Should the next manager be a ‘Rangers Man’?

Ally McCoist, courtesy of SNS

written by – Ian Dickie

With the imminent (maybe?) departure of Ally McCoist from the Rangers dugout the betting sites are going into overdrive as to his successor and every Rangers fan and non-Rangers fan alike also has an opinion.

The first Rangers manager I can just about remember would be Willie Waddell, although if I’m honest probably Jock Wallace is more active in the memory.  I remember being told of Scot Symon being sacked when Gers were top of the league just because they lost a Scottish Cup tie to Berwick Rangers – it makes you wonder what the then board would have made of Alloa!

Rangers had always been managed by ‘Good Rangers Men’ and this was the case until the arrival of Graeme Souness who only pretended to be a Rangers fan after Liverpool, Sampdoria et al.  Graeme was shrewd though and brought in the services of one Walter Smith, the rest as they say is history . Souness became the legend he is and Walter became immortal.

Graeme Souness & Walter Smith, courtesy of Daily Record

The arrival of Dick Advocaat heralded a new direction for Rangers, our first foreign manager and with the seemingly bottomless pockets of David Murray the club embarked on a spending spree that was later to bit us very painfully in the backside. However, these were good times to be a Ranger until wee Dick lost the plot slightly and among other things we ended up spending £12,000,000 on Tore Andre Flo.

More frugal times lay ahead and Alex McLeish really did a fine job as the budgets tightened and he went head to head with Martin O’Neill and was largely successful. Let’s not forget Big Eck also became the first manager of a Scottish club to get out of the group stages of the Champions League.

Paul le Guen, courtesy of Getty Images

Next up was, prior to the current gaffer arguably the most disappointing. How we bought into hype of Paul le Guen and the promise of a whole new style of football ala Lyon, sadly it seemed Scotland wasn’t quite ready for this particular revolution. Indeed the only revolution was of a different nature and player power was to gain a victory at Ibrox all too often not on the park however.

With the club in disarray and going into recession long before the country Sir Walter of Carmyle was summoned and duly left his Scotland post to return home and once more deliver the trophies. In many ways this could be considered a more productive spell for Walter as this time round there was no Laudrup, Gascoigne, Amoruso, Gough, Albertz etc. (what memories!).  He did have Ally McCoist with him but this time in the dugout.  As Murray’s Empire crumbled the monetary pressure on Rangers increased until the slippery slope of Whyte and the £1 purchase.

With Walter deciding he’d done his bit, Ally would take over as boss in what was to become the most trying time in the club’s history of which I have no desire to go into again, you all the know the pain.

courtesy of SNS

Nothing would have given me more pleasure than to praise Ally for his managerial skills but of course that wouldn’t be true. Fact is his tenure has been an unmitigated disaster even allowing for off field influences. We have witnessed an awful brand of football with no tactical nous, no drive and no vision. The opportunity to bring forth a fresh approach has been missed, our young players are disillusioned and the current squad quite frankly look like they don’t care. The latter part of that last sentence maybe more than anything is an indication of why Ally has to go because if they don’t care and don’t want to play for a club legend then the game’s up. Not everything can be leveled at the board these are his players.

Who then to replace Ally?  We all have an opinion on this and you know what they say about opinions but for me we have to move away from the ‘Rangers Men’ mentality. The world has changed, the game has changed and more importantly

Rangers have changed whether we like it or not. We need someone with a bit of vision who knows how to coach players and is not hampered by the expectations of the past. Rangers must drag themselves into 21st Century. We know our history and it is intact despite what others say but it is now time to close the book on the past and build a new future.

Quite how we do that I’ll leave till another day but a start would be to revolutionise the playing side.

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8 thoughts on “Should the next manager be a ‘Rangers Man’?

  1. you might have hit the nail on the head with your comments however nothing lasts forever we as a club must move forward and as one not at war like it is today we have a board thats not funcitional we have fans that are not supporting the club and we have an owner that is going to put us out of buisness due to the fact that he already owns newcastle united and all the rest of the manure thats comming out of ibrox we as supporters just want to see our team progress in the league, cups, and all competitions of coarse we are intrested about who owns the club and wants to great things for it and take us to another level this will not happen overnight but the very least this present board could do is let us know exactly what the f##k is going on


    1. The sfa dont actually have a leg to stand on in regard to mr ashley, uefa rules dictate that aslong as he does not own more than 49.9% of rangers whilst owning a controling stake at newcastle no UEFA rules will be broken, in 2001 a similar issue came to light when spurs faced a team in europe that one of their owners had a stake in, to cut a long story short


  2. Any coach from about half-a-dozen out of the lower divisions would be an improvement.Look at how many of our matches in the last 2 years have witnessed us being embarrassed by the passing skills of those so-called “inferior” coaches and their teams.Barry Smith, for example, would relish the prospect of coaching rangers given his application to the task and the superior facilities he would enjoy here!
    Remember the success we enjoyed once we brought big Jock Wallace from wee Berwick Rangers!
    I would like to see someone like that here, with Ally “upstairs” to motivate the fans using his great personna and remaining a legend.


  3. Rangers need a manager who will bring in youngsters like Lewis McLeod, who to say we don’t have more promising youngsters but will never see under Ally McCoist management.Bring in Mark Wotte as general manager and Ian Cathro as team coach then we might start to get a better style of football and a more youthfull team.


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