Initial reaction to Ally walking away

Ally McCoist, courtesy of Jeff J. Mitchell

Super Ally has reportedly resigned from the club he loves so much.  The news is a shock & difficult to believe – but it was time.

These are simply my initial reactions to the end of an era:

  • This had to happen & in many ways will ease the process of Ally McCoist slipping back into his status as a Rangers legend.  Our memories were being tainted by the last couple of years & it left supporters heavyhearted. This way he, on the surface, leaves on his own accord & supporters will respect the decision.
  • Derek Llambias is clearly cleaning house in order to create a more financially viable club.  The recent attendances have been bad for the books & it was becoming more & more obvious that fans were sick of it all – from the boardroom to the pitch.  From the recent layoffs to the cancelling of the Christmas party – Llambias has been charged with getting rid of the unnecessary spending.  It’s about time the club woke up to their new reality.
Derek Llambias, courtesy of Ian MacNicol
  • Let’s be honest – this decision was made for McCoist.  He had shown no signs of being ready to leave (even though his remarks about his family was a tell).  The reality is that he was forced out.  Walk away or be fired – your choice.  Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made for the greater good & fortunately McCoist was prideful enough to go away on his own terms.
  • I stated earlier that someone, like U20 manager Gordon Durie, should be promoted to being a caretaker manager until a permanent hire is made.  He knows the players & may be more likely to pinpoint the youngsters that are ready for a bigger role at the club.
  • Hiring someone like Stuart McCall  or Terry Butcher  would be more of the same.  They have been tainted by the glory days of Rangers, as was McCoist.  The club needs to have a new philosophy instilled & that should come from an outsider with a progressive mindset.
  • Now Llambias can do an exhaustive search for the right candidate for the job.  I’m sure that search began weeks ago, but the next hire for Rangers may be the most important managerial hiring for the club since Graeme Souness.
  • Let’s hope, given some time away, when Ally McCoist does make a return to Ibrox that he is given the heroic reception that he deserves.
courtesy of Rob Casey

4 thoughts on “Initial reaction to Ally walking away

  1. I think it was time for a change ,Ally has been through the mill and should be thanked for all he did, but on field performances have not been good enough.I don`t really want McCall or Butcher but your phrase that they have been tainted by the glory days , is bizarre.How can someone be tainted by success and by being great Rangers players?


    1. I wrote quickly so little room/time for elaboration. Basically, I feel that they, like Ally, will to some extent try to recreate the practice of building a successful side like it was done in the 1980s & 90s. Football has evolved & Rangers would be better off building a foundation of younger players that will learn & grow with the team & be the core of success or revenue streams after a few years.


  2. After tonight`s display when they were completely outplayed , they need a coach who who will get them passing the ball.On artificial pitches like tonight our long ball hoof was even less effective.I think McCall will get them to play that way but I would be concerned that Butcher would be more of the same although probably with more passion .What we need is a big character with fresh ideas but except for ex players who would touch the job , unless Ashley declares his hand .My worry is that the board have already spoken to Butcher ……why else would he pull out of the Motherwell job at the last minute.Another concern is ….how can we allow McCoist to resign and then carry on running the team ,if he wants to go ,he should go and stop faffing around!!!!


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