Two trains for Ibrox!

Mike Ashley & Derek Llambias, courtesy of PA

written by – William Douglas

There are two trains headed for Ibrox.

One of them has been there many times over the last three years, since administration, arriving empty but always leaving with a full payload.

It has made many stops at a variety of destinations on leaving Ibrox, sometimes at “Green”, other times at “Ahmed”, “Stockbridge”, “Wallace”, “Whyte”, and, more recently, at “Ashley”.

Yes, you’ve guessed it…’s the GRAVY TRAIN!

Another train WAS headed to Ibrox but was surreptitiously diverted into a “sidings” back down the road a bit.

This was, and is, the INVESTMENT TRAIN! It was due to arrive with cash for the betterment of the RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB, with millions of pounds aboard, contributed, in good faith and out of great loyalty and at considerable hardship to many of the investors (THAT’S YOU I’M TALKING ABOUT).

Dave King, courtesy of SNS

More recently, Dave King and many others tried to bring the train home but such was the deviousness of the owners of the GRAVY TRAIN, this attempt and sacrifice was also pushed into the sidings.


Now it seems the gravy train is close to it’s last journey – season ticket moneys have been taken, staff wages have been taken, there still remains the aale of key players, then it’s only the structural assets and the line can finally be shut down, Beeching Style!

To keep the GRAVY TRAIN running a bit longer, with further visits to well-known stations, a bit of “kidology”will be tried – pretend to invest, make noises about new signings and “Europe” and some loyal supporters will be duped into feeding the greed maybe just one more time!

Unfortunately, like the cash injections made to the tune of £3,000,000 by Mr. M. Ashley, no true “investment” will actually be made….just a further amount, large or small, with punitive strings attached, rather like the extortionate rates applied to loans by the “pay-day-loan” sharks, from which one never recovers.

Then the team we have all struggled to support can properly be called “the Sport’s Direct Shop Team”, perhaps saving the owners money by accepting “Zero Hours ” contact conditions!???.

courtesy of @DM_75

You and I have to free up that “Investment Train”, by taking two painful steps –

  1. To stop feeding the GRAVY TRAIN—it MUST leave Ibrox EMPTY, no more merchandise purchases, no more cash at the gate.
  2. START SERIOUSLY investing in Fan Ownership – what you normally would spend on tickets, merchandise, pies and programs, needs to go toward what we wanted it to go to-owning and nurturing the team!

Please be aware that the RST and RANGERS FIRST are legitimate, accredited organisations you can trust, properly controlled and audited to allow them to operate securely with your cash.

Let’s see no more diversions of our investment in our club.  The teams survival and success depend on having honest people in control.

Those of us who are in regional or local supporters clubs need to mobilise and could truly lead the way to our recovery.

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32 thoughts on “Two trains for Ibrox!

  1. Spot on ! a difficult thing to do and i have sympathy for those who feel they should keep turning up ? but the more who do the worse they are making things and the more protracted this becomes ! .This has to come to a head! these people must be cut out of our club , if it means going through all this sh+t again it must be done ! ………………..NOT A PENNY MORE TO THEM .


  2. Someone writing for the Rangers Report who has nasal receptors and can actually smell the coffee – woo hoo! Thank goodness there are people out there willing to commit to e-paper the fact that Rangers and its support have been systematically plundered by a succession of chancers pre and post administration. Overcome with a moment of delusional altruism, Craig Whyte claimed the other day that he never made a penny out of Rangers. So did his predecessor in times gone past. What wonderful guys! The carpetbaggers who have been in play since Craigy boy was publicly outflanked have deigned to disclose remuneration details to the absolute limit of legal requirement and nothing more. Onlookers with their eyes wide open can join the dots and arrive at the conclusion that far more money is being extracted from the club than is published in any accounting report. For anyone to think that Rangers can not break even during normal circumstances when crowds are sizeable and not necessarily to capacity, is naive in the extreme. Even when the fans finally decided to starve the parasites to a large extent this season, the club has claimed to be in distress to a lesser degree in real terms than it did last year when crowds were more buoyant. Whilst it would hurt on many levels from a supporter’s perspective, a completely empty stadium would go a long way to sending a definitive message to the leeching power-brokers that the Rangers support will no longer be taken for granted instead of blaming the convenient excuse that dwindling crowds are largely down to Ally and his players’ perceived incompetencies. FORZA GERS.


