work but expect different results? Law and Black as a central midfield pairing does not work. Black does not provide proper defensive cover and Law does not have the skills to control a midfield on his own. Law is dangerous when supporting the strikers in a free role just behind them and scores goals. Boyd and Daly are too slow and static. Defences are finding it easy coping with either of them. Clark and Miller should be tried in an effort to inject pace. A more solid defensive midfield player is needed – either Mohsni, McCulloch or Hutton could be tried there – with Aird and McLeod (Shiels if McLeod is not fit) providing some skill and energy beside the defensive mid. McGregor and Zaliukas (when fit) would be a decent central defence pair with Foster (unfortunately we don’t have any better at present) and Wallace in the full-back positions. If Zaliukas is not fit then Wallace would be a better bet at centre-back with Smith at left-back.


  6. Even the fans on here are now doing it, Mohsni, McCulloch in midfield , Wallace at centre back .We have a massive squad but its so out of balance we have to play people out of position.If we need a defensive midfielder and Hutton can`t do it at this level , then he shouldn`t be there,likewise Faure,if he isn`t better than Foster he should also go. Zaliukas should never have been signed and is not good enough , even if he is ever fit.He should be punted not picked for the first team.How can Shiels be the replacement for McLeod, they don`t even play the same position.I watched the game on Saturday wondering who would play where and by the end of the game I still didn`t know !!! .I think Miller was playing on the left wing???.We need a new manager who will play a different system which better suits the players we have got and then have a clear out in the summer. McCoist Must Go.


  7. Rangers board in misleading crowd attendance statement shocker!!!?? The stadium has been half empty all season, everyone knows this and anything, and I mean anything the board says should be treated as tosh. Desperate men will do and say anything………….Accounts state that £8m plus is required pronto and among other things to pay January wage bill. Let’s not forget big Mike is due to get his £3m back by April. What an absolute shambles Rangers is in


  8. Our chairman reminds me of the Saddam’s spokesman in the first Gulf War, Comical Ali!
    Only our clown, Comical Billy, admits to lying about the crowd. Inept doesn’t cover it. Oh and don’t get me started on McCoist. He is only there waiting for the day the club cam afford to sack him. So much for his love of the club. If he had any moral decency he walk and tell the fans the truth of what’s going on at Ibrox. WON’T HOLD MY BREATH.

    John F


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