Queen of the South 2 Rangers 0 – Three Duds of the Game

Bilel Mohsni, courtesy of SNS

Three Stars Duds of the Game

Inspiration:  After each National Hockey League game — the local media votes for the ‘Three Stars of the Game’ — basically the Man of the Match — but as a treble!  So in that spirt – normally we discuss Rangers Three Stars of the Game.  But when they play like this – we must focus the attention to the Three Duds of the Game.

First Star Dud:  Bilel Mohsni – looked like a player that knew he was leaving in January as the Tunisian put in a real, half-hearted effort that led to countless flubs & mis-kicks.   Seemingly always a step or two behind the play, his defending was poor & his control of the ball was embarrassing at times.   He was so far out of position on the second goal, exposing Lee McCulloch – who simply is not competent enough to compensate for Mohsni.

The decision to play Mohsni is infuriating.  The domino effect is that Richard Foster is deployed out as the left back – where he looks like he has his boots on the wrong feet, in order to shift Darren McGregor – the club’s best defender over to right back.  The Rangers defence has been shambolic ever since Mohsni’s return to the lineup & subsequent departure of McGregor as McCulloch’s parter in the center of the backline.

Logic would dictate Steven Smith playing at left back while Lee Wallace is out, with Foster playing at the right with Jig & McGregor as center-backs.  This is not rocket science.

Lee McCulloch, courtesy of SNS

Second Star Dud:  Lee McCulloch – he was OK in the first half & an absolute mess in the second.  The reality is that he is learning a new position at the age of 36.  When lined up alongside McGregor he doesn’t have to worry about his partner & can focus on his positioning, spacing, etc.  While playing with Mohsni – there is too much for Jig to do & he is not competent enough of a defender to do so.

At this point, put Marius Zaliukas back in the lineup alongside McGregor & let McCulloch take Ian Black’s spot for a while.  Black really hasn’t done much in his time at Ibrox to warrant an automatic spot in the lineup each & every week.

McCulloch is the captain of a team with a severe deficit in leaders in the squad.  Where are the future captains in this team?  Who are the players forcing a change in the apathy that has engulfed this team?



Third Star Dud:  Jon Daly – has devolved into a player who over the last few weeks probably committed more fouls then he has had touches (let alone shots).  The forward is a shell of his former self & has resorted to cheating in order to make up for his immobility.  At least Kenny Miller was tracking back into the midfield searching for the ball…Daly was out for a walk in the park.  An absolutely pointless outing for Daly – who blocks Nicky Clark, Ryan Hardie & Calum Gallagher from playing time.  His contract is up at the end of the season – let younger, quicker forwards get a chance.

Dean Shiels, courtesy of SNS

Dishonorable Mentions

Dean Shiels followed up scoring the crucial goal last week – by going MIA for 45 minutes.  This is why it is foolish to trust Dean Sheils…this is what he does.  For much of his 45 minutes, there was no tangible sign that he & Richard Foster had any aspirations to sync up & get involved in the play on the left flank.  Ally McCoist must have noticed that & flipped Shiels to the right so Fraser Aird could generate an attack from the left.  Shiels was slightly more involved but his substitution at the half was indicative of his disengaged play…David Templeton came on for Shiels & it was more of the same.  Templeton did absolutely nothing besides highlighting how easy he has become to defend…Nicky Law showed no cohesion with his teammates & looked disillusioned throughout.  He had a few bright moments but one play in particular stuck out for me.  At one point Law made a good play & was able to spring Aird up the right flank with a short pass that sent Aird into space.  Law, seemingly content in his good play, just stopped playing at that point – too pleased with himself to actually keep running.  This left Aird isolated on the right & he was soon surrounded by defenders – his only outlet would have been Law who had switched off.




courtesy of QOSFC
Ally McCoist, courtesy of SNS

7 thoughts on “Queen of the South 2 Rangers 0 – Three Duds of the Game

  1. Jeez , how did you narrow it down to 3 !!!! It was so bad I thought Foster was our best player and only him and McGregor were even running about.Black was strolling like he was a star,Law started well and disappeared again,Aird can`t beat a man and can`t cross a ball,Miller couldn`t control the ball, Boyd missed the only decent chance we had and then played like Daly .We were told Wallace was fit so where was he and you are right if he wasn`t there then Smith should have been at left back and the defence rejigged as you described.Why does McCoist leave the same team that is playing shit v Alloa and Cowdenbeath but change things that have worked i.e McGregor and McCulloch and earlier in the season Clark and Boyd.
    The sooner he is placed on gardening leave the better , if he won`t leave with dignity .


  2. In sixty years, I cannot recall a worse team or Staff at Rangers. The Three Stoogies leading the Goon Squad only difference the were funny.


  3. Were you really all that surprised at the defeat last night………..?? QoS are a decent side and given that Rangers have been absolute gash for weeks (and don’t be fooled by the Kilmarnock result as they were absolutely shocking at Ibrox) a defeat was always on the cards. QoS are now only 4 points behind Rangers and with Hibs winning as well things could get very awkward indeed. The bottom line is teams now know Rangers are there for the taking, they sense weakness and a team devoid of ideas and confidence. I stated weeks ago on here that there were signs of people cracking under pressure and I fear it will get worse as the pressure really gets to them.


    1. McCoist has been a disaster as a manager for three and a half years even when he had Naismith, Davies and company. Just hope he gets out with some dignity. Never forget his contribution as a player but he should never have been anywhere near the job.


  4. Another Rangers Report….another dig at Ian Black….despite once again being the only guy in the team who looked like he was putting in a shift.
    Black could score a hat trick against Celtic and you would still find something to criticise the guy about.
    Give the guy a break please.


  5. I am normally on your side re Ian Black ,Red White and Blue , but I thought he was back to his worst on Friday night , trying Hollywood passes and thinking that tackling late and winding people up was the way to turn the game.He took some stick but giving away senseless free kicks was achieving nothing.


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