Developing: Billy Davies reportedly to replace McCoist as Rangers manager

Billy Davies

The Daily Record  is poised to report that Billy Davies is the frontrunner to be the next manager for Rangers.  If true it would be a dream come true for the former Nottingham Forest boss who began his professional career as a player with Rangers back in 1981.

Back in 2010, Davies discussed his aspirations to take over the helm at Ibrox, again via The Daily Record, he said – “I would love to, no doubt, someday manage Glasgow Rangers.  Whether it’s in 10 years, 15 years – whatever.”

Upon the news of Ally McCoist’s inevitable departure, Davies was instantly named as one of the favorites for the gig.  Writing for HITC Sport, Olly Dawes pontificated, “In two spells with Nottingham Forest, Davies showed that he can inspire teams to mount promotion challenges, and that’s just what Rangers need.”

“The lack of transfer funds could be an issue for Davies, who has previously spent handsomely at his former clubs, but he has the passion, drive and tactical nous to be a success at Rangers.  Rather than go with Terry Butcher or Stuart McCall, Rangers should instead be looking to give Davies the job he’s been dreaming of.”

Billy Davies

Of course, the speculation has been incessant since the news of McCoist’s resignation surfaced on Friday.  Butcher & McCall were the automatic names thrown into the ring.  This was followed by The Scotsman claiming that Rino Gattuso & Steve Clarke were the front-runners for the gig.  These rumours lost traction as soon as Clarke was hired by Reading on Tuesday, while the Gattuso story never seemed to have any validity.  Gattuso’s comment expressing his desire to take the job was instantly reported as fact by some Italian websites.  I would love to manage Rangers too – doe

So we’ll have to wait & see how valid the news on Davies is.  Obviously, so much depends on what happens during Ally McCoist’s reported meeting with the board on Wednesday.  There have been no concrete indications of what will transpire.

Regardless of when it happens, if Davies is the next Rangers manager then his latest tenure with Nottingham Forest will be fodder for a great deal of scrutiny.  His relationship with the media turned toxic & was described in The Guardian as “the Midlands’ answer to North Korea.”

In the same article Louise Taylor wrote, “Davies’ obsession with conspiracy theories and old grudges was starting to grate.”

It would be a curious decision to bring in a manager who is trying to overcome a reputation of being paranoid & for questionable relations with the media.  Is that a recipe for success given the soap opera that accompanies Rangers & its relations with media outlets like The Daily Record & the BBC?

Of course this all could be a case of the tabloids campaigning for their own top choice for an ideal sparring partner.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Developing: Billy Davies reportedly to replace McCoist as Rangers manager

  1. There is a documentary on youtube about Davies, which after watching it leaves you in no doubt that he would be an excellent choice for manager.
    His track record in getting unfashionable clubs to the play offs in England is also very impressive.
    I have no doubts that he would be the right man for the job.


    1. You got a link for it ? I could only find one about billie davies and a remix of satisfaction someone made with billy daviestalking over it


  2. Life would be interesting that`s for sure, no more bland lovey dovey press conferences for a start. He would certainly shake things up and get some passion back.Of affordable candidates , he would be my pick.


  3. Billy davies would be a good manager for rangers he wood stop the shit way the players r playing just now and for thoes not trying hard would be out the door.


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