The Long Good Friday

Ally McCoist, courtesy of SNS

written by – Ian Dickie

No doubt like many Rangers supporters on Friday round about lunch time I was filled with a sense of relief at the news Ally McCoist had resigned.  Not only from a playing perspective but for the man himself, it was becoming painful to watch a legend like Ally transform into a laughing stock to all and sundry who don’t hold the Rangers dear to their heart.  We should have known however that as with all things Rangers this was not going to be a straightforward kind of transaction – indeed another side of Ally surfaced on Friday and one I was not at all happy to see.

Ally McCoist has always had the ability to play to the crowd, something which served him well as a player and equally as a TV personality.  The cheeky chappy with the permanent grin and sense of mischief.  There is of course, like many of us, more to the man than just his ability to be liked, those who know him say he has a steely determination & an unquenching desire to win.   If this was the case however surely the lacklustre playing staff would not have got away with performing so poorly,  for so long?

John Brown & “Ally McCoist”, courtesy of SNS

For too many people, including his ex-playing colleagues, there is a mystical belief that Ally cannot be criticised for fear of being decried a traitor to a club legend.  Here is the rub, as a manager of the football club Ally is not a legend!

As a player and goal scorer he certainly was but this is where the problem lies, we are referring to two different people. The Roy of the Rovers type player is not the same as the man who claims to manage the football team.

It was not very long ago that Walter gave him control of cup matches only to take over the reins again by half time as the team stared at unexpected defeat, maybe Walter’s endorsement of Ally as manager is not all it seems.  We all remember the start of the ‘journey’ back to where we belong with such romantic notions that we became blinded by the excitement of going to places such as Annan and Peterhead like a mighty army bearing gifts for those less well off than us.  Indeed gate receipts and the blue pound would amount to a year or more worth of income for these poor wee clubs.

We ignored to a large degree that these ‘poor wee clubs’ were regularly playing better football than us and more amazingly often looked fitter than their full time opponents!

The big boys from the city would always prove too much for the opposition over a season and so it was as the lower divisions were added to the trophy haul but as sure as our promising young kids disappeared to be replaced by old pals, sorry seasoned pros, the style of football progressed further back in time to a style rarely seen since the 1970’s.

The book of football excuses was also being well used and indeed Ally managed to add a few previously unheard ones, you know, it was too windy, it was Charles Green, and we don’t like playing on plastic and on and on.

The after match interviews were becoming more cringe worthy which is especially surprising since Ally is well known for his media presence. Maybe this was all part of some grand plan because by using the media Ally was adept at deflecting the playing issues on to the board.  No matter what state the board was in Ally always seemed to find the one-liner and become involved in things he really had nothing to do with.  I believe they are called sound bites.

McCoist & the Easdale Bros, courtesy of SNS

I should say at this point that anyone with any faith in the Ibrox board must have been living on Mars for the last few years and just because we renewed our season tickets rather than boycott and kill the club should not be taken as any endorsement of said board.

So what was Friday all about?

We had Ally beginning to look more and more dishevelled, more and more a man struggling with the pressure.  Let’s face it, it can’t be easy getting by on £400K per year for doing the sum total of nothing.

So we had Ally resigning or was this another great performance from a master of deflection and media maestro?

I am sure Rangers fans everywhere are delighted that his salary will now rise to £750,000 and that a man who claims to love the club as much as any fan cannot find it within himself to do the honourable thing.

Does Ally really see himself as doing a good job?  Surely none of us would continue to damage the club that we love as Rangers Men and here is maybe the final nail in the coffin for me, Ally McCoist has become a very rich man from Rangers Football Club and continues to pick up the highest salary at the club.

Ally McCoist, courtesy of SNS

The question we all have to ask now is whether Ally only cares about himself or is there a more sinister plot behind all of this? Is he driving the club towards another administration so that his well-known allies who have continually failed to save the club previously can now pick it up for a song.

The really sad thing for me is that a man I thought of as a legend may become nothing more than a myth, and unlike John Greig, time may not be so forgiving.

Ian Dickie is new to the Rangers Report team.  He just set up a new Twitter account so give him a follow @iansy2243



5 thoughts on “The Long Good Friday

  1. Can no one see the wood for the trees here? Does no one think that he may be trying to force change from within for a good reason? Only a cynic in the extreme would suggest that McCoist is trying to bring about another administration event so that his “alleged” pals in KingCo can pick the club up “for a song”. Could it be that his tactic is to avert another possible future administration event by attempting to bring pressure to bear on the avaricious power-brokers currently in situ? To opine that McCoist’s behaviour is merely self-serving is as simplistic as it is ludicrous.


    1. The best thing for both Ally and Rangers is for him to go now with as little fuss and money as possible. He’s been a great servant for our club, a genuine legend, but unfortunately, a very poor manager. I don’t know what kind of tactic you’re talking about. If he’s going to hang about for several more months for the money or hold out for a big settlement, it’s Rangers football Club that he’ll be putting under even more pressure.


  2. The section of the rangers support calling for McCoist’s head really should be careful what they wish for. Ally has carried the club single handed through the darkest days. The truth is results on the pitch don’t really matter too much at present. There is a far bigger battle going on for the very heart and soul of the club. Would you really prefer a managerial puppet put in place by Ashley or the Easdale’s rather than McCoist keeping watch on the inside? Anyone who thinks that McCoist has taken this action just to line his own pockets is either blind or as poisonous as the majority of the press drooling over Ally and Rangers demise. The real pressure should be on the Board! Do you think it is any accident that they announced his pay rise today in their statement while how much everyone else is fleecing the club for remains a secret! They didn’t even have the decency to spell his name correctly.


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