The chaos continutes

Ally McCoist, courtesy of PA

written by Robert Gray

After the week of reasonable drama we’ve just had at Ibrox, we might have been forgiven for expecting a bit of an interesting pre-match press conference from Ally McCoist today.  Did we get it?  Well, he told us the same old fascinating thing he’s been telling us for weeks now.

“I’m 100% committed to the team.”

Are you really Ally? That’s fantastic. I’m glad to hear it.  Haven’t you been saying the same garbage for weeks now though?  Haven’t you been saying performances have to improve without any actual sign of improvement anywhere near looking likely to materialise?

What other amazing pieces of news did he bring us today?  He fully intends to see out his £750,000, twelve month contract.  He must not have heard the club is kind of in a bit of financial trouble at the moment.

Normal workers are getting laid off.  But sure Ally, take your £750,000 and keep at it until next December.  You deserve it for being able to almost beat Alloa in a Challenge Cup semi-final.

courtesy of RFC

Keep up the good work, buddy.

Oh and while we’re at it, he had absolutely no comment to make about those discussions that took place on Wednesday.  What a shock.  I really was expecting him to tell all.

The fixture list has been kind to us this weekend – Livingston at home. The team that’s rock bottom of the championship and in a bit of money troubles themselves.  This should be a gimme, right?

Even with all the drama and lack of a competent manager we can still beat the worst team in the championship at Ibrox can’t we?  I fully expect us to beat Livingston but it’s going to be another drab, long ball, 1-0 victory.  A ‘nervy’ affair.  Our poor players struggling for confidence when they play in front of a quarter full Ibrox.

Will it even be a quarter full tomorrow?

The no decision on McCoist’s future on Wednesday seems to me like a recipe for an all-time low time attendance.

The last Saturday before Christmas + the bottom team in the Championship + McCoist still in charge = 10,000 through the gates to me.

It’s a tricky situation to find ourselves in.  Do we vote with our feet to show McCoist just how unwanted he is at the club?  Or do we turn up in numbers getting the club the money it so desperately needs so it can show the man in charge the door?

We couldn’t really have asked for a better fixture after the week we’ve had but next Saturday is Hibs away.  The AGM on Monday, McCoist still in charge and no changes to the starting eleven in sight really have me worried for the trip to Easter Road.  We can’t afford to lose it.

Getting a new man in place this week would have made so much more sense than the route we have gone.  The chaos continues.

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4 thoughts on “The chaos continutes

  1. Spot on. If he really cared so much about Rangers, he’d have gone as soon as he handed in his notice, instead of arsing us about.


  2. The only man Rangers got in is Llambias!! Yet another CEO, I have lost count how many they have had but they have all walked away considerably richer than they walked in. While on Llambias, who is clearly Ashley’s man, I understand that the SFA are far from amused at this latest move which is another two fingers up from Rangers. Ashley is a very wealthy and influential individual, but he doesn’t run Scottish football…………… wonders what action the SFA could take regarding Rangers in this context???


  3. The worrying bit was the guy on STV saying that McCoist would continue to manage the team as he usually does .Given the performance ……that is truly frightening.
    As for Llambias , to me this is different to other CEOs who left because their views disagreed with the powers running the club who employed them .Llambias has been employed by the power running the club and this is another step forward by him in running the club.The rest of the board are there to fill seats now.Whether this is a good thing or an even worse thing we won`t know unless someone speaks to us.As for the SFA ,they and their SPFL chums are doing everything to screw us anyway so who cares what they do.Maybe we have someone in charge who is going to stand up to them and challenge their rulings .


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