    1. What’s your point?are you saying that the “honest” Easdales and Ashleys of this world, blocking the SUPPORTERS INVESTMENT, and buying shares from Laxey rather than INVEST PROPERLY by buying under the share offer some months back, should just be allowed to continue doing what they’re doing?Why have they failed to give the assurances over our assets in return for almost £5million in season ticket money, while accepting loans from Ashley which put those very assets at risk?
      This is rank-rotten financial criminality and we have to stop sustaining it.
      No one says Dave King has to be the accepted main investor…I happen to think that WE are that investor and we need to urgently amass a fortune from the whole world-wide Rangers support in readiness for a buy-out, so we can’t afford to do that while pouring money into the GRAVY TRAIN.
      Where Dave King has my vote is in the fact that he would work with us toward a fan involvement in the boardroom.
      Please accept my respects for your willingness to read and respond.WTP


      1. Bill my point is 1 is as bad as the other, now consider this point when I was younger I went home away all over europe following RANGERS, I stopped going im my mid twenties children & that, so when my son was 4 I took him to his first game & we have had season tickets since then in the main stand he is now 14, now in these years of going I pass by the loudon on my way to IBROX so there was a guy who sold programmes there for many years guess what he ain’t there anymore, when I walk up the stairs in main stand there are 2 catering outlets shutdown take it the same all through the stadium, now call me what you want but I will not partake in anymore people losing there jobs & I will not stop supporting my team, now 1 more point since we are being civil about this bill which is a rarity on social media these days, the other day reading someone from sons of we shout the loudest page said & I quote some of the people on here are worse than rattlers, I take he was upset that everyone doesn’t agree with sons of struth, so in his next sentence he said we all need to unite & be one after saying people were worse than rattlers for not agreeing with them, now I am not saying I agree with the deals that the board that have had our club for years now have done anything apart from plunder our club but I also can’t stop pouring money into the gravy train as you put it for the reasons I have stated above, even though I am watching the worst RANGERS team in history follow follow


          1. Don’t worry, Wee Eck, why would I be excused from unsavoury comments, but I take comfort in the fact that guys like yourself ain’t like that but take the time to communicate meaningfully.Respect and thanks for your views.That’s how we get to know each other in the Rangers family.WATP


            1. Bill I respect people’s views & if they want to boycott fine that is their choice but it breaks my bloody heart when I go to IBROX now & see the empty seats, my brother in law is a rattler as cooperhero puts it (btw I don’t mind a bit of banter) do you know what he said to me a couple of weeks ago after the cowdenbeath game, he said when this first started he thought it was a great laugh, then he said he became bored with it because he was missing playing us also, then he said he was starting to feel sorry for us to which I told him don’t you feel sorry for us ya bead rattling fcuk, but he actually was, but what kills me the most is most of they fuckers are pishing themselves at us, we need full stadiums mate to shut these fuckers up I don’t know how but we need dialogue with the board to get back to where we were, look I know Ashley wants to make money, but think about it he has shitloads already why would he want the hassle of having us because he knows if he can get us working properly then he can make more cash, there has been a gravy train in IBROX since david murray put his walking sticks over our front door & he bailed out & left us with the shit to pick up rant over mate WATP


