What happens next in the Ally McCoist saga?

Ally McCoist, courtesy of RFC

written by:  Cameron Scrimgeour

It has been reported in the media that Ally McCoist will come face to face with the Rangers board members to discuss his future on Wednesday.  They will be looking to come to a decision on Ally’s position at the club after he offered them his resignation and a 12 month period of notice on Friday.

Let’s look at what I see as the possible outcomes of this meeting and where it could leave the club.

Option 1 – An agreement is reached and Ally leaves his role

This would probably be the most desirable outcome for the vast majority of fans, but finding any spare cash in the clubs accounts to pay a settlement may be hard to find.  Ally certainly doesn’t appear to be interested in leaving with nothing. If he was then I don’t see why he would still be turning up to training at Murray Park this morning.

Many fans will be sick at the thought of a club icon asking for more money when we are all fully aware that the club is in a terrible position financially. However, if such a payoff is specified in his contract then he has every legal right to claim it.

Worrying reports have surfaced of a Newcastle deal for Lewis Macleod becoming a means of bringing in cash to pay Ally off.  It appears an Ibrox ‘Fire Sale’ is being predicted by many in January so Macleod may be sold anyway, but just so the club can pay off McCoist would be a horrible way to go for the player.

Lewis Macleod

Option 2 – Ally stays and works his notice

Whether this would be until the end of the season or for a full 12 months is anyone’s guess.  Regardless, it would be an unmitigated disaster.

Given the level of performances and results with Ally fully committed to the job, one shudders at the thought them with a manager who openly admits he wants out.

Many of us will have worked a notice period in our working lives, and I would wager that most of us have been guilty of ‘downing tools’ during the period.  The consequences of having a manger downing tools during the race for promotion to the top flight would be shambolic.  Sadly, shambolic has become a buzzword for operations at Rangers FC these days so nothing would come as a surprise.

Ask yourself this question.  If a player had made it known to management that he didn’t see a future for himself at the club and asked to leave in the next transfer window, would he still be in the starting line up?  Not a chance.  He would probably be looking at a long stint in the reserves and spending training sessions with the youth squad.  Why should the manager’s position be any different?  The amount of negativity and press speculation that would come with McCoist staying in the job would undoubtedly affect the squad.  Something they could well do without when they need to focus on securing a place in the league playoffs and putting up a fight in the Old Firm League Cup semi-final at the end of January.

courtesy of PA

So we will wait with baited breath for news from Wednesday’s crucial boardroom meeting.  Will Ally McCoist still be the manager as the players take the Ibrox field against Livingston at the weekend or will the search for a new manager and a new way of thinking at the club be well underway?

Either way, the repercussions of Ally McCoist’s actions over the last few days and his four year tenure as Rangers manager will continue to be felt for the foreseeable future.

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21 thoughts on “What happens next in the Ally McCoist saga?

    1. Stainsofapaedo

      As if any Rangers fan, would open a link with pensioner killer’s non de plume on it. Good Europa draw for Bheast FC, they’re getting to play with young boys again.


      1. Manky mob, the great unwashed, deny that their team is really called pacific shelf after McCann transferred their old club into pacific shelf


  1. What happens next ? We admit that Rangers phase 1 is over { history intact of course – more trophies than any other club in the world , a record that can now never be beaten with the end of rangers phase 1 } and that we are now Rangers phase 2 , a work in progress . This gives us a chance to start again with no pressure and would allow us to bring younger players through . Also it would enable us the chance to change that part of our image that many find offensive , including potential investors , of being a rabid right wing unionist club . The Scottish public and society has changed and new ideas are afoot and Rangers must embrace this and move with the times if they are to survive and progress , Celtic have the Irish market and connection , Rangers must ensure we win the Scottish one , both home and abroad . We are a Scottish club first and foremost and should promote that fact . Most importantly , we must rid our club of the chancers who are asset stripping us out of business , surely there are enough wealthy Rangers fans out there who can unite to buy a controlling interest in the club .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘ history intact of course – more trophies than any other club in the world , a record that can now never be beaten with the end of rangers phase 1 ‘…………..What you have stated is physically impossible….the law of the land on incorporated entities deems what you state as a fairy story….to actually believe such nonsense, I have to ask if you are still at primary school, because when you grow up and understand the law then you are in for a shock.


      1. It’s nothing to do with ” the law of the land on incorporated entities,” you hate-filled moron. It’s to do with a FOOTBALL CLUB. It was the company that ran the football Club that was liquidated, not the club. That means Rangers ARE the same club and their history IS intact. Please refer to UEFA, SFA etc. for confirmation. It’s only narrow-minded bigots like you that need to have this explained to them. Get back to one of your own sites and stop making a nuisance of yourself.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Stainsofapaedo

        Like most of your lot, you appear to have a rectal dysfunction due to father o’fiddle or (and) Celtic Boys Club, either way the shit pours out of you in biblical proportions.


    2. Kiddo, should change your name to kidding.Your argument that Celtics Irish connections are fine but we have to shed our unionist links and embrace our Scottishness is ridiculous ,Both clubs are Scottish but have different origins and there is nothing wrong with that and it has made for a rivalry which has kept Scottish football alive.Yes , some people take it too far , but we need to work on that not abandon everything . Look at attendances at the other clubs ,,,,,there is no interest in Scottish football in Scotland.


  2. William , wasn’t saying we should abandon everything , just that we need to be seen to be Scottish first , British second , like it was back in the day . Don’t want to witness scenes like George Sq. on day after the referendum where people in Rangers scarves are burning saltires . That’s putting potential fans and many current fans right off our club , a few have told me they wont be back . I know its a minority who behave in this manner , but they do the club a large disservice and are actually playing right into the hands of those who despise us . We want to attract more fans and more kids to come to Ibrox .


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