Is Gattuso really the favourite for Rangers job?

written by Robert Gray

The list isn’t exactly inspiring –  Terry Butcher, Stuart McCall, Billy Davies, Dennis Wise...  These are the four men who up until now have been seen as the favourites to take over should Ally McCoist leave his post at the board meeting supposedly taking place tomorrow.

A bit out of left field though comes the news that Rino Gattuso could now be favourite to take over once McCoist.  With a number of websites reporting this –  it has honestly come as a bit of a surprise.

The first reaction to this is mild excitement.  Gattuso,  the World Cup winner. Gattuso, the AC Milan legend.  The cult favourite at Ibrox during his short time here before Dick Advocaat shipped him out.

Gattuso would be the perfect man to get us out of this mess wouldn’t he?

Well, a closer look at his management CV might make you think twice.  His first job at Sion lasted three months at the start of 2013 before he was sacked with a 25% win ratio.  That summer, he joined Palermo in Serie B but only lasted six games. He managed two wins and a draw there before being sacked. He is now at OFI Crete where he handed in his resignation after seven games and it seemingly was rejected.  Either that or he had a sudden change of heart and stayed in the job.  Regardless of his situation, he’s managed five wins out of 14 games with Crete.

He might be a more exciting name than Butcher, McCall et al. but would he bring any kind of stability to the club?

Looking at his record elsewhere he seems to be a pretty chaotic influence on teams. With only one year coaching experience and not a very good record to show for it, is he worth the risk?

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3 thoughts on “Is Gattuso really the favourite for Rangers job?

  1. Gattuso would be a dreadful choice. Haven’t we learned anything from the experiment of hiring the unproven McCoist? Well, Gattuso has at least tried to be a manager, and failed, three times. He wouldn’t even be considered if he hadn’t played for us for about a season about 15 years ago, and the truth is we shouldn’t look at that as a positive, having a Rangers connection should be at best meaningless or, arguably, a negative, because this club really needs a change of culture. We certainly don’t need another 9-in-a-row boys’ “training hasn’t changed much in 25 years” attitude, “a winning team is built on a happy changing room” policy (also based on tactics, coaching and organisation, Ally). Gattuso has shown NO talent for management.

    McCall and Davies are not “glamorous” but we’re appointing a football manager here, not running a fashion show. They’ve got solid records and, frankly, we’re not in a position to be too choosy right now.


  2. Heard a name being mentioned the other day that might be worth consideration – Tony Pulis.
    Seems to be able to get more out of fairly average players


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