              1. Eck, I hear what you’re saying,but we’ve had 2 seasons of full houses while we watched wee teams show us how to pass a ball, during which time, I know, the prefab sprouts were as jealous as F##k, but that was all lapped up by the insurgents in our boardroom….Oh!, great, the supporters are happy cos they’re showing up the celtic support,and all we have to do is decide who’s next for a big billybonus!…
                (By the way, just as a wee aside, can you visualise the way the oppositions tongues will be tied whether we win or lose at end January when they have to admit they were beaten by a “NEWCO” or how unimportant it will be if they manage to beat a “NEWCO”—Cannae wait!)
                In all that time they have never once offered to explain how they’re gonna take the team/club forward and I think that silence every time we ask a question is just ignorant, treating us like peasants who should be thankful for their existence.
                So, full houses may encourage the team but they sure haven’t saved the club.
                The fact is we DON’T NEED THEM in that boardroom, as I’ve said several times, it’s THE SUPPORT who have built, not only Rangers and Ibrox ,but every stadium in every town and city in Scotland…..Yes! along with the Celtic support!……and no one else, with our hard-earned.Yours, mine, our dads and their dads before them…..That’s the level of our power and why should we squander what you and those before you have sacrificed.
                You take it easy, Eck.Keep talking.I for one, always listen to my Rangers mates.


  3. When are people going to realise starving the board of money will get us nowhere. All that will happen is players will be sold, assets will be sold, club will be liquidated again and thats it. No rangers. These guys are not about to be bullied by some fan groups you can be sure of that!


    1. Joe,thanks for your response.Can I say, like you, it fills me with dread the thought that with-holding funds from the current owners could result in another liquidation.There’s no doubt their reaction will be to sell what they can just to keep the GRAVY TRAIN running….that’s what I said would happen in my article..but they DO have, and always HAVE had , an alternative….
      Give us the assurances over the club’s assets, just as they’ve given Ashley assurances for his loans(which are a liability, not an investment),using the same assets!!!…and, lo and behold…we’ll come running, pumping about £5million into the club in season ticket money and even more in merchandise and hospitality purchases, not to mention the sponsors money which would be attracted.
      Ask yourself…WHY HAVEN’T they done this?…..Answer…either to bring about another liquidation or because they don’t like the support having ANY kind of involvement.If it’s the latter, that’s just childish,,a “HUFF”
      Know what?…It’s a bit of both.
      Let’s get ready to buy out this lot…..WATP


    2. So what is the alternative ?, all we would be doing is making thieves richer, our only hope is to starve them out until the only way of making a last pay day is offload their shares, at a vastly reduced price to ( hopefully) Rangers minded men.


      1. Cooperhero, am not sure what you meant by your first response, that’s why I couldn’t respond,Sorry if I’m not up with this E-paper language.
        So, thanks for your follow-up…I see what you mean about enriching thieves, and that’s a good point.I know there are a variety of ways to make the greed brothers realise we mean business, some of which we’ve tried with some success, like the £1 blitz on the tills at Sportsdirect’s Fort shop which forced Ashley to drop his claim on the naming rights of Ibrox stadium, and the Red-Card displays at games last season which at least got the Support vocalising against them.
        However, we’re at the stage where URGENT action is needed to finally get the club out of their hands and into OURS.
        Only action by the world-wide support to gather funds for a buy-out will achieve this.
        Other actions such as “HOT and COLD” match attendances also need to be orchestrated at a serious level to bring pressure on them.
        Does any of this fit with your thinking?


  4. Could i support a Fan boycott?.No of course not.I am not in the business of destroying my own club.First ,and by far the most important,numbers attending are down because the club could not facilitate monthly payments at the start of a much anticipated season.Second the performances have been just as apalling as previous seasons .What can be done then? I Suggest a full house at Ibrox where we could vent our anger at the Board whilst reminding them what they have to do if they want to fill the place every week.The problem is it is easier to call for a boycott than get off your arse and actually do something positive !


    1. Hi, Bob, thanks for taking the time to respond to my post,you’re doing this because you care, I realise, as we all do who have suffered since the debacle of admin.
      I think we have all tried the packed Ibrox route for the past two years and it hasn’t stopped the criminal draining of funds from our club(Can you see any new INPUT by the current owners?).Our board do not like being called to account and certainly don’t like it when they realise the support can see right through their various lame efforts at covering up their criminality as regards our finances.
      Plenty has been written and reported by others such as the UNION of FANS, detailing the greedy approach by the Easdales in union with Ashley, for example, how they deviously purchased shares from Laxey Partners, rather than invest through the share offer a while back, denying the club real investment whilst consolidating Ashley’s grip on the club purely for his own ends.
      This has forced 20,000 to take boycotting ACTION, and in fact, that is truly painful and not ,as you say, easy to do.
      Noisy vocal protests at Ibrox during games did not achieve what we hoped,we now Have to take other,personally painful action to resolve matters.
      We have to mobilise the world-wide Rangers Support to urgently gather funds for a buy-out.
      Hope you see why I feel this way.WATP


  5. It really is this simple.

    If Dave King want’s influence at Ibrox…. buy shares.

