A plan to revolutionize Rangers Football Club

Ryan Hardie, courtesy of SNS

Scouts from England & elsewhere are going to swarm to Ibrox over the next several weeks like vultures looking to pick the financial caracas of Rangers clean in  the  January transfer window.

Teams are going to lineup with offers that may be seen as insulting by supporters & they will likely be accepted by a team desperate for some capital.

Players who have garnered interest in the past, like Lee Wallace & Nicky Law could be shipped out.  If teams from Tunisia do inquire about Bilel Mohsni it won’t take long for Rangers to agree to a deal.  Heck, if Aberdeen, Dundee United or even Nîmes Olympique want to rekindle their interest in Kris Boyd – have at it – at a discount price.  Of course, it’s doubtful that those teams will want to pony up the salary that Boyd currently enjoys but you get the point.  Rangers need money, Derek Llambias is cutting costs, frivolous & not-so frivolous, & the players will be next on the chopping block.

Lewis Macleod, courtesy of PA

Of course, any plan moving forward for Rangers should include Lewis Macleod.  He appears to be a special talent, a player you would like to build your team around & thrust into a leadership position at a early age.  However, given the current context of Rangers Football Club – you may have to prepare for the departure of the club’s finest homegrown talent since Barry Ferguson.  With teams like Aston Villa, Everton, & Newcastle United ready to prepare offers beginning at £2 million, we may be seeing the final days of Macleod starring for Rangers.

This is a disturbing reality…but as a club there needs to be a plan put in place to win back supporters while creating a new model for the club going forward.  Basically, Rangers need to begin again…again.  The logical plan that so many wanted back in 2012-13, needs to be put in place with a concrete structure behind it.

It may call for a couple of ugly years for Rangers, but at this rate a transparent plan needs to be implemented in order to give the club & it’s fans hope that glory will return to Ibrox again.

So, here’s one attempt at such a plan…

Scot Gemmill & Mark Wotte, courtesy of SNS

Let’s begin by taking the more than £800,000 ‘budgeted’ for Ally McCoist & put it toward a Director of Football & head coach tandem.  A Director of Football is a top priority – Mark Wotte has been mentioned & even if it isn’t him, the DOF should be someone who has plenty of managerial experience & is willing to mentor a coach while instilling a whole new philosophy to a club living off the fumes of the halcyon days of the past.

So many scoffed (including myself) when Jonny McFarlane mentioned Craig Levein in a post last year as a potential candidate to consider if Ally McCoist was ever fired.  Assumptions were made & Levein has proved them wrong with the direction he has installed at Hearts.  It’s a model that Rangers should follow.

Now the biggest decision comes down to who is hired as a head coach.  This is where the philosophical shift is critical.  Rangers don’t need a manager, they need a coach.  Let the Director of Football set up the infrastructure for a scouting system & to manage the budget for the playing squad.  Let the coach…coach.

Rangers coach needs to have experience developing young players & must have the capacity to help a youngster evolve into a refined professional.  Two names that leap out are Ian Cathro & Scot Gemmill.

Ian Cathro

Cathro is an ideal, balls on the table kind of hire.  A two-fingered salute to the naysayers who heckle Rangers from afar.  Gemmill, currently coaching Scotlands U17s, has a history with Wotte & whose potential has been likened to Derek McInnes & Jackie McNamara.

The obvious problem with both Cathro or Gemmill is that they have absolutely no managerial experience & you can not throw a novice into the hotseat that is being Rangers manager.  I mean look at what happened to McCoist…what’s that you say?  Graeme Souness?  Walter Smith?  Chalk & cheese.

This is where my plan falls into place.  Whoever is hired as Director of Football should be set up with a two year obligation to also function as the first team manager.  Meanwhile, if you could nail down a Cathro or a Gemmill they should be charged with coaching the U20 team for two years.  Part of both contracts would be a stipulation that the Director of Football would hand leadership of the first team to the coach at the end of those two years & the more traditional Director of Football/Head Coach roles would take hold.

In this scenario, the Director of Football would put in place his footballing philosophy, establishing a system that relies on a mix of youth & some select veterans.  He would implement his vision of what the Rangers Way will become.  Winning would be a priority but it would not trump the long-term plans of what the Director of Football wants to put in place.

Meanwhile, the coach would have two years with the U20s to develop talent & learn the nuances of matchday management.  He could also be mentored by the Director of Football as a fluidity between the first team & the U20s is created.

