Rangers devolve into a classic Mexican showdown

written by – Rangers Report

The last week has gone down as another embarrassing reality that Rangers has become a fraudulent shadow of the club most supporters grew up respecting & adoring.  Now it has become the classic Mexican showdown between the board (you know, Chris Penn kinda could pull off the role of an Easdale Bros.), Ally McCoist, & the supporters.

Each are in a position of power, awaiting the move that will trigger the ultimate disaster — everyone being killed off.

It is difficult to believe that McCoist intended his notice to resign as Rangers manager to go public in the way it did – on a match day, a week before an already contentious AGM meeting planned for next Monday.  He is a frustrated man, but Robert Redford from The Sting,  he is not.  However, this is the hand he has been dealt.  He might as well expose the board for what it is on the way out.

A real point of frustration is whether McCoist should simply walk away, or milk Rangers for one more big paycheck.

Logic & the heart meet on this one & there is no clear cut winner.

Logic would dictate that the big paydays may become a thing of the past for McCoist – who probably has not had his phone ringing with managerial job offers – & legally he is due compensation.  On a human level it is understandable.

But then there is his love for the club.  It can not be doubted & should not be held in disrepute.

So why take even more money from a club that is barely staying afloat – that just laid off a good deal of hard working, dedicated professionals?

Ally McCoist, courtesy of PA

Some theorized that McCoist’s resignation would serve as a means of thrusting a spotlight on the inept, selfish, & gutless ethos of the board.  If so, they doubled down on putting the pressure squarely back on McCoist’s shoulders.  Who knows what compensation McCoist was looking for on Wednesday, but given the brevity of their meeting – it is clear no real negotiations took place.  The board knew their response going in to the meeting & did not budge.

They are going to let McCoist sink with the ship & in a very public way.

Would anybody be surprised if Livingston play Rangers off the pitch this weekend?  What then?

What happens if Rangers end December with a loss to Hibs & expectations of promotion dwindle further out of view?

Mike Ashley & Derek Llambias, courtesy of Stu Forster (Getty Images)

But, what if  in all actuality Llambias & co. are simply sticking to a new business model?

What if they are willing to punt the 2014-15 season?

Why invest nearly a million pounds to pay off McCoist & his assistants & then compound that spending by bringing in a new managerial staff?  The team barely has enough money to stay afloat let alone be throwing about cash like Richard Pryor in Brewster’s Millions (one too many film references)?

But in this Mexican showdown – there is a third power broker who holds the most influence but may be driven to apathy out of disdain & exasperation.

The supporters drive this club, or at least provide the allure for a profit that Mike Ashley desires.

Do Rangers supporters have the willpower left to exercise their influence here?  Can they stand more dull performances & maddening decision making from the board?

As a manager & his employees play a game of virtual poker — the people will begin to tune it all out.  The revenue stream will dry up…

So who shoots first?  (for my film buffs — who is Mr. Orange – lying dying on the floor, only to be shot by Nice Guy Eddie).  Deep, I know.

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4 thoughts on “Rangers devolve into a classic Mexican showdown

  1. Couple of points superally broke the news himself, michael stewart said he briefed all the media all last friday to ask him questions which they did & he refused to answer any question mmmm think super is trying to win the sympathy vote for his pish team selections, next point new business model good call because there is 12 players out of contract end of season who thinks they’ll get same deal this time not kevin kyle anyway


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