    Too often he comes along beating his big drum as if he has a given right to get Rangers in some kind of cut price deal or have it simply handed to him.

    To me he seems to want to be a front for other investors and use their money to buy a position in the club (sounds familiar).


    1. I don’t know Dave King personally but ,at the risk of repeating myself on the point i made in the article….the train has been pushed into the sidings!Dave King and others have been “rubbered” in a virtually criminal way, being stood “outside” just long enough for the vested interests of Easdale/Ashley and co to install their own financial traps first then allege some failing on the part of King, and others, like “they didn’t try hard enough to break in the F#####g door!
      Surely you can see the self-preservation tactics at face value!Just because someone doesn’t get in the door doesn’t mean they don’t have the better deal to offer.
      Look at what the Board have done to avoid incoming investment….Knocked back the season ticket money of almost 20,000 fans…I personally have 3 season ticket fees in my pocket for investment..I reckon that’s £5million!
      Add on the pies, programs,drinks they would buy on match-day plus the massive increase in merchandise sales from this crowd AND the positive effect that would have on attracting more sponsorship…..
      That’s what they COULD have had ,and no need for £3million in loans(not investment!) from Ashley, with the burden of having to repay that amount AND the risk of losing assets which were offered as security!
      YES, IT IS CRIMINAL FINANCIAL MISMANAGEMENT and ought to be investigated by the Financial authorities and VEHEMENTLY OBJECTED TO BY YOU AND ME!
      All they had to do was give us assurances over the security of rangers assets and all this S##t wolud never have happened.
      Now can you see what we’re dealing with……We need to stop blindly hoping everything will be o.k. and that Ashly, who has failed to act in good faith with us, will save the day “because he’s a high-flying billionaire”.
      Hoping you see where I’m coming from and with you in your loyalty to the ‘Gers.


    2. Dave, I think it’s been clear that Dave King, and anyone else who surfaces with any reasonable amount of cash, are going to be “sussed” before they get anywhere near the stock market and stonewalled, one way or another by the current board.Ask yourself…how did Ashley get the info that Laxey were unloading shares??..Because it’s clear they have a “good thing going” between them,in my opinion.Therefore King had no chance from the outset.The current owners have closed the doors and covered the corridors to any outside approaches, whether it’s King, Kennedy,you or me!
      These are the games they play.The GRAVY TRAIN is well guarded.
      So, I don’t see King beating any big drum or exercising or displaying any thoughts of “given rights”….nor can I look on an investment offer of £16million as in any way “cut-price”.
      Those are the kind of accusations/insinuations I can visualize Jack Irvine spinning out.On the other hand,is it not”cut-price” and “simply handing it to him” to give Ashley the control he now has in return for onerous loans and a criminal-scale retail deal, none of which brings any benefit to Rangers!
      Join us, Dave.Invest in the future for fan ownership and a resurgent, not dying Rangers.


      1. Bill, I fully understand your position and passion to promote it. However my biggest fear is that we choke our support to the club to the extent they fold and we are back to square 1. You are right in saying that every potential investor is hailed as having wads of money to throw at Rangers and it never materialises. Football in Scotland is on its deathbed and unfortunately I fear one more blow to Rangers finances will kill us off for good. But I sympathise with your viewpoint however its anybody’s guess which is the best way forward and we all have different opinions and whilst I respect yours I could not boycott the team or the club whoever is in charge.


