A Rangers season ticket holder on: A Fading Legend

Ally McCoist, courtesy of Reuters

written by – The Old Boy

It is with sadness that I see that Ally McCoist is no different to the other carpet baggers who have gone through the revolving door at Ibrox.  Having resigned instead of walking away with integrity and dignity which would have added to his status as a Rangers legend.  Instead he chooses to hang on for as much money as he can get.  Does he not realise that for every pound he takes from Rangers he takes it not from the board or its backers but from the fans who invest their hard earned cash through the turnstiles to watch Rangers.

Let’s look at his performance and try and measure his rewards against that.  He has taken from Rangers, since 2011, a salary and bonus which is close to £3 million pounds – not to mention the heavily discounted shares he was given at the original share issue and for that we have had the worst Rangers team I have seen in terms of team selection, tactics, motivation, skill and most importantly the basic hunger and desire that putting on a Rangers shirt should mean.

Instead you could not figure out why players were played so much out of position on a regular basis.   Also when Rangers were in the third division why we had to have five defenders strung along the back line against part time opposition.  The players and budget responsibility were all down to McCoist who chose not to play with younger emerging talent but instead used his contact list on his phone to bring in his pals.

Ally always complained he had no scouting set up at Ibrox but as his pal Ian Durrant was loitering with no intent in the dugout each week surely he could have been dispatched around the grounds in the Championship and elsewhere to identify players to strengthen the squad. Another opportunity lost.

Every player that Ally has signed has gone backwards since they have come to Rangers.  Nicky Law was a standout player for Motherwell in the Premiership and in his first few games he was outstanding until he fell under McCoist’s management regime.  The list goes on with the likes of Kris Boyd scoring over twenty goals last season with Kilmarnock but with absolutely no service to both him and the other forwards – goals are hard to come due to the ponderous style of play.

Unfortunately the media has played its part in protecting McCoist with very little  criticism being offered over some terrible results in which he has been in charge, particularly cup games.  John Brown was at it again yesterday.  It was not Ally’s fault but that of the board and Rangers season ticket holders such as myself should boycott Rangers in favour of a Rangers minded new owner preferably one who has been involved in arms dealing and tax evasion.

I keep hearing of the terrible things Ally has had to endure in his management tenure – I can only say it is nothing compared to the agony we fans have had to suffer with humiliating results littering his managerial reign.

courtesy of SNS

Unlike Ally, with his £3 million remuneration over his management career,  we – the long suffering fans – have had to pay to watch some horrifying performances in which he was the architect over poor selections, tactics etc.  Let us not forget McCoist had the second highest player wage bill in Scotland along with a massive squad which dwarfed the competition he was up against.

I see the SFA have waded in against Rangers – this time over the influence of Mike Ashley, however I think is more to do with Ashley ignoring their repeated requests for clarity.  As I see it the resignation of Norman Crighton, the Laxey representative on the Rangers board, as highly significant.  Laxey may well be relying on Derek Llambias to represent their interests,  in conjunction with that of Ashley.  I am not sure if Ashley possibly investing in a hedge fund like Laxey, with an agreement to buy their holding at a later date to gain over 50% of the shareholding is even a possibility.

Any good business man first looks at the market for his product and, in this case Rangers is a global brand.  The next thing is to get a product that the customers will buy and that is exactly what is happening with Rangers – by getting rid of McCoist and any other deadwood within the playing and management set up.

The hope is for a revival of fortunes on the field with a more exciting brand and a far lower cost base throughout the business which if achieved could bring stability and more importantly entertaining and successful Rangers on the park.

The Old Boy has been a season ticket holder for nearly forty years.


7 thoughts on “A Rangers season ticket holder on: A Fading Legend

  1. Agree with everything in this article. McCoist has been an expensive and unmitigated disaster and I’m sick to the teeth of hearing from his old pals that he should be given another chance.


  2. This is one of the best article on this subject I have read on here , no hysteria , just an opinion that reflects on how a lot of us feel about some of the crap we have had to watch and listen to recently.


  3. Totally agree with everything that was written,one of the main reasons the fans were staying away from Ibrox was because the the football being played was rank rotten and that is all down to the manager,I have been a Rangers fan for over 50years and I have seen some bad Rangers teams in that time but todays Rangers team is the worst ever and the blame lies with the manager.


  4. Totally agree with everything on this statement. I have been going to see rangers for over 20 yrs,season tkt holder for 15yrs.The main reason I never renewed my season tkt this year was because of Mcoist dross tactics,unbelievable team selection and playing players out of position,just couldn’t bare to watch Rangers playing in the manner they were playing week in week out.If he takes a bit fat cheque before he goes I think he’s out of order ,he’s screwed enough out rangers with his rotten transfers with high salaries to go with them. We need guys that are going to play for the jersey and fight for our club.
    I personally would be 100% behind mike Ashley as I think he would bring in big signings and take us bk to the top.


  5. Dear Rangers Report
    I note with dismay that a number of replies to the ‘dysfunctional article’ have been removed. The replies that remain all support and praise the article! Censorship is very damaging to the credibility of your website. Surely the purpose of this type of website is to provide a forum to stimulate discussion.


  6. Totally agree with article.
    Have supported Gers for 65 yrs and the standard of football served up under Ally is by far the worst I have seen.


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