The season to be Jolly – not for Rangers fans it’s not

Ally McCoist & Ian Durrant, courtesy of RFC

written by – Jamie Currie

If the situation wasn’t farcical before now it certainly turned into a full-blown farce on Friday afternoon. Ally McCoist tendered his resignation, and now is working his 12-month notice period.  Yes, this is normal practice in your line of work, when you intend to leave you work your notice, but this is unheard of in the football business.

Given that Ally did hand his resignation to Sandy Easdale  he should have never ever been allowed to board the team bus and take charge of another pathetic excuse of a performance and result on Friday night.  That should have never have been allowed to transpire even if, as we know the board cannot afford to end McCoist’s managerial reign, or maybe they will not in case he spills the beans about  what has been going on behind closed doors at the club in the past three years.

That leads me onto the players, and the overall standards, if you can call them that – and the situation they now find themselves.  More than ten of them are out of contract in the summer, the club is running out of money, fast, and now playing for  a lame-duck manager whom it seems going in line with performances they have little respect for.  This team has been set such low standards where in the last two promotion campaigns, where the bare minimum was accepted, and so naturally that mentality has carried over to this season and the chickens have come home to roost.

courtesy of PA

Sad thing is, they don’t seem to care, they have no pride in the shirt or their own game. Frankly, this is a squad full of average, ex-SPL charlatans, with no heart, no bottle, and who do not deserve to be anywhere close to a Rangers shirt; in fact they shouldn’t be allowed to pay into Ibrox.  They are nothing short of a disgrace.

They need to look themselves in the mirror and ask, “Have I put in the maximum effort week in, week out for myself, the club, and my boss?” I suspect only a select few can say they have.

It is sad that the ‘journey’ has come to this, nine points behind Hearts, a manager who wishes to leave, a board who only wish to suck the life out of a club who is again, on it’s knees and a support who are tired, exhausted and utterly fed up.  Again, with the new saga unfolding before our eyes, the fans are left in the dark once again.  All three sides are guilty of leading the fans up the garden path here – all have to take their portion of this mess.  Games are being played in the upper echelons of the club, to the detriment of any sort of attempt at gaining promotion.

courtesy of Willie Vass

This situation aAlly McCoist leaving, I suspect will play into the board’s hands.  The AGM is due later this month, and it’s only natural with McCoist being the big story, questions of his future, if he is still at the club, will be at the forefront of people’s minds.  Subsequently taking the heat of the current board, and the questioning of how they tend to raise the £8m shortfall to keep the lights on until the end of the season.

This is just another sad chapter, in a club who is now a shell of its former self. Everyone seems to be in it for themselves, with no regard for the future of Rangers or the fanbase who have kept the club afloat for the past two years.

Wednesday is said to be D-day for McCoist, and his future, with the AGM on the horizon let’s hope post-Christmas will bring a positive outcome for the fans, but like the past under this regime, one can only suspect the agony will be prolonged.

Jamie Currie’s writing has featured on many different sites, including GiveMeSport & The Huffington Post.  This is hopefully the first of many for Rangers Report.  You can follow Jamie on Twitter @jamiecurrie89 & read more of his work over at his own site.


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