It’s Official

Ally McCoist, courtesy of Reuters

written by Robert Gray

It might just be confirmation of what everyone already knew, but this morning Rangers confirmed to the stock exchange that Ally McCoist has indeed resigned and is now serving 12 months’ notice. The statement according to the BBC reads like this –

“The company announces that Alastair McCoist, manager of the first team squad, has resigned,” said the statement.”His service contract dated 28 December 2010, which was subsequently amended, has a 12 month notice period (“Notice Period”).”The directors will hold discussions with Mr McCoist to seek an amicable solution in the best interests of the company, and expect to be in a position to make a further announcement before the end of the week.

“During the notice period, Mr McCoist’s salary will increase significantly to £750,000 per annum.”

This last sentence to me seems like a pretty smart move by the board.  Making it public knowledge that McCoist’s wage has now doubled isn’t exactly going to humour the fans should he end up sticking around for the full 12 months.  The directors are said to be meeting with McCoist on Wednesday to reach an “amicable solution”.  In theory, this would suggest McCoist should be gone before the Livingston game on Saturday.  That would require someone at our club to actually make a decision though.  To take leadership on the situation.  Who exactly is going to do that?

If McCoist is to be paid off then Mike Ashley almost certainly will have to step in with more loans to pay him and his two hopeless pals off.  A pay off does seem like the only option right now after the £750,000 salary revelation.  Putting McCoist on gardening leave at double the salary for 12 months seems ludicrous even by our standards.

Terry Butcher, courtesy of SNS

Assuming then that McCoist is paid off on Wednesday, who is going to be the best option to replace him?  Sadly I don’t think we have any hope of getting the ‘best option’ to replace but more likely the most convenient.  Right now, it seems like the most convenient option is Terry Butcher.  He’s currently 3-1 favourite to replace McCoist and the timing of him pulling out of the running for the Motherwell job can’t be just a coincidence.

The idea of him taking over doesn’t exactly inspire me. Especially after he relegated Hibs last year. But a good point was made in The Sunday Times yesterday pointing out that he had a lot of experience and moderate success working at clubs with tight budgets which might be just what we need.  His work at Inverness in particular was impressive.  Someone who is used to working with next to no transfer fund might be exactly what we need right now.

In an ideal world, I’d like to see us open the position up to interview and not just resort to the ex-Rangers man approach.  I’d love to see us appoint someone with absolutely no connection to the club.  Someone that would come in with a fresh set of eyes, rip up the old pals act and tear into these overpaid mercenaries.  In an ideal world though, we wouldn’t be in the Championship and nine points behind Hearts either.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. Dennis wise, 25 to 1 friday down to 9 to 1 today, I know mike ashley likes a wee bet of a million pounds a hand at the casinos, who’s he & llambias friends with again hmmm I wonder


  2. Gatusso, Wise? The pantomime continues! Lets have the Krankies as Chairman and Football Director.
    How will the real owners of the club, the fans, react? They will moan and chatter and then do naff all as usual!


  3. McCoist has not gone yet !! He has proved he cannot manage and now he`s shown he cannot manage to leave with class or dignity.I have defended him against people calling him a money grabber up to now , but I am totally sickened by what he is doing, hanging on for more money and don`t tell me he is doing it to highlight other people being paid off.How many will be paid off now to afford his increased wage .If he wanted to highlight what was happening at the club,he could have done so long before now.Legend No More.


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