Editorial: the True custodians of the club

written by – William Douglas

Rangers supporters are the true “custodians” of the Rangers Football club!

This support has been largely responsible for the successful growth of the Scottish Football Leagues as we see them today.

It has been the incessant drive of the Rangers support which has encouraged others to gather round and compete, and the standard of the football provided by the great teams Rangers support financed through their dedication to the sport, which has, unfortunately, drawn the likes of the “Greed Brothers” to our doors.

Opportunists can always smell a buck, and that is what occupies our boardroom today.

So confident are they that they cannot be touched , that Mr. Ashley has, with incredible ignorance, failed to respond to the SFA’s requirement to meet and discuss his breach of the agreement over ownership of, and influence in the club which we have created.

Are we as dedicated to the safety of our inheritance as our fathers were in years gone by?

Are we capable of behaving with the resolve and unity required to truly protect this club against voracious attacks such as have been launched against us?

courtesy of Greig Scott

The current issues over management, coaching, results on the park, promotion to the premiership, etc. – ARE NOT THE REAL ISSUES!

We may not SURVIVE, let alone get promotion and improvements on the park, if we fail to deal LIKE TRUE CUSTODIANS and rid our club of the vultures picking us clean.

As I have said previously on this and other sites, there has been abuse of our Rangers Family from those who pretend to be our partners in this relationship, namely, the self-serving board.  To deal with this we must face up to the reality of their intentions and make them aware that we WILL NOT CONTINUE TO FEED THEIR abuse, but replace and evict them with an entity that TRULY CARES for the club, NAMELY —THE RANGERS SUPPORT, in FULL UNISON.

MONEY from us,  the RANGERS SUPPORT, is what they need to continue abusing their position as our partner, money which they consume at an alarming rate, laughing at our trust, giving NOTHING by way of reassurance and mismanaging the blub in the most brazen ways, yet some of us still fail to see this, choosing instead to argue over the ins and outs of Ally’s role and his merits or failures.

MONEY from us must STOP GOING TO THEM to be further squandered!

MONEY from us needs to go to our Fan Ownership Schemes, the RST and RANGERS FIRST schemes.

When MONEY from us is directed away from their pockets, BIG-TIME, they will either GO or they will realise the need to “TALK TO THE WIFE”–that’s US!

This action cannot wait.

The A.G.M. is on Monday, December 22nd and that day should not go by without a massive presence at Ibrox of the RANGERS SUPPORTERS, the CLUB’S TRUE CUSTODIANS.



6 thoughts on “Editorial: the True custodians of the club

  1. they have and are ripping the guts out of Rangers , what are we now ? WHO are we now ?…..i wouldnt trust this shower to go for a weekly shop ! GET THEM OUT of Ibrox ……………………..Agree with all the above .


  2. In the first year of greens consortium we had 37,000 season ticket holders ,get their e mails or address and mail them asking them only to renew under fan ownership and ask for a one of £500 to purchase shares in their name at the agm it should be put to them that they either sell the club to its fans or there will be no fans ,this kind of idea may also win over the fans and groups who are dubious of rangers first and rangers direct of which there are many


  3. Rangers will never learn, spend spend spend leads to administration and liquidation. Start again with a fresh sheet of paper and what do they do??? Paying ridiculous salaries to players who are past it, paying a manager who has not got a clue a kings ransom, going to 5 star hotels before taking on the might of binmen and students. Now in financial meltdown again, no lessons appear to have been learned. What part of ‘don’t spend more than you bring in’ do Rangers not understand??



    The Rangers support has indulged in justified indignation recently. We have been treated with contempt since Ashley’s grey men arrived in the corridors of Ibrox. Not a single utterance from our new consultant to the bemused support. Forget the ‘brothers grim’, they are hapless bystanders who ran to uncle Mike when a ‘big boy’ threatened them.

    We are well aware of the problems! Let’s start discussing the solutions!

    It may be very difficult to accept, but the only long term solution to an infestation is a thorough cleansing.

    Consider the implications of a sustained boycott of all revenue streams to the club, and those associated with the club? Be assured, no club in the world can survive without the goodwill of it’s fans. Indeed, the most successful clubs in the world are owned by their fans. Sacrifices are called for. It’s difficult to find an alternative outlet on game days, but if we are serious about resurrecting our great institution we must be proactive and determined. In anticipation of the ‘We’ll become extinct’ outcry. As long as there are Rangers fans – there will be a Rangers. A loyal, committed, united Rangers support can overcome any obstacle and ensure a bright future.

    A few more seasons in the lower leagues to rid ourselves of the baggage or a continued existence in a void of despair?


  5. Ticket sales are only a small part of the revenue streams for the club.Is it not possible to continue to support Rangers Football Team while organising a boycott of everything else ? No buying of strips ,merchandising , programmes, food etc and active boycotting of all sponsors linked to the club.Would this not satisfy both camps , reducing revenue …but allowing fans to continue to follow the team they love.Any thoughts ??


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