        1. I get that “Big Bear”, and fully understand the dilemma, .Perhaps you would feel better buying the ticket but leaving the seat unoccupied, which would also help to make an impact, though not as effective as a full boycott.
          I feel we have to be prepared to rebuild the club if it goes down that road..4 young men did that 140 -odd years ago, why can’t 45,000…even more worldwide if we cherish what these guys gave us.
          To keep feeding the current voracious lot is no different to turning a blind eye to the abusers and excusing them while they batter us.
          Surely we can raise the money within the remainder of this season to buy them out or at least buy a controlling interest.What do you think?Can’t let this go on.


  6. This is a good excuse for King , who keeps talking without really getting involved .Unless he has some shares he cannot attend AGMs , he cannot get involved in share issues unless they go public and he cannot unite all the supporters and groups who do.He could be the uniting force but not when he won`t really commit.The guy Hutchison who is taking over Motherwell is looking to sell his Gers shares , so King could buy those as an entry point without giving money to any of the shysters as a start and that would give him credibility with those who doubt him.


    1. Bill , it was in the papers and on the news that as he had now taken over Motherwell , he would be quite happy to get rid of his shares ,which obviously hadn`t increased in value as he had expected .I don`t think the amount was significant , my point was , it could be done without the Gravy Train having any influence.


      1. Thanks for that, William,I’ve sent an E-mail to the RST to see if they can take advantage of the availability of these shares.As you say, it may not be much but we have to get hold of as many as possible. Of course I don’t know how these things are made public but , like you,I’m sure if Dave King is serious, this should be what he would try to capitalise on.Though i also can see that he may not wish to buy shares on the current market as he would ,perhaps, just be re-inforcing the existing regime.


        1. Cheers Bill, I just think that if King wants to unite the support , he needs to commit by getting into the fight .He may have to go against his previous tactics to do that ,but at least he will show that he is serious.At the moment he is an onlooker asking others to make sacrifices and take action while he does nothing that matters.As a result of this he has no credibility as an alternative.


  7. Bill,possibly i did not make myself clear to you..I suggested a pre-advertised protest against the Board.A full house with only one aim to embarress all of them if they dare turn up.If that does not work then protest by staying outside the ground till half-time.I WILL NEVER STOOP TO THE LEVEL OF THIS BAND OF THUGS but nor will i abandon my club


  8. Bob,I would see that as an excellent approach and would support that kind of action if we could mobilize the support to carry it out in those two clear stages.
    Now although i can put my thoughts down in this way, i am naive when it comes to “how”to use this or any other medium to actually set it up.
    However, I do detect a deeply felt desire to do something judging from the responses here on this site.
    So, between us, is there a knowledge or capability to initiate the kind of publicity required to bring the support up to action stations, devising a strategy for urgent action?
    Surely the likes of the Union Bears, Sons of Struth, the RSA, the Union of Fans and such could use their networks to get this running, starting with the home game on Saturday.
    At the same time it would have to be crystal clear to the board that such a big turnout at Ibrox is NOT a show of support for them.They would have to be clearly informed in advance that our actions were strategically carried out to make a clear point.
    Beyond that, further action would Have to include boycotts if no communications are made with us to our satisfaction.
    Any thoughts???


  9. Bill,hello again ,we have to stop meeting like this .The wifes looking at me a bit funny.I am pleased we have some modicum of understanding between us at least.I personally would prefer action after the c,,,,c game and then two weeks later.This would advertising time on both counts


    1. Bob, if I were Jack Irvine, I would put “spin” on that one implying that there would have been a full house for that game under ANY circumstances–so, that would instantly water down any impact we hoped to achieve….Now, any Other game than that one would say–“you’ve been getting near- empty stadiums for weeks now and THIS WEEK you’re going to get a Big turnout, and the next home game you’re getting an EMPTY for either the first or the second half”…….Now THAT would be a hard one for Jack or Easdale or Ashley to “spin” away, and our support would then realise the power they have.
      The question is:-how do we get such a move organised…..and I would reckon this Saturday’s game should be the starting point, especially with the EGM on Monday!.Think of how that would empower those who get into the EGM and ask the questions.
      Do you know anyone who knows how to multiply this notion up on the web to “viral “stages? Union Bears?SoS?Blue Order??RSA?


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