Ally, that was a very cunning plan

Ally McCoist, courtesy of SNS

written by – The Old Boy

So Ally McCoist has decided that he is not going to walk away without his £750,000 pay-off, at least not today.  Could Ally be working in conjunction with other parties in an attempt to wrestle control from the existing board?

There has been a lot of noise from so called “Rangers Men” talking in such terms as there being a cancer that has to be cut out from the club in reference to the current board.  Along with the other likeminded media types about how great a manager Ally is and how bad the current board is. Now without question, the current board prior to Mike Ashley getting his people in to do a clean-up operation was guilty of many things – willful financial ineptitude springs to mind as just one of a number of charges  and I offer them no defence.

But if I wanted to carry out a coup in the boardroom at Ibrox, the manager would be the ideal inside man to create maximum chaos.  Firstly let’s look at the timing of Ally’s resignation announcement on the eve of an important away game which would undoubtedly have an adverse effect on the team –  which translated into another miserable defeat to Queen of the South.  This further dented Rangers promotion hopes.

Why did he not announce his intentions after the match?

I am sure Ally has given the manager’s job his all but unfortunately that fell far short of ordinary and we now have the further prospect of even more woeful football and managerial ineptitude for the foreseeable future as long as he is the manager.

In another few, short month’s season ticket sales  – the lifeblood financially of the club  – come up for renewal.

What if Ally presides over ever more horror shows and by being in position blocks a replacement manager who might galvanise the current squad into a challenge for a promotion spot?

Even the playoff spot might be in danger with Ally still as manager.

The effect on the clubs finances would be catastrophic as fans would vote with their feet thereby squeezing the clubs cash flow to breaking point. Might we see Rangers heading for administration again and in that case who would benefit?

A possible scenario is that the so called “Rangers Men,” who apparently want to take over the club and who have certainly talked a good game but unfortunately for them were collectively unable to match Charles Green’s offer for Rangers, which I believe was in the region of five million pounds last time round.  Might they feel they can Rangers at a knock down price?

As for Ally – in any new regime headed by “Rangers Men” I suspect Ally would be asked to stay on to continue his managerial career.

The Old Boy has been a season ticket holder for nearly forty years.


8 thoughts on “Ally, that was a very cunning plan

  1. Have you not paid attention at all ! Christ its been all over the papers ……..GREENE should never have got the club , it was illegal …………………..PAY ATTENTION ! .


    1. Since it’s xmas al say christ aswell, jacko believes the papers for the record jacko cg is not being investigated, NOW PAY ATTENTION jacko, michael stewart said in his column in the sun superally briefed all the media all last friday, that he was resigning & to asked him as many questions on it as possible, what was superallys replys no comment, can’t talk legally bound blah blah blah, NOW PAY ATTENTION AGAIN JACKO when reading newspapers remember to read the smallprint not the BIG CAPITAL HEADLINES there’s a good chap


  2. Was Green the highest bidder? Whyte, Withey and the Duff & Phelps 3 are on bail awaiting a date for trial on fraud charges so we will have to wait for a trial to hear what went on before, during and after Whyte’s takeover then we can make judgments.


  3. interesting theory but Ashley has his feet under the table now and I don’t think he’ll be going anywhere soon. By the way how come every picture of McCoist and the other two stoogies has them with their arms folded?


  4. My recollection was that Green was the first one to put the money up and that the “Rangers Men ” came in too late .They then tried to buy from Green , who said no.What has happened since has proved Green to be a shyster , but at the time he was the only one who put his money where his mouth was and saved us from disappearing altogether.


  5. Green certainly came forward with money, not the highest amount, and certain not his money either. (This is where Duff and Phelps became very helpful to Green) the first £5m of the IPO money went to repay Green’s pals if I remember correctly. This is why the onerous contracts have been draining cash from Rangers since then because these people were told put in £1m and you will be well looked after.


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