Luca Gasparotto, courtesy of Robert Dalzell

You would finally give young players at Rangers a sense of purpose & tangible feeling of hope that they could be part of the future success for the storied club.  Especially if they know that their U20 coach is already been established at the first team coach of the future.

It would be the ultimate rebuttal to Stephen Thompson & his statements following the Charlie Telfer decision.  Guess what?  All a young player wants is an opportunity to play.  If Rangers could offer that, I think each & every one of them would choose Rangers over Dundee United each & every day of the week.  Now it is incumbent on Rangers to create an authentic pathway for young players to succeed at the club.

Ray Ferraro, a former NHL player, once said – “The Detroit Red Wings probably spend about seven dollars on the offices.  They put all the money into scouting & development.  I played in Atlanta and man, we had great offices.  Our team stunk.”  In case you don’t follow hockey, Detroit is the model franchise that teams like the Los Angeles Kings & Chicago Blackhawks emulated to win four of the last five championships.  Atlanta no longer has a team…

It maybe wishful thinking but maybe this is what Derek Llambias is trying to implement for Rangers.  A more cost effective system that still spends money, but spends it on what makes the club better on the pitch.  One can hope…

Cut the frivolous expenditures & invest in coaching & scouting staffs they can identify & develop talent.  Part of these staffs should include advanced stats/analytics experts who could bring a competitive edge to Rangers in a Scottish football scene that is embarrassingly archaic when it comes to using analytics to improve a team.  Have a team that can use advanced stats to identify strengths & weakness in performances while developing a system to identify players who have a value to a team that is not always obvious to the ‘eye-test.’  The Rangers Report  plans to bring more insight on advanced stats & what they can offer Rangers in a future post.

Back to spending….all those contracts expiring after this season – good riddance.  Only Darren McGregor & Luca Gasparotto should be considered as potential re- signings.  Let the others  & their inflated salaries go.  Start over with a core set of players & begin infusing youngsters into the set-up.  No more wasted money…no more signing players like Marius Zaliukas, Lee Robinson, Steve Simonsen, Steven Smith, & Kenny Miller on the auspice of providing depth.  Gasparotto can provide depth.  Liam Kelly can provide depth.  Ryan Sinnamon  can provide depth.  Ryan Hardie can provide depth.

Ryan Sinnamon, courtesy of DAFC

The bottom line is that the club needs to restore its relationship with the supporters.  The same people that sold-out matches against Montrose & Peterhead want the best for the club.  But fans are fed up.  Fed up with the board, the manager, & the players.  Those dwindling crowds are hurting the bottom line, but fans are well within their rights to send the message that ‘this is not good enough’.  We are the people & there are certain standards expected that other clubs do not have.

If you want to win the fans back, actions will speak louder than words & more then of the same (Stuart McCall/Terry Butcher) won’t bring fans back.  A whole new shift in philosophy is needed.

Of course all of this requires stability, foresight & patience from a board that has shown no capacity to lead whatsoever.  Therein lies the ongoing messy cycle that is Rangers Football Club.  It’s time to end that cycle.

19 thoughts on “A plan to revolutionize Rangers Football Club

  1. To be a successful club at any level you have to adopt all the assistance you can get inc analysis,stats inv estigation.More important though you must have the desire to succeed.This is not apparent at my club at the moment.No manager to speak of,no scouts,no leadership and a decided lack of talent on the park.That is the truth of the matter.You cannot turn the clock back three years to what if.Nothing breeds success like success and losing to Alloa really hurt as it bloody should do.There must be a reaction from the players something,anything would have done wHAT DID WE GET,WE GOT BLOODY QoS.Idont care what the system is nor if it is DoF who picks the team I just want my team back end of rant


  2. Bobstuart you forgot i between Cowdenbeath I was there and we were absolutely shit. But for me it was ally’s press conference after the game saying he was pleased with the reaction to the Alloa result. Is he having a laugh or taking the piss. If that was positive then Qos was the nail in his coffin shit that night too with basically the same team. Fuk he is making it easy for the oppositions tactics the manager tells them just go out and play football the Rangers team can’t. And what a shock he was right they played off the park scored two smashing goals,so if people think that is acceptable well they for me are putting ally above club. And I’ve been on a few poster people are compering It to the Grieg era and he was worse. But they were dark days to and he worse treatment than ally. As legend go ally could lace John Griegs boots. Because he was the best ever Ranger that is top of the legend tree. And also little story when souness was was manager ally and Durrant kept calling Grieg boss, souness took them both aside and told them he is the boss John Grieg is The legend not a legend The legend. I don’t hate ally in Fukin angry he stand there arms folded. Then some deluded fan accuses all who want McCoist out as backstabbing Lundy traitors. So I’m like who the f is Lundy,find out he was a loyalist traitor. Well I’m afraid it means fuk all to me because he never played for rangers. Then his best one was McCoist has done better this season than ever so any time I see him post stuff will not even read because ally and the impostors Have dropped 16 points in 16 games yet the last 2 seasons we dropped 31 points in 72 games so how he worked that out only he knows. He bought these players to win the League and they are shit it has backfired and he is the manager he is meant to fix.
    So if Ally is such a figurehead for the Fans when asked after the game he gave in not going to speculate on roomers. That is the kind shit answer we have been angered by the board not Ally its simple there is no speculation if he tells us what the fuk has he or not. How can someone who knows the fans have been told he has resigned not comment. He must no if he did if not


  3. Young Gasparotto really impressed on his first outing, second outing he was a bit hesitant, but far from the worst wearing blue, result Ally binned the boy and eventually shipped him out to Airdrie.
    I think losing young Gasparotto would be a massive mistake, and with him out of contract at the seasons end, I fear this will happen.


  4. young ryan hardie is ready for the first team, 17 years of age and he is scoring every week in the under 20s.if boyd, miller ect are not doing it why dont we give thius lad a chance to show what he can do

    Liked by 1 person

  5. …”Scouts from England & elsewhere are going to swarm to Ibrox over the next several weeks like vultures looking to pick the financial carcas of Sevco in the January”…

    An incredulous claim!

    Matched by the comment that ‘Lewis MacLeod is a special talent’.

    The young man looks a decent player but has spent his career playing in the lower divisions.

    My prediction is this January window, for Sevco, will be similar to last January’s.

    No players old, but some released on free transfers to reduce the bloated 56 member playing squad.


    1. Sevco ,yawn , yawn!!,no players “old” ?, sorry timothy we have lots of players old ,in fact too many !! don`t remember releasing any players on free transfers last January so how can it be similar if we do so this year.Please if you are going to pollute our site ,try and get your facts right (and your typing)


  6. Can`t see scouts from anywhere coming to take any of our players in January ,(except Wallace and McLeod ) and if they do I say sell, sell, sell.Apart from these two and maybe McGregor the rest can go anytime .We need to make the conscious decision to start trying some of the younger players although I don`t believe that they will all be good enough , nor do I believe we should throw them in at once.We should still strive for promotion as a couple of ugly years are not acceptable to the support , no matter what people may say.I still say we need an experienced manager who has a proven track record but will also encourage youngsters and so achieve the best of both worlds .Just because McCoist is too scared to play youngsters ,doesn`t mean all managers are the same.First move is to get him out and get someone in who knows what he is doing.


  7. Enough! Do you want your Rangers back?

    The time has come for all Rangers fans to put a stop to the continuing shambles that pervades our club. The hapless manager is going, the mediocre playing staff will plod along as best they can. But what has really changed? The systemic problems that infest the corridors of Ibrox persist.

    The time has now come for all Rangers fans to actively challenge the current regime through a total boycott of games and withdrawal of all financial support. Much credence should be given to the activists who have shouldered the burden to date.

    We must all take up the fight!. The fans are the lifeblood of the club! We are the Rangers! We must not shrink from our responsibility.

    The repercussions may be difficult to endure. If it means another administration then so be it. A few more years in the lower leagues or surrender to the opportunists. We can rid ourselves of these people, but apathy and appeasement must be dispensed with. We need to be proactive! Is our club worth fighting for?


      1. Good Afternoon Sam
        Thanks for your brief appraisal of my comments.
        Out of existence? Did we go out of existence when Murray disposed of us? We have survived Whyte, Green (though I suspect he still has a sizable shareholding) and the continuous circus that embroils the club.
        My point is that, we the fans, are the entity, the culture, the institution that is Rangers. We control the survival and future prosperity of the club. Put your trust in the army of fans at home and throughout the world to return Rangers to reliable guardianship.
        Boycott will mean we are absent for a short time, but we will always be there for our team. It’s in the